Give them a taste of the Bushmaster or the Ma Deuce

HMNZS Wellington and the vessel Kunlun in southern waters.

HMNZS Wellington and the vessel Kunlun in southern waters.

Apparently the rust bucket illegal fishing vessels won’t stop or let our Navy board and apprehend them.

The navy was barred from boarding two boats fishing illegally for?toothfish?in Antarctic waters, which then tried to get away.

Captains of the?Yongding?and the Songhua have refused to let the crew board. The navy was attempting to verify the flag status of the?Equatorial Guinea-flagged vessels after the Government gained?permission from the central African nation overnight.

The Wellington’s crew also wanted to gather evidence to use in any future prosecution after shooting video of the fishermen hauling aboard their illegal catch.

In the past week they have busted three ships – linked to Spanish pirates – poaching in the Southern Ocean.

Foreign Minister Murray?McCully?said the Wellington’s crew had a?”legitimate right” to board “but the vessels refused to co-operate”.

“Due to the conditions and the evasive tactics of the masters it was not possible to safely board these vessels,” he added.

“While this is disappointing, it is important that we keep the safety of the New?Zealand?crew as our paramount consideration.”

The boats are thought to be working in the freezing and remote waters for a notorious Spanish syndicate, and two of the ships have been internationally blacklisted.

The waters of the Southern Ocean, which were previously?overfished, leading to the ban, are strictly regulated by the?Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR).

Forget CMCully’s diplomacy…these ratbags are pirates and criminals. They should be apprehended.

The Protector class Off Shore Patrol vessels have the following armaments and weapons systems:

Armament: 1 x Remote Controlled MSI DS25 Stabilized Naval Gun with 25 mm?M242 Bushmaster cannon
2 x M2HB QCB .50 calibre Browning machine guns
Small arms
Aircraft carried: 1 x Kaman SH-2G Super Seasprite?helicopter. Can be armed with a combination of homing torpedoes, depth charges, Maverick Air to Surface missiles, M60 Machine Gun. 1 x A109 light utility helicopter (alternative to Seasprite)

I’d start with a tickle up of the Ma Deuce (Fifty calibre MGs) and if that doesn’t get their attention then the Bushmaster should see them heave to pretty damn quick.

If that doesn’t work then those Maverick missiles will punch a bigger hole int eh side than their crew can patch…good luck in the Southern Ocean in a life raft.


– Fairfax