Halal Hell

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So, here’s the problem.  All the meat we buy is Halal certified.  And many other products are quietly adding “halal” as part of their labelling.   Are we already living under a little Sharia Law?  Or do we see it as hocus pocus to drain some more export and retail dollars from Muslim bank accounts?  

The thing is, our meat is prepared according to halal principles, whether you like it or not.  One of the things that happens is that the animal isn’t killed – it is first stunned – knocked unconscious.  At which time the animal’s throat is slit according to Muslim meat preparation principles.

You are eating that now.   But in Europe, the UK specifically, Muslims are pushing even further.  Not only do they have exceptions allowing the avoidance of stunning animals as long as it is done for religious reasons (the animals have their throats slit and bleed out), the Muslims are now also coming to the British taxpayers to help pay for it.

Vets have condemned plans to use taxpayers’ money to fund a halal abattoir that uses non-stun slaughter.

The British Veterinary Association is calling on the Welsh government to end talks with Pak Mecca Meats over subsidising job creation at its Cig Menai Cymru abattoir in Caernarfon, Wales.

On its website, the company says it supplies the ‘best quality stun free meat in accordance with the highest halal procedures’.

It adds that ‘given the choice 90% of Muslims prefer non-stun method of slaughter when it comes to consuming halal meat’.

The BVA wrote to Rebecca Evans, Deputy Minister for Farming and Food, and were told the abattoir has been approved by the Food Standards Agency to carry out non-stun killing.

She confirmed the Welsh Government was ‘in dialogue with a private company regarding job creation at an abattoir in Caernarfon’.


The reason I’m bringing you these stories, is because we, as a country, are way behind the likes of the UK.  But as you could see in the video, our Australian brothers and sisters are blundering into halal certification as if it is another ISO9000 certification box to tick.

Think about this:  Every Christian in New Zealand that consumes abattoir processed meat is eating meat that was killed a specific Islamic way with thanks given to Allah.

And we’re doing that now.  Because we are tolerant.   And they are not.


– Daily Mail.


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  • Murray Smith

    Face to Mecca, bend over and then let em stick up us.

    That’s what they want but not what they’re going to get.
    SPCA “should” never allow this in NZ.

  • Isherman

    Now I’m really glad pork is forbidden, at least the Bacon is safe.

    • Rodger T

      Safe for the moment , if the unspeakable happens and we end up with the Green cretins with a toehold of power,they`ll bend over in a heartbeat to the islamic lobby and ban pork .

    • Sunshine

      Stuff reported, some time ago, on a butcher in Auckland that was pressured by local muslim to get rid of his pork products because it was offensive to them.

  • Bartman

    It’s a simple numbers game in EU countries now: there are millions of Muslims who demand their food products are Halal certified, and as all businesses know, if you want to succeed, you meet the market and supply the products they want at a price they are willing to pay.
    Seems like the Governments of these countries could usefully impose a decent Halal tax, at the very least to ensure that this culture creep is slowed.

  • I notice the presenter at the start called it a vicious campaign. Nothing vicious about it.
    Yet more msm spin on a valid campaign against the islamisation of a largely Christian country.
    If a company needs Halal certification to get business I feel sorry for them, but would prefer not to buy their products as I am non-muslim (if ya didn’t know).

    • Rick H

      I noticed that as well – practically in her first few words.
      Is she part of the MSM? – Certainly acts like it.

  • Rodger T

    This halal nonsense is part of the reason I avoid supermarket meat.
    Supermarket meat has been going downhill for a long time and I always thought the reason was just the killing chain for the tough bitter tasting meat they sold,even filet steak was becoming tough as old boots ,but now I suspect it is the killing method ,even a stunned animal that is bleeding out will produce adrenalin enough to taint the meat and make it tough so that everything has to be stewed for hours to make it edible.
    I can only say I am fortunate enough to be able to have a freezer full of homekill otherwise I`d have to contemplate going to the darkside *gasp* vegetarianism……..

    edit clarity.

    • LesleyNZ

      So is this why steak (especially rump steak) is tough no matter how much tenderising you do?

      • WeaselKiss

        In a word, Yes.
        As we know, muscles contract dramatically when electro-shocked this is bad enough, not to mention adrenaline that gets released.

