Good riddance to bad rubbish, Sabin resigns

Mike Sabin has resigned before Prime Minister John Key was going to have to do the inevitable.

His position was untenable and if the likely charges are what I expect them to be it was never a survivable situation.

The stupidity of the whole situation was that the National party has known about this since before Christmas and people who should know better ignored the warnings and let the situation fester.

At least he is now gone.

Northland MP Mike Sabin has announced he has resigned as a member of Parliament, effective immediately.

There have been reports Mr Sabin was being investigated by police over assault-related allegations, although neither Mr Sabin, the police nor Prime Minister John Key would confirm that.

Mr Sabin announced in a short statement that he had decided to resign “due to personal issues that were best dealt with outside Parliament.”

Mr Key said he “acknowledged” the resignation of Mr Sabin for personal reasons and was getting advice on the possible date for a by-election.

Mr Sabin was first elected in 2011 when he replaced former MP John Carter.

Sabin was never popular in Northland, and the selection process last time was long and arduous.

Since taking over from John Carter Mike Sabin systematically alienated himself from his committee and let the membership dwindle…there are far less members now than when he was selected.

I will of course follow the new selection process closely to ensure that there is no meddling in the process.

The new Regional Chair though is a straight shooter and won’t brook any nonsense.


– NZ Herald



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  • Jimmie

    Perhaps the smiling assassin was on the case after all – just had to wait until he had all his ducks lined up in a row before he acted.

  • Bart67

    Do we have any idea as to potential candidates?

    • Odd Ball

      Not John Banks it seems, he’s busy with other stuff.

    • Chris EM

      Russel Norman, must be. Too much of a coincidence that he resigns at the same time. :o)

    • Justsayn

      Colin Craig?

      • Bazza63

        Imagine if the list seats were redone & Labour lost one seat. It would be to Little to Late for their leader.

      • Colin Craig is an idiot, even a donkey standing against him in Northland would win.

        And no even if a miracle happened there is no adjustment for past election results.

        • KQ

          He might be to you but he cant be an idiot to everyone in NZ because 4% of people voted for him. As it happens more voted for him than Act and UF combined. It would be great to see how he goes for a year or two and if he doesn’t scrub up then they could turf him out. I think he would go well.

  • So now we have to wait for a bi-election before we can advance RMA reform at all? *Sigh*

    • Justsayn

      RMA legislation is at least 6-12 months away – a bi-election will occur long before then.

      There are probably other things coming before the house that National will not want a 60-60 spit on, so I think the bi-election will be asap.

  • Murray Smith

    Ex-cop, no longer protected for thuggery. The script was easily written.

  • rangitoto

    Shane Jones Nat candidate for by election?

    • KGB

      It’s my electorate. I’d vote for Jones just for the pleasure of getting his face across the floor, looking back at the opposition :)

    • Dave

      There is a thought, he would be popular, increase Nats majority, if he can only keep away from the expenses and porn. He is very effective, and get things done.

  • mike

    I disagree, i think he was popular in northland.
    His documentary on his brain dmaged son recently was talked about a lot and people were very supportive of him

  • Laurence Hill

    lol to ensure there is no meddling or to ensure there is no meddling by anyone but you!

  • Whitey

    I suspect Key did do the inevitable, he just did it subtly. I’d be very surprised if Sabin jumped on his own without a bit of a push.

  • Momo

    I heard him speaking at the launch of the Stellar Trust about 10 years ago.
    I was really impressed by his eloquence and passion.
    Maybe a poor choice for MP but he was a great advocate for those wanting further action taken with the ‘P epidemic’

    Edit: corrected auto correct.

  • Carl

    Angry Andy can stand for Labour, he needs a seat. Hone for Mana.

  • Aucky

    This would have been far better dealt with prior to Christmas with the upcoming Parliamentary break coming up and JK off the scene in Hawaii.

  • Drhill
    • [MOD] time for me to remind everyone that NZ law is unworkable when it comes to name suppression. This means if you speculate and get it right, not even knowing you got it right, the only way we (as a blog) can react is to block you because you risk us getting charged with a breach.

  • R&BAvenger

    Yes, he did the right thing, plus – perfect timing with the Norman announcement.
    Russel finally found his flag.

  • Warren Murray

    I’m shocked. after the PM’s words of support earlier this week, I thought it was a beat up.

    In unrelated news a prominent NZer appeared in court on a number of charges and was granted blanket suppression.

    • Honcho

      Yeah I was suprised the media even tried to report that heavily suppressed case, basically they reported nothing save for the fact that there was a court appearance somewhere and that every detail was suppressed …. very strange.

  • Jono

    Yay. No more potential conflict of interest with a certain political news reporter.

  • KQ

    It could be a good opportunity for Colin Craig.

  • Shoreboy57

    “a prominent NZer appeared in court on a number of charges and was granted blanket suppression” – so really we should expect a flood of denials from those that might consider themselves prominent….”it wasn’t me…”

  • Nirvana10

    John Key behaved entirely correctly in this matter. It was for Sabin to make his own decision to resign and this he did. I don’t see that this reflects badly on JK at all. I don’t really like the way people self-righteously judge folk before details of the charges are in the public arena. Let a judge or jury ultimately pass the judgement.

    • You don’t know even half of what has gone on.

      You also show great naiveté into political processes…there is no such thing as innocent until proven guilty in politics.

      The charges when known will make you wonder why you even made your comment.

  • For the terminally stupid, I have zero tolerance for people trying to link name suppression cases or just plain guessing. If you do you will never comment again on this blog, and I will provide your details to the Police fro breaching name suppression.

    • Dave

      The hypocrisy in that statement is hilarious.

  • [MOD] Having just put several people on a commenting holiday for suppression breaches, it seems I’m going to have to protect the hard of understanding from themselves by closing comments on this article.

    For future reference: we only react one way to suppression breaches: you’re blocked from commenting.