Hamas cleric Sheik Abu Funun: Hitler Killed The Jews Because They’re A Corrupt People

The so-called Palestinian government, which is made up of Hamas and Fatah representatives thinks they can get progress in the International Criminal Court against Israel.

They want to start prosecuting politicians and generals for war crimes.

Good luck even attempting that, especially when their own clerics blame the Holocaust on the Jews themselves because they were uppity, corrupt and disrespectful.

MEMRI has released this video of his hate speech:

During a December 28, 2014 Hamas TV show, Palestinian imam Sheik Iyad Abu Funun said: “If the Jews had been a respectable, well-bred people,… [Hitler] would not have done those things to them. … Corruption is deeply rooted in that nation.” Abu Funun, who in the past was sentenced to 29 years in an Israeli prison, was released in the 2011 Shalit prisoner swap. He was later rearrested after resuming his militant activity and expelled from Bethlehem to Gaza for ten years. Abu Funun delivers sermons in a Gaza mosque and recently began to moderate a show on the Hamas-owned Al-Aqsa TV channel, where he made the current statements.

Truth Revolt also reports:

Sheik Iyad Abu Funun appeared on Hamas TV justifying Hitler’s genocide of Jews: “If the Jews had been a respectable, well-bred people,… [Hitler] would not have done those things to them. … Corruption is deeply rooted in that nation.”

As reported by MEMRI, “Abu Funun delivers sermons in a Gaza mosque and recently began to moderate a show on the Hamas-owned Al-Aqsa TV channel where he made the following anti-Semitic claims:

The Europeans realized that if the Jews were to remain in Europe, it would lead to utter corruption, and so they wanted to get rid of them. The Jews are, by nature, a corrupt people, who sow corruption everywhere. Whichever land they came upon, they did their worