Green Aussie idiot is going to kayak from Canberra to Paris…uhmm…by plane


The Green taliban fools really don;t realise just how foolish they look when they pull their lame stunts.

One Aussie Green idiot reckons he is going to paddle his kayak from Canberra (which is landlocked) to Paris…but of course he is a Green so his carbon footprint is going to be enormous.

He will risk confronting alligators, polar bears and container ships but in the end he will be able to say to his grandchildren, “I did my best”.

Engineer, grandfather and ecowarrior Steve Posselt begins an 8000-kilometre kayak journey from Canberra to Paris on Thursday.

He intends to drag and paddle his wheeled kayak halfway around the world to deliver a message on behalf of all Australians who want action on climate change. The message: we are in this fight against global warming.

His green bull-dust has been busted though.

Eric Worrall explains.

An Australian grandfather has announced plans to Kayak from Canberra, Australia’s landlocked capital city, to Paris, to deliver a message about climate change to the upcoming COP21 Paris climate conference.


Naturally, in the time honoured tradition of climate activism, activist Steve Posselt plans to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by our modern fossil fuel powered economy to achieve his goal. Not only does his kayak appear to be a modern plastic construction, lightweight and safe, rather than the kind of fire burned dugout effort you would expect from a truly committed eco-warrior, but Steve’s route to Paris includes a couple of long haul airline flights.

“From Canberra he drags his kayak to Port Kembla and then paddles up to Sydney. He will fly to the Gulf of Mexico, then paddle through North America to Canada. From there he will fly to Britain and will paddle through England and across the English Channel to Paris. There he will deliver his message at the United Nations Climate Summit in November 2015.”

Nevertheless, you have to admire Steve Posselt’s audacious hypocrisy, given that he is employing all this fossil fuel sourced goodness to achieve his goal;

“It is not a big deal to go to a zero carbon economy. It’s about political will.”

You first mate.

Ecowarrior? More like Eco-fool or Eco-hypocrite.


– Canberra Times, Watts up with that


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  • sheppy

    I wonder how much carbon will be liberated by the emergency services when they rescue him from the English channel….

    • Cadwallader

      …will they rescue him from the English Channel? Will the Aussies want him back? Will the polar-bears he’ll meet on his first day out of Canberra refuse to eat him? So many questions so few brain cells.

      • sheppy

        He’ll be rescued under a sea of fawning TV cameras and massive taxpayer funding not to mention the risk to the rescuers and the fossil fuel burnt doing it. The last 3 points will of course be conveniently left out of the news by the media

  • Timebandit

    Hypocrite from start to finish…Plastic boat, paddle and sunnies…probably nylon jacket…Life jacket (unseen, perhaps stowed in locker) Nylon…Tyre, rubber compound…Aluminium strut smelted and manufactured using fossil fuels…Need I go on???

    • ex-JAFA

      I’m sure it’s all made from a revolutionary new fabric woven out of sustainable yoghurt – reinforced, where necessary, with lentils.

    • bristol

      Say no more!

  • BW_Lord

    That kayak hardly looks sea-going as well, so taxpayers of various countries can look forward to shelling out for rescue missions.
    All in the name of hypocrisy – I mean, surely that’s his message here?

  • cows4me

    The retard is strong in that one.

  • oldmanNZ

    “on behalf of all Australian”?
    Didn’t Australia repel the carbon tax and drop out of the carbon global kyoto thing?

  • timemagazine

    He will encounter polar bears on his way from Canberra to Paris? Have they all migrated closer to the equator because of global warming/ climate change? How stupide do this so called journalists think we are?

  • Nige.

    question; when is a lie not a lie?

    answer; when a greenie does it.

    these things are designed to be headlines only. The consumer is never suposed to find out the detail within the article. These fools (there have been many over the years) should be served up the ridicule they deserve. ……but because its “for the planet” (sheesh…what the hell is it going to actually achieve?) it is praised and made ligght of.

    He is most likely going for a troughing holiday and taking along his kayak to get in the way of as many people as possible.

    • Honcho

      That’s what I first though reading it, trougher, rather then stay at home and install fibreglass insulation made of recycled toohey’s bottles reducing his footprint, he has instead gone on a ‘bucket list’ round the world trip of a life time and no doubt has some government funded lobby group paying most of his way because it will be good ‘exposure of the cause of global climate change’.

      He likes paddling his canoe, I like riding my bike, maybe I can get these NGO’s or the UN IPCC to fund me to do a slow trip starting the southern states enjoying gumbo and blues heading north to the land of french fries and gravy … good work if you can get it.