      • Jas

        No. Rump steak is tough because you are getting the lowest quality rump steak in NZ.

      • cows4me

        You just get my old cull cows Lesley, the good stuff isn’t wasted on the peasants.

      • TKT

        no the reason it is tough is that the good stuff gets exported (to halal countries?)

        • Albert Lane

          Have you been to Britain and seen the prices of NZ meat on sale in their supermarkets? We were amazed at how cheap the prices were, and the packaging was excellent too. So if we’re paying more for second-grade meat, what’s going on? Is there a rip-off in progress? Are we subsidising NZ meat exports by paying more for the stuff that isn’t good enough to be exported?

          • Rick H

            You got it in one, Alby.

          • Albert Lane

            Darn !! I was hoping that there would be a logical answer to that question. Well how about answering this one?

            We pay $2.99 per kg from Countdown for a kilo of bananas. In England a kg of bananas is around 68 p (less than $1.40). Our nearest Pak ‘n Save is about a 40 km round trip from our place. Last week, bananas there were around $2.50 per kg. So why are we paying more than twice as much for the same product from Countdown and New World, and not a lot less at Pak ‘n Save?

    • Sunshine

      It’s not just meat. Check the labels of all the foods you buy. You will find the Islamic certification code on many things that surprise you. There are also many items that do not have the halal certification on the label, but the Company that produces the food has overall halal certification.
      My own research on this matter is exposing some very concerning Islamic agendas in our food as if there weren’t enough agendas already.

    • MaryLou

      You don’t live in a city, huh… :(

  • johnnyB

    In a ironic situation that the Muslim world is becoming increasing dependent on Non Muslim countries to supply food to its population, the market talks at the moment and they have a growing say in it due to their size and due to non Muslims on the whole not being too worried if their Meat or Dairy products are Halal certified (or don’t even know). It is far easier for food producers to just make to one specification and sell to us all, there is already a growing little industry (rort) around Halal certification which drives this. The interesting scenario will be how far the growing ISIS / Sharia direction takes us and if we see more difficulty getting our products into these regions (as is already the case with certain shipping lines) or resistance from Western consumers in particular the US to consume Halal products. In the end it will not concern ISIS however if their followers starve so long as they abide to Sharia.

  • The Accountant

    If halal killing is so humane, then surely the Yanks could use it on death row inmates. Wait, hand on a minute. …

  • Iera

    So what did Muslim immigrants to UK do when they arrived in a country that did not provide the food as they desire – did they just live with that fact?

    • conwaycaptain

      They only have to eat Hala products if it is available. If it isn’t then they just eat was is there. How do they get on in Japan, China etc etc

      • ex-JAFA

        So if we stopped killing cattle to halal standards, there wouldn’t be halal meat, and they’d eat what was offered. If there’s no premium to be paid for halal meat, why do meatworks bother with the hassle of halal slaughter?

      • pak

        Apparently the Koran states that they can just say “Bismallah” over the food and that makes it halal. Certification rort is just a method to fund in part or whole the push to establish Sharia Law.

  • steve and monique

    It appears that we are being taken over by the Muslim world, without it even being noticed. Guess the one thing ISIS has done is shine a light on what is going on, and it is starting to cause a backlash. About time maybe, as we have all been asleep re this subject.

  • Valid Point

    To access export markets, businesses need a whole range of certifications. Halal is just one of many. This seems like a beat-up just for the sake of being anti-Muslim. The anti-argument lost its validity when the main guy leading it is an ex-One Nation candidate.

    They’re just idiots and ignored by Australians even more than Internet-Mana was here!

    • spanishbride

      Be against it for another reason then. It is an inhumane way of slaughtering animals. It is cruel and slow prolonging the animal’s suffering. Just like the punishments under Sharia law are inhumane to humans, funny that.

      • taurangaruru

        There was a documentary on the telly in Aus – Four Corners (I think) a couple of years ago, led to Gillard suspending the cattle trade with Indonesia. The way the cattle were treated was disgusting, all in the name of Allah. They are a disgraceful backwards inhumane bunch.

        • Albert Lane

          I also remember a story just a few years ago about Australian live cattle and sheep exports to Arab countries, and that the animals were subjected to horrific deaths. I think that the Aussies may have imposed bans on such live exports. I don’t know if we export live animals to the middle east or to asia, but at least if we are humanely killing them in NZ instead of them being inhumanely butchered to death in Egypt or Indonesia, is at least something positive.

