Good climate news that won’t make the NZ Herald

Remember that we are supposedly in a ‘death spiral’ of ever increasing severity of storms and climate events, that will eventually lead to our doom unless we DO something.

Usually that something is paying increased taxes, because taxing something stops it, right?

Unfortunately the facts and reality aren’t fitting the narrative…the ‘death spiral’ isn’t and the ever increasing numbers of severe storms’ haven’t happened either.

The U.S. lucked out again this year, as large-scale weather catastrophes — including devastating and deadly hurricanes, tornadoes and wildfires — were few and far between.

Not since Superstorm Sandy devastated the Northeast in 2012 has a single natural disaster cost the U.S. tens of billions in damage, according to a report released today by CoreLogic. Sandy cost the U.S. about $70 billion.   

“This is two straight years without big disasters,” said Tom Jeffery, a senior hazard scientist at CoreLogic, a private research and consulting company based in Santa Ana, Calif., that provides information and services to businesses and government.

Hurricanes, large tornado outbreaks and wildfires tend to be the biggest and costliest weather disasters in the U.S. each year, Jeffery said.

Despite the overall quiet pattern, major local flooding occurred in California, Arizona, New York and Michigan this year. Floods in metro Detroit, for example, caused more than $1 billion in damage.

The worst tornado outbreak of the year occurred on April 27-28, when 31 people died in the South and hundreds of homes were destroyed. Overall, 2014 is on track to have the fewest number of tornadoes recorded in the past decade.

Bugger, all those calamity driven headlines went begging.

Never fear we are probably about to get a lengthy article in the Herald about how disastrous life is about to become….despite the distinct lack of evidence….and how it is all our fault because we won’t do anything about regulating a trace gas in the atmosphere.



– US Today


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  • Martin

    We have passed the point where the wet left are a tax-consuming bore and are moving into an age where their shrill distractions and hate speech laws are a Trojan horse.

  • xennex

    And what is the statistical certainty from two years data is?
    What about California, in the middle of the worst drought in recent history?

    • Cadae

      The hoped-for El Nino with its extensive rains for California didn’t appear this year – it’s been a long wait for that sea and weather pattern to appear. An extensive El Nino will dump heat from the ocean’s depths onto the sea surface and into the atmosphere, thus raising global temperatures, but will also quench California’s drought.

      • rangitoto

        The alarmists were saying El Nino’s would be much more frequent and stronger due to CO2. What went wrong.

    • rangitoto

      There was an article I saw today showing that the Mayan civilsation was destroyed by decades of drought. No evil industrial society in those days

    • xennex
  • Aucky

    Never fear. The Herald found a new disaster for us yesterday. Attenborough says we are all going to starve. Armageddon, doom, disaster & apocolypse! Can’t be too serious though because Prince Andrew’s ‘sex slave’ sensation replaced Attenborough within a matter of hours as the main headline. It’s all a matter of perspective.

    • Lord_Montrose

      We’re all gonna die!
      P.S. what does a zoologist know about climate?

    • However he did show the life cycle of a pacific island a few nights ago where, shock horror, the weight of the island actually causes it to slowly sink,

  • ex-JAFA

    I don’t think we should tax bad weather, as that’ll only drive it underground. A black market in bad weather will be much harder to regulate.

  • ex-JAFA

    There was some drivel on the TV news last night about somewhere (the US? I was laughing too much to pay proper attention) normally expecting 1.5 severe storms a year, but it’s looking like 2.5 in 2015.

    Now I’m not sure where you get half a storm, so I suspect they mean there’s normally one or two bad storms a year, and they expect that to be two or possibly even three storms this year. Hardly a cause for concern.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    “Usually that something is paying increased taxes, because taxing something stops it, right?”

    There you go!! Thinking of the socialist Labourers and the communist toxic Greens summed up very nicely!!

  • 1951

    Such a different picture painted by ….a private research & consulting company…than is painted by the alarmists like those at niwa, that exist only because of our generous enforced donations.

  • JC

    “Never fear we are probably about to get a lengthy article in the Herald about how disastrous life is about to become..”

    Thats not likely till the next conference on climate catastrophe is announced.