      • BigDes

        Now you’re thinking Honcho, if u can’t beat the gravy train, join it! Be quite a good plan for a mid life OE. And actually if some group of hairy Eco nazis want to fund it then more fool them.

  • dumbshit

    imagine the group hugs if he makes it to the Paris eco-fest love in, probably the main attraction for the stunt!

  • peterwn

    Wonder if he is going on the Mississippi – the regulars there do not like amateurs – they are hazardous. If Homeland Security had any sense they would not let him in.

  • conwaycaptain

    From Port Kembla up to Sydney now that is about 80 miles.
    From the Gulf of Mexico up to the Great lakes will be about two thousand miles and around the UK to Paris a couple of hundred so the majority will be by air in comfort.
    I assume he will be sleeping in his nylon tent and his nylon stuffed sleeping bag and cooking on his gas powered primus in his aluminium pots and pans.

  • All_on_Red

    Apparently “climate change” is causing more extreme weather which means Insurance claims will be going through the roof.
    Yeah riiight.
    “For the second consecutive year, insured losses caused by natural catastrophes were down on their 10-year averages, according to a new report.
    Insured losses from catastrophes hit their lowest total since 2009 with a 38 per cent decrease on the 10-year average according to the latest findings from Aon’s Impact Forecasting.
    According to their Annual Global Climate and Catastrophe Report, insured losses for 2014 topped out at $48 billion globally compared with the ten-year average of $77 billion.
    Overall economic losses were also down from the ten-year figure of $260 billion to $163 billion, a 37 per cent decrease.”

  • Reaper

    Could his ‘message’ not be simply emailed?

    • Cadwallader

      It is his assumption that whatever drivel he considers to be a worthy message needs to be delivered, which floors me. The greenies are not simply foolish they are unsinkably arrogant to boot!

  • Cowgirl

    This is false advertising – when you say you will paddle from Canberra to Paris, paddling – not flying – is all that is required. As for being able to say “I did my best” at the end, I don’t think he’ll be able to say much from Davy Jones’s locker.

  • conwaycaptain

    Better idea
    Paddle from Sydney on a Great Circle course to Panama. transit the canal and then pick up the Gulf Stream and then paddle around the Gulf through the Florida Strait and then using the Gulf Stream to give you a few knots up to NY and then a GC course across to Land’s End then up the channel to Le Havre and down the Seine to Paris.
    That should take about a year.

    • Cadwallader

      Better still just scuttle his canoe a mile or so offshore.

  • roxo

    Take away all the bits made by, or possible by fossil fuel and you’re left with a near naked old grandad trying to walk to Paris. Fool. The actual message is Thank God we have fossil fuels to make this possible. Hippycrite.

  • phronesis

    The excess baggage charges are going to be pretty awesome. Probably quite a lot more than that bath toy is worth. Would have been better to pick one up at every stop.

  • conwaycaptain

    From Port Kembla to Sydney against the prevailing current!!!
    From US Gulf coast to the Great Lakes against the flow of the Mississippi
    Up the Seine against the flow of the river.

  • bubitboy

    Please ensure your tray table is folded away and your kayak and your beard are safely stored in the overhead locker or under the seat in front of you, thank you for flying hypocrite airlines, have a nice day.

  • The2Game

    Wouldn’t it be ironic if this Greenie stuntist capsized his kayak in mid-ocean and then had to be rescued by a Japanese trawler making its way homeward from ‘studying’…

    • taurangaruru

      The only time he will be at risk while mid ocean will be at 28000ft in an aircraft.

  • Ross15

    He must be going to paddle fast. Isn’t the Paris talkfest in February 2015 ?
    These greenies are getting bl…y desperate.

  • johnnyB

    This bloke’s has got it so wrong – the route is ridiculous the best option for him would be to fly to the UAE paddle down the Persian Gulf up the Euphrates through Iraq and into Syria and drag his boat to the Med and up to France. Might be slightly less safe but as he said “It is not a big deal – It’s about political will.”

  • Melissa

    Some of these posts, especially by Cadwallader and Conway captain and Reaper are just cracking me up! Needed a bit of a giggle so thanks guys, keep it up

  • I.M Bach

    Greenies never fail to amuse.

  • Kelvin

    I wonder if the plane will practice a few barrel roles for him. Get the plane upside down and then tell him he needs to use his paddle to right it.

  • caochladh

    I’ll bet that Mr Dysentery will zap his “political will”.

  • Gekko

    This guy might be up for a Darwin Award in 2015

  • maninblack

    When you mentioned ” Green Aussie Idiot” i thought you meant Wussel.