          • Dave

            Most of that was due to the treatment on the huge live export ships. It was stopped for a few months whilst they came up with alternatives, and then recommenced it recommence but with aussie’s on board to monitor the health of the animals, things improved quickly.

          • Albert Lane

            Dave, We were living in Aust at the time, and somebody had filmed the locals butchering animals that had come off one of the ships, and it was done so badly and inhumanely, that there was a huge outcry throughout Australia. Yes, there were also reports about the way the animals were crammed in the ships, and how badly they were transported, but the way they were processed when they got to their destination was what caused the outcry.

          • Dave

            Albert, I am well aware of all of that, I too live in Australia, and a very close friend is a Vet who was involved with the live export. He is convinced the killing whilst non uncommon, was a stunt and conveniently made it back to the compliant media, and Gillard reacted accordingly. The unions were very pleased.

          • Albert Lane

            Didn’t hear that. But at the time there was an outcry.

        • Dave

          Think about that deeply please. Four corners is the leftie program of the labour parties TV Channel “Auntie ABC”, its all red and so far left, and yes, unions have some influence. The union influence was astounding, hence they waited to find the dirt, then used this to assist to overturn the Live export. Net result, surprise, meatworks are back in business, unions coffers were filled. Yes,NO coincidence there was a strike in the industry soon after for wages and conditions. Typical Labour/ unions. Create artificial demand by banning live exports, than at the crucial time, strike for more pay, then union fees go up, then the unions donate more to head office labour party – Ca-Ching!

          Simple solution would have to tell the Indonesians to improve the way they treated live cattle or no more.

          PS: Edited to add: Some farmers lost their farms as a result of this, it happened at the start of the drought, and some farmers who had trucks waiting had deals cancelled, the price for stock plummeted, and some went to the wall, all down to a socialist government working in cahoots with unions and to an extent, greenies.

          • taurangaruru

            Dave, millions were spent upgrading abattoirs in Indonesia after the ban, union influence or not it was pretty clear the treatment of cattle was well below where it should be. BTW am not supporting Gillard’s action it was cack handed & she played to the gallery for support.

      • Valid Point

        Agree with that perspective.

      • thehawkreturns

        Yes where are the vets? Paid off by the Muslims to keep quiet?

        • Dave

          No, the vets are employed by, but are independent from MAF. A close friend undertook the role of a MAF VET for many years under Halal and says when done correctly, there is no more suffering with halal methods than traditional methods. A vet has the power to stop the chain at any time, they also check carcasses for disease frequently.

    • pak

      We ignore the halal issue at our peril. There are Australian reports of suppliers being bullied into compliance – one to have his van halal certified so he could transport chickens from his farm to the next part of the supply chain. He refused, lost $120,000 worth of business before eventually caving in. The Islamic body then ordered him to pay the fees from all the previous years he had not complied and fined him for not paying for halal certification in the first place. He paid otherwise he went out of business. They never inspected his van and nothing as far as he was concerned changed except he was now paying a religious tax so he could continue in business. This is extortion. Many sensible Australians are now speaking up and I don’t believe they are “just idiots”. Many products that don’t even need certification are falling under the halal rort. This is part of the use of “gradualism” in application of Sharia law and part of the march to control all staples – an aim of the Muslim Brotherhood.

    • MaryLou

      Regardless of the Muslim bit (and I have mixed views on that) – we have animal welfare laws, and judging by the amount of people who go out of their way nowadays to find free range eggs, I reckon there’d be one hell of a lot of unhappy people, were they to realise exactly how their Halal steak got it’s certification.

      I’m certainly grumpy as hell, and will be making sure the word is spread!

  • Herb

    What does Halal certification actually entail? It sounds like the business just pays an annual fee for a ‘certification stamp’ on their product with little or no inspection involved. Your annual $1,000 subscription and you can use the stamp and join our club. Who actually does the certification and who do they report to? What do they do with the money? Just curious..

    • MrBarrington

      Yes, that’s part of it… but the fee is large and the Muslim association of whatever uses the money for who knows what…

      The processor needs to employ a certified halal slaughter-man to use the knife and the plant needs to be specially set up – partly to face Mecca and partly to ensure the safety of the workers…

      Once the knife goes through the throat the animal kicks and writhes around… and for large bulls that can be very dangerous if you are in the way…

      The fun thing is that all this does is add cost to the processor as Muslim countries typically pay less for meat than our traditional markets. Fun huh?

      • Sunshine

        The certified halal slaughter man has to be muslim and he says the muslim ritualistic prayer too.

    • pak

      Halal certification is a religious tax to comply with Sharia law allegedly to make the food “permitted” but is in fact now widespread to cover many food items that are inherently halal anyway. It is a modern invention by some Muslims who want to make money off food companies and gullible customers. For example Cabury’s sell halal certified Easter eggs and Purina sell halal cat food. The Koran has a list of permitted and non-permitted food and states that a person can just recite “Bismallah” over it to make it “halal”. Certification is a rort. This is a US$2 trillion industry worldwide and growing. CBN reported last year that $15 m of funds from halal certification funnelled through the Muslim Brotherhood to Hamas last year from Canada alone. The Muslim Brotherhood has a stated aim of “sabotaging within” and one of their tactics is via halal certification. We are paying an Islamic religious fee on dozens of everyday items. We need to wake up folks. “Apathy is the glove into which evil slips its hand.”

      • Sunshine

        I have been emailing lots of food companies and many have come back with foods that have halal certification. Some companies carry the certification seal meaning this company pays the Approved Islamic organisation in NZ or Australia, Malaysia etc for displaying the seal. I would like to know officially, what the money is then used for? I have suspicions it is used to support the furthering of instilling Sharia law into Western countries.
        However not all companies that pay for halal certification, display a halal seal on the food packaging.
        So, since I choose not to support Islam in any way, I am compiling a list of foods and goods that are halal certified so that I can avoid contributing to this ideaology. I have been quite surprised by some of the companies who have chosen to pay for this rort.

        • pak

          That is a huge undertaking Sunshine, but good on you. The lady who appears in the video above, Kirralie Smith, has a long list of products in Australia that are halal certified on her website halalchoices.com.au. She is very sensible in her approach and worth listening to. She has one Islamic leader on video who says that if you want halal-free food in Australia then “restrict your diet to wine and pork”! The Boycott Halal Facebook sites for NZ and Aussie identify lots of halal/non halal products. One problem is as you say not all companies who pay for certification identify themselves. Why the secrecy I wonder? There is no doubt the halal certification rort is one of the tactics being used to further the instilling of Sharia law into Western countries. Sadly, complacency is rife and few seem to really understand the implications of halal in our lives, and too many mistakenly think it is just about meat processing.

      • sandalwood789

        Yep, you’re spot-on there pak.

        It’s a full-on rort.

  • James Gray

    I don’t have an issue with halal meat, if it’s what the market wants. Doesn’t make the slightest bit of difference as far as I can tell. Many products I buy have features that are intended for somebody else, I can still live with them.

    If it needs subsidies, on the other hand…

  • bristol

    Parliament could so easily put an end to this pandering by declaring Halal slaughter illegal. It’s an inhumane practice, and should be covered by the New Zealand Animal Welfare Act 1999.
    Section 12 – Animal Welfare Offences
    (c) kills the animal in such a manner that the animal suffers unreasonable or unnecessary pain or distress
    Why isn’t the law being enforced?

    • MrBarrington

      That’s why they are stunned… So they don’t ‘feel’ it…. I’ve seen halal slaughter up close and I didn’t like it – nothing about a meat works bothers me… but that did.

    • LabTested

      Poland had exactly such a law, but courts overturned it last month. The problem was that animals can not be stunned in a Kosher butchery. So the animal cruelty law was actually seen as an anti Jewish law.

      • bristol

        Halal, Kosher, whatever – religious ritual slaughter – ban the lot. Stunning is a cop out – it’s the thin end of the wedge.
        “given the choice 90% of Muslims prefer non-stun method of slaughter when it comes to consuming halal meat.”

        • Albert Lane

          I have read somewhere that Muslims are allowed to eat kosher meat.

          • sandalwood789

            Not only that but Muslims are allowed to eat non-halal food (except pork products) if that is all that is available.

