Golly gosh. Fewer on benefits as well. We’re running out of crises


Labour kept harping on about National’s rock star economy only delivering for their rich mates.  Turns out, that was yet another blatant lie to preach greed to the choir.

There are nearly 13,000 fewer people on welfare compared to a year ago, Social Development Minister Anne Tolley says.

The latest figures showed 309,145 people, or 11 per cent of the working-age population, were receiving a benefit at the end of December.

This was the lowest number of people on welfare for a December quarter since 2008.

The biggest changes were in the drop in people receiving Jobseeker Support and Sole Parent Support – around 5500 fewer for each of these categories.

Ms Tolley said the number of people on Jobseeker Support had been steadily falling since 2010, after which Government has passed two rounds of welfare reforms.

Jobseeker numbers fell in all regions except Wellington and Taranaki.

Ms Tolley said: “This Government’s welfare reforms are continuing to support New Zealanders into work. The reductions we’re now seeing will mean fewer people on benefit in the years to come which means we’re going to see healthier, more prosperous households.”

There was a one per cent increase in the number of people receiving the Supported Living Payment, which assisted people who were caring for someone with a disability or illness.

More jobs, fewer on benefits, 7% average wage increase and a 1% food inflation for the last 12 months.

Yup.  The economy is falling to bits, and it is all going to Key’s mates.  No wonder Labour are doing so well.

…oh wait!


– NZ Herald


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  • cows4me

    The socialists just can’t get it though their heads that work creates work . Two or three in employment will require another job paying position in society in support. They of course prefer unemployment, it creates employment in the one sector of society they love growth, government.

    • Salacious Crumb

      Quite right Cows. Socialists love unemployment. It’s much harder for governments to try control the lives of those who make their own way in life.

  • Edward_L

    The direction is great but I am still concerned that over 300,000 are not in the workforce.

    To me this is a huge structural problem which New Zealand and many nations suffer.

    It represents a massive waste of capacity, which could be added to a productive economy. A capacity, which if harnessed, would lift New Zealand economically and socially.

    Instead of a negative $20 billion plus cost of social welfare administration, imagine that was a positive figure.

    • HR

      Problem is, most of the 300,00 still unemployed are unemployable, or have zero interest in working. However, the percentage rate of unemployment we have is low compared to other countries. I think the National Government is doing a great job in getting people off benefits and making it harder for people to sort the system.
      I agree with your thought though Edward.

      • Rocket

        Real long term answer is to reduce the numbers of “unemployable” – you know those that only a fool would have anywhere near their business.
        Change the intent, direction and outcomes of the ludicrous social engineering experiment we have had foisted on us by subsequent leftist governments.

        • ex-JAFA

          The figures include those on super, so the number looks artificially high. It’ll also include mentally and physically disabled people who have few work prospects since sheltered workshops seem to have pretty much closed. There’s only so many supermarket trolleys that need relocating!

          • John Q Public

            The 300,000 figure was “working age” presumably NOT including pensioners.

          • ex-JAFA

            Oh? Okay, my mistake. But the number still seems higher than I wouldathunkit. At least I’m in a larger minority of “between jobs” people than I thought I was!

          • Aucky

            40% of superannuitants are still in the workforce so that will complicate the formula even further.

  • Mark Schmid

    Shuffling the numbers to make it look better – what about all the numbers including disability allowances etc. – reminds me of the crime stats last year – a government that is very good at polishing the statistics – just wait a few more years till the consequences of these manipulations surface.

    • It was your Helen who got to the point where she forced IRD and ACC to swallow large numbers of near-incompetents off the dole queue so her numbers would look better. Remember?

    • The wildman

      Exactly where have the numbers been shuffled from/to.would genuinely be interested.as governments like to hide and move around benefit grabbers i cant see it here.can you please prove these figures have been manipulated?

    • Garbageman

      ahh the old wait a few more years trick eh you wouldn’t happen to be a global warming scientist would you

    • Aucky

      Let’s have some specifics Mark like how many have been shifted from the dole to disability allowances? It’s all well and good making accusations but where are your facts?

      • The wildman

        Exactly,once again this guys all blow,no go.not the first time he’s fallen silent when asked for proof.

        • Mark Schmid


      • Mark Schmid

        Funnily enough this site https://www.msd.govt.nz/about-msd-and-our-work/publications-resources/statistics/
        Has been down since this article was published – coincidence?

