Graph of the day (AKA: Labour never stood a chance)



All Vacancies Index Seasonally adjusted and trend series (May 2007=100)

Just make a mental note that National have been running the economy since 2009.

Jobs Online monthly report – December 2014

Published: January 2015

Jobs Online measures changes in job vacancies advertised by businesses on the two main internet job boards – SEEK and Trade Me Jobs. The trend series is used as the lead indicator as it reduces the month-to-month volatility.


Online job vacancies grew in December. Online vacancies for skilled jobs grew by 1.1 per cent in December, while all vacancies increased by 0.8 per cent.

Skilled vacancies increased in most industry groups. The largest increase was in the healthcare and medical industry (up 1.1 per cent).

Skilled vacancies grew in all occupation groups. The biggest month-on-month increase was for technicians and trades workers (up 2.4 per cent).

Skilled vacancies increased in eight out of ten regions, over the last year. The biggest annual increases were in Bay of Plenty (up 20.6 per cent), Otago/Southland (up 11.2 per cent) and

Auckland (up 10.3 per cent). However, skilled vacancies fell in Wellington (down 4.3 percent) and Northland (down 1.0 per cent).

If you are interested in more, check the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment site.

Just goes to show the difference between Michael Cullen who had all the surpluses, and Bill English who has had to scrimp, borrow and save.


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  • stanman

    Clearly there is a crisis here.

    • Isherman

      An escalating crisis since 2009, there… fixed it for you.

      • stanman

        Thank goodness.
        Alas there is crisis upon crisis according to the left,this will take a change of govt to fix …surely

      • The Accountant

        It’s a crisis that I haven’t won Lotto yet. Hope that works.

  • Isherman

    Yeah well, maybe Wrongly Wrongson should look at these sort of graphs before he makes his Election result predictions, like his last on on 18 September, though they are good for a laugh if you need one.

  • stanman

    I have a son who was offered 3 different apprenticeships (same trade) in a small rural town.He had the luxury of choosing exactly which one fitted HIS criteria-His mother and I are just astounded at this ….crisis my arse,things have never been better for those who WANT to work,meanwhile we support the rest who have not one single ambition to get off the tax payer sponsored tit

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Did you let Norman know? Ha ha!!

  • Kendall

    But is is a crisis. More jobs will take more people off the benefit. Less of those people and we have less people to vote for their no work wages. That means that red is in real crisis. Yea? Na. Well just keep banging on about unions and equality and soon the public will understand us and stop being dumb.

  • Steely Man

    You’ve got to feel sorry for all those people with degrees in “how to be a bureaucrat” who don’t have any jobs to apply for in Wellington

  • MrBarrington

    If Labour had won we would be in recession now and the line would be heading down, not up!

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Labour Minister Jacinda Ardern will be spinning stories how well Labour is doing…..Just sayin….

  • Keanne Lawrence

    There is a continuing strength being displayed in the economy with on-going job vacancies increasing throughout the county.
    A recent mini tiki tour down the South Island saw many billboards with vacancies advertised outside various locations.
    More astounding was the rural scene where growth from higher returns has been obviously used for pasture improvement and herd expansion. Essential plant is from the premium range while the majority of farm buildings are newish and functional.
    They have certainly been “making hay while the sun shines” down there and the wrapped bails eliminate the need for the old hay shed with the bails strategically left where needed most.
    The prominence of pink bails near the roadside was a surprise but not just a foible of the missus but a strong message to make more travels aware of breast cancer. Nice one.

  • I selected one job from 3 last month. Who says there is a job shortage in NZ? More like there is a shortage of skilled people. I work as a software developer.