            This makes sense if you think about it. When the first Muslims got to a new country with strange animals, plants etc, how would they know what was halal and what wasn’t?
            They’d just have to take what they could find.

            Anyway – this means that employers, schools etc have *no need* to supply halal food. Muslims *can* eat what is available.

    • Dave

      They do not suffer under halal practices, the animal can be stunned prior to slaughter, and if not, the slaughter is fast and clean. Remember there are MAF officials on the slaughter chains, and a vet overseeing animal welfare.

  • cows4me

    I’m currently training the cows to face mecca five times a day, you can’t be prepared enough.

    • pisces8284 .

      Kneel down Daisy..

    • Rodger T

      You don`t have one those rotating milk sheds ,C4M surely that would solve the Halal milk issue?

    • Don W

      Some of the meat works that kill Halal have to have the sheep facing Mecca when they slaughter them and that has been going on for about 3 decades.

    • Dave

      Suggest you call fonterra C4M, get the lazy marketing boffins off their backsides and tell them you now have the girls producing Halal milk, and its worth another $5 a kg. tell them they:

      Are all trained to face mecca and pray prior to eating.
      They face mecca to eat grass
      They only poo away from Mecca
      They are milked after they say prayers
      They are milked when facing Mecca.

      You should get away with it, can’t see anyone from sales or marketing at Fonterrs thinking how do you get cows on a rotary shed facing Mecca?

      PS: Fonterra’s new Brand…… MECCA Milk :)

      • cows4me

        I wouldn’t suggest that to Fonterra Dave, given the constant list of demands something like this would make their year.

  • yoyoyo

    Guess ISIS beheadings must all be halal as well.

    NZ we can and must stop the madness

    • Nic C

      I shouldn’t laugh, but that was funny Yoyo.

  • conwaycaptain

    In 1972 I was serving in a Brocklebank ship, with Indian Crew. We arrived in the US and we stored ship and the Purser told me that the meat had to be Halal. I asked where the hell did they get this in the US, we were on the East Coast.
    he told me that someone in the embassy just issued a certificate and got paid for it, it was a rort.

  • oldmanNZ

    What would happen if the market wants non-halah meat? As most people want the animal to be killed humanely?
    Would the producers buckel and cater?

    At least my bacon is non halah

    • sandalwood789

      Hi omNZ –

      Yes, there has been quite a backlash in Aussie against a number of halal products which has led to a number of companies either dropping halal or those companies that *aren’t* halal highlighting that fact.

      So, yes – if there is a big-enough backlash the producers do respond.

  • conwaycaptain

    If you are EXPORTING to Muslim countries and they require food to be Halal then so be it. That is part of the import requirements.
    However why 2% of the population should require that all products be labelled Halal and then charge the supplier for ‘certification’ is no more that a rort

  • Effluent

    Many of the contributors to this site are obviously perfectly happy with hunting and fishing in various forms ( myself included) all of which result in the death of an animal for human consumption, or in some cases, sport. We do not in general consider this unacceptable.
    Is home killing any more humane than halal? Many european cultures still have widespread smallholding farms, where animals meet their ends in a variety of equally unpleasant ways.
    The reality is, if you are not a vegetarian, you cannot be too scrupulous about how your meat got on to your plate.

    • Sunshine

      Having meat slaughtered according to sharia law (halal) is a ritual practice. Did you know that most of NZ’s abbatoirs abide by a 21 page document instigated and overseen by Islamic organisations in NZ and advised by overseas Islamic hierarchies. It’s not really the slaughter, which used to be carried out slightly more humanely before halal slaughter was widespread, but it is the Islamic doctrine that we operate under that is the problem.

      • Tippex

        And as a meat industry insider with some 40 years experience, NZ Halal certification has been in place since 1978.

        • Sunshine

          Yes there has been halal slaughter since the 1970s, but historically it was a small percentage of the meat industry and not government regulated. FIANZ (Federation of Islamic Association of New Zealand ) pushed for greater halal regulation of the total meat industry. In 2010 the new Government regulations governing how our meat is slaughtered according to sharia law came into effect. Originally a voluntary practice for the small export markets and to supply a small domestic market for halal meat, it has become so widespread that almost every abattoir slaughters under the new regulations. Yes it is still “voluntary” but the pressure from the Islamic countries to allow NZ to export any meat to overseas markets is so great that we have capitulated and allowed Islam to dictate how we operate. The only thing NZ still insists on retaining is that we stun the animals first. This is because of the strong animal welfare code we have. However there is already push from the Islamic associations to have the stunning of animals prior to slaughter removed.

