Germany’s Angela Merkel not happy about anti-Islam protests


German Chancellor has condemned the anti-Islamic protests, saying its leaders have “prejudice, coldness and hatred in their hearts” and called on people not to follow them. However, one in eight Germans say they would join such rallies, a poll showed.

Angela Merkel has accused leaders of Pegida anti-Islamic movement, which is gaining popularity in Germany, of hijacking the slogan of 1989 Berlin Wall demonstrations, “Wir sind das Volk” (“We are the people”) for their xenophobic purposes.

Of all countries in the world, Germany should have a deep understanding of the need for nationalism in the face of a threat by a people they don’t want to live with.   Except there was a huge difference:  the Jews didn’t want to kill people and turn Germany into a Jewish-only state.  

“Today many people are again shouting on Mondays: ‘We are the people’. But what they really mean is: you are not one of us, because of your skin color or your religion,” Merkel said in her New Year’s address.

A right-wing populist movement, the so-called “Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the Occident”, or Pegida has been staging weekly rallies since late October, the month when it was formed.

With affiliates across Germany – in Dresden, Bonn, Dusseldorf, Kassel, Wurzburg – Pegida protests gathered many supporters.

…the anti-Pegida movement is also growing in Germany – a recent petition against the group has been signed by over 250,000 people.

Despite Merkel’s appeal, one in eight Germans would join an anti-Muslim march if Pegida organized a protest in their home towns, according to a recent opinion poll by Forsa polling institute for Germany’s Stern magazine published on Thursday.

The survey that involved over 1,000 people showed that 13 percent would attend an anti-Muslim march nearby and 29 percent of people said anti-Islamic marches were justified given the influence that Islam has on life in Germany.

One third of Germans polled think the Islamification of Germany is a genuine concern.

The politicians aren’t providing solutions, so the citizens are starting to rise up.

What a mess.

We can prevent it from happening here by not making the same immigration mistakes that other countries have made.


– RT


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  • Chris EM

    “German Chancellor has condemned the anti-Islamic protests, saying it’s leaders have prejudice, coldness and hatred in their hearts”

    Just like the Muslims who want to make Germany an Islamic state.

  • colin herbertson

    this may be frau Merkels communist upbringing showing,a knee jerk fear of anything that looks and smellls to her like facism, or else she’s just been living in an ivory tower too long and is out of touch. There is a danger of Pegida being taken over by these people,i wonder how many members are jewish or nonmuslim immigrants.

    • Michael_l_c

      Maybe she is a cynical as blair was and securing a voter base however temporary.

      • colin herbertson

        could be but labelling a large and growing number of concerned citizens as facists when they’re protesting against real facism isn’t a good way of securing a voter base.

  • KiwiKaffir

    Ground swell rising … It’s going to happen all over Europe I’m guessing!

  • crosstherubicon

    Sweden is finished, Holland near being finished, France on the brink, Germany is rising up, Norway, Belgium and Denmark are changing their laws to appease these anti western, Totalitarian religious death culters. Britain is led and has been for decades by the most gutless, quisling cowards one can imagine.
    Britain and the rest of the world is being bought and probably paid for by Saudi Arabian and Qatari multi billionaires to enshrine their laws and culture into British law and society to promote the religion of Islam above and beyond any other especially Christianity. We have invited, encouraged and welcomed this scourge of Jew/ America and west hating religion of hatred into our midst without consultation of the people and any real knowledge of their aims and desires to one day take over our country.
    It is and still is naive beyond belief that left wing and (allegedly) right wing conservatives refuse to see it.
    Britain and much of western Europe is truly in its final death throws and is staring in the fave of civil conflict and possible war and all because politicians, MSM, our so called intelligentsia, universities refused to listen to the indigenous people of of their respective countries.
    The war will be fought between left and right, far left and Islam against right wing patriots and nationalists who want to protect their culture, religion, language.
    We are indeed living in the age of great cowardice and stupidity, and Britain leads to way.

  • Salacious Crumb

    It’s standard fair for left wing politicians to dismiss anything challenging their warped views of the world to label it as “prejudice”.
    It is entirely possible that Europe could once again be gripped with conflict. This time however, we may find ourselves sided with a former enemy.

  • cows4me

    Politicians become so out of touch to what’s happening within their own countries. Merkel has had years surrounded by politicians of like mind and enjoys all the securities the state apparatus can supply. They live in a closeted world and never have to survive on the streets. Time is fast coming to an end for all these politicians that speak of tolerance and inclusiveness, the tide of Islamic extremists have no such words in their vocabulary . Politicians of Merkel’s ilk will still be preaching tolerance while their heads bounce on the floor.

    • GoingRight

      Merkel is pro agenda 21 and a one world government but I didn’t realise she was happy for that government to be an Islamic led one.

    • Luis Cannon

      And Merkel was the one that grizzled when she learnt that the US was spying on her. Now we know why.

  • crosstherubicon

    Our freedoms in western Europe and indeed now the USA are being eroded. We are free to criticise everything and anything in the west apart from Islam. In some countries in western Europe it’s actually against the law now to be critical of that religion.
    This is what the Muslims of them countries have demanded and our governments have acquiesced and capitulated for fear of violence.
    How long can this cowardice go on? How long can our governments go on ignoring their own people in favour of Muslim demands for their religious and ideological needs to be met above all others?
    In Britain we have sharia courts operating in our cities. We have Muslim men with multiple wives claiming benefits for their many children while (for the rest of us) bigamy is against the law in the UK. There are so many examples of cowardice by the UK government one can’t possibly list them all.
    Sweden has a media ban on all derogatory stories of Muslim crime especially rape, violence, riots, attacks on police, fire services and Muslim gangs ruling vast areas of their cities. To criticise Islam, even fair criticism is considered racist by their media and government; and them who do face ruination and sometimes even death from the Muslim community.
    These countries have let these people into their countries for the very best of reasons coming from their war torn countries to enjoy western lifestyle. But these people have a different agenda and have already changed their respective host countries politics and laws beyond recognition to suite their aims.
    This is the religion of the perpetually offended and will, and constantly use the race card and ‘unbelievably stupid’ progressive left wingers to achieve their aims of the Islamation of the west.
    NZ will copy the UK as it has always copied the UK thinking they can do it better.
    Muslims will play the victim all the way to the top of government to favour even greater Muslim immigration into this country.
    We truly never ever learn as long as we have university educated left wing progressives and far left wing Labour voters to jump to defend minorities in favour of the indigenous population at every turn no matter what the truth.
    Stupidity and naivety is like a cancer in western society that’s splitting us down the middle on this very issue, one for one against.
    Our future truly isn’t looking good.

    • Salacious Crumb

      Well said. I still believe we will see the emergence of a strong far right movement in the UK. The anti-immigration/Muslim sentiment there seems to be growing and the rise of the UKIP points to a shift in voter thinking. A motivating and galvanizing leader is all that it requires and then we could see what happens when an indigenous population pushes back.

  • Chiefsfan73

    The true measure of how effective the lefts war on free speech has been, can be seen in how anyone with remotely conservative views is quickly portrayed as a child eating neo nazi. It is sad that my children have no chance of enjoying the childhood I did. Political correctness is now a way of life. The right to not be offended has slowly asphyxiated freedom of expression. My eldest starts school this year, and I dread what she will come home with.

  • BlitzkriegNZ

    People are going to die no matter what, the sooner a civil war breaks out, the better it’ll be for everyone in the long run. Problem is, even if the Islamists are first to take up arms (like they haven’t already), the ones who fight back will cop all the blame and be labels nazis by the blind and insane on the left.

    • crosstherubicon

      I wonder whose side the MSM and politicians will take when the war starts by the fifth column that they’ve been promoting for far too long?
      The west has become obsequious sycophantic to Islam for fear of violence being perpetrated against it. The problem is they refuse to admit their collective cowardice and instead attack the much less aggressive people who want to debate this very subject branding them as racists, xenophobic and far right. This is the new world order of debate; cries of racism and bigotry to shut down all reasonable debate.
      With this cowardice the politicians have pressed on with this experiment of bringing in even more millions of future enemies of all our states and will instruct our police and military and media to attack them instead of the real enemy…Islam and Muslims.
      What will trigger the fight back I don’t know, but I do know the politicians will bend over to tell us that ‘Islam is the religion of peace’ and brand our indigenous patriots and nationalists as the enemies of the state.
      It truly does make me think what is the reasoning for all this treasonous treachery; truly what is the end game; who really is running this show of madness?
      Islam is the religion of death to them who refuse to convert. It is the cancer of the world at this time that no western leader will admit.