      • Mark Schmid
        • The wildman

          Firstly your a day too late, second if your talking about 1206 people going onto the sla your are deluded.where does it say they have come from other benefits?some may have but these are people with medical problems.we are mainly talking about your mates that can but dont work.show us the figures you saw when making your claims silent (and day late) mark.you have lost credibility once again.

          • Mark Schmid

            My apologies – I run two successful catering businesses and don’t follow up some of the comments I start with consistency de to lack of free time – you wanted the facts and I presented them – so suck it up and refrain from personal attacks.

    • Cadwallader

      Well you can’t allege that vast numbers have moved to OZ so what are you on about? Navel gazing?

  • Tom

    Great next stop make contraception compulsory for beneficiaries and stop handing money to Iwis then the general working public can get a tax break.

    • Huia

      I would also like to see Churches paying taxes, they are some of the wealthiest organization’s around. Time they paid their way just like other business’s.

      • Aucky

        …….and Sanitarium. What about Licensing Trusts too?

      • Tom

        And local iwis

  • jude

    And Labour still attempt to make a negative from a positive!
    It must be the most depressing party to be a member of.
    I won’t hold my breath waiting for any sort of policy initiative from Labour ,that would show us, how they would speed up the economic growth.
    If they can’t even acknowledge we are heading in the right direction, I can’t see much hope for them as a political force.

    • ex-JAFA

      The Greens would be worse – even bad news isn’t dire enough for their liking.

      • I’m Right

        The only NZ’ers in the whole country not happy with the Oil drop and petrol at under $1.80 a ltr are The Greens and their supporters. Once again good for NZ and it’s population is BAD for the left!…sheesh and they STILL don’t get it…long may it continue!

    • I’m Right

      When you are in opposition Jude, you pray/hope for doom and gloom so you can spread the message of ‘If we were in Govt…’, but when things are going well or stable and no decline the opposition are irrelevant and indeed struggle for relevance. The left have been in this position for over 6 yrs now and are waiting…waiting…waiting

  • Teko Flaps

    Success after success after success. ’nuff said.

  • timemagazine

    I can’t wait to see Little Andrew shouting and screaming when parliament will start. It will be delightful to watch.

    • The wildman

      Ewwww.sucker for punishment.

    • Huia

      He will want to know how many Christmas cards John Key received and sent and whether he deleted any.

  • Garbageman

    here is the link to Garner interviewing Anne Tolley yesterday on this topic, listen to a skilled politician bat away his obvious attempts to get his gotcha soundbite


    • Melissa

      He is just so blatantly anti this govt. He tried so desperately to put words in Anne Tolley’s mouth, didn’t succeed so had to finish the interview. He makes me cringe.

  • caochladh

    When the mongrels have nothing to attack in the economy, their focus will be shifted personal attacks, innuendo and downright lies. Good to see nothing will change then.

    • I’m Right

      The best thing to make an opposition ineffectual, the economy going well (we all read about Europe and Aussie are in the toilet) and for 6yrs NZ is doing well so far…and it will continue!

  • Aucky

    The next ‘crisis’ is likely to be mass redundancies at WINZ.

  • Wheninrome

    I feel there will be a slowing given the dairy payout, the season is not over and there is a time lag.
    However lets enjoy the times.

    • Aucky

      I’m sure that you are right but it will be a rare day to get all of our skittles in a row in an economy that is dependent largely on commodities. Fortunately wool & beef prices are on the increase which will go some way towards compensating for the drop in dairy. Other industries such as tourism are absolutely booming despite the strength of our dollar.

  • The Accountant

    Crap article by James Griffin in Canvas today on his to do list for John Key. Meant to be humorous but just came across as snide, and managed to drag Max Key in to it also. MSM continue to look for snide attacks in their support for Labour.

  • ozbob68

    What was worse was Carmel Sepoloni in the Stuff article claiming that these figures show people were going off benefits and not getting support from elsewhere. But I don’t see a rise in crime and vagrancy figures, which would be needed to support oneself without a job or government assistance.

    • Mark Schmid

      Last year. Was established that crime stats where bodged.

  • Eiselmann

    Could one of the MP’s from the Labour party please contact me …I have a couple of life issues to sort out and I’d like you to declare them a crisis…thank you.