    • Reaper

      I think home killing is far more humane – no ride on the truck to the slaughterhouse and lining up in that terrible smell. I think that must be quite terrifying for the animals.

      The guy who does mine even makes a point of not approaching my animals in his own truck, so as not to stress them (if a vehicle is required to get to them he prefers to go in the farmer’s own which is familiar to them). They get a bullet between the eyes whilst happily munching on their their favourite treat in familiar surroundings and never know a thing.

      The absence of stress makes for far better meat too.

  • LesleyNZ

    You mean to say that I am eating halal meat? I didn’t know that. How many Muslims buy supermarket meat in any case? Like the Jewish community they have their own butchers. Those of the Jewish faith have always had their own butchers to kill animals for meat in the Kosher way. Here is an interesting link showing the similarities and differences of the Kosher and Halal methods of killing animals for food. “Both are dietary laws of Abrahamic religions and Semitic cultures” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_Islamic_and_Jewish_dietary_laws However as a Christian I know that Jesus Christ has set me free from the Messianic Jewish laws of the Old Testament. I am able to eat anything I like. It is this bit in the blog post that got to me: “Think about this: Every Christian in New Zealand that consumes abattoir processed meat is eating meat that was killed a specific Islamic way with thanks given to Allah.” It is not the actual eating of the halal meat as I am free to eat it – it is the giving thanks to Allah that is wrong and against what I believe. Christians can eat anything. It not what you eat it is how you eat and a Christian should not deliberately offend those who believe they are not free to anything: 1 Corinthians 10:25-27(NIV) – 25 Eat anything sold in the meat market without raising questions of conscience,26 for, “The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it.” 27 If an unbeliever invites you to a meal and you want to go, eat whatever is put before you without raising questions of conscience.”
    Question: “What does the Bible say about what foods we should eat (kosher)? Are there foods a Christian should avoid?” http://www.gotquestions.org/foods.html#ixzz3PskfntCu

    • Sunshine

      Yes Lesley, unless you have your own homekill by a non Muslim butcher or you hunt and kill your own, you are eating halal meat slaughtered according to sharia law.

  • I.M Bach

    Eat more pork products. Some consumer resistance wouldn’t go amiss with the red meat thing and it’s probably better for your diet anyway. I doubt that any fish is halal. I have recently latched onto a guy who does home-kill lamb; I’d better check out his religious (or should I say ‘ideological’?) orientation.

    • thehawkreturns

      Agree. Go pork and stuff the halal beef right up the two supermarkets who seem very happy to be religious Quislings.

  • Rob

    It’s not that we are more tolerant. It’s that we have no choice if we want to eat red meat. Islam is being forced down our throats.

    Pak’n’save, Countdown both use halal meat. even the yoghurt has halal gelatine.

  • Matt Pearce

    Weird how the division of church and state seems to only apply to christianity

    • LesleyNZ

      That is thought provoking!

  • Kiwibabe


  • MaryLou

    That’s disgusting. We have an overabundance of animal welfare groups (and yes, I probably support most of them – can’t help it) – where are they all? Where’s the ruckus?

  • Dave

    Animals are still killed humanely using Halal practices. They are stunned with the stun gun, then killed in the halal fashion. The meat should NOT be tough, as its bleed out and they use muscle relaxants. The issue of the meat being tough is largely due to handling and trucking making the animals stressed prior to the kill. Home killed meat is often far better, as the animal is herded in paddocks they are used to, and into a shed they are used to, then a stun gun or just a knife, its all over prior to them being stressed. A Farmer friend kills all his mutton in one bay of his shearing shed, most of his sheep have been through there 4 to 6 times pre slaughter so he says they are stress free, and its amazing meat!.

  • Keanne Lawrence

    It is not only the killing method but the location where they are killed. As construction started at a new beef slaughterhouse and processing plant the portals had been set out later to be shifted a few degrees so it pointed to mecca. Sure it was to be prominently export product by the pandering has been going on for a long time. At the time the halal butchers had to be recruited offshore and we can only hope that the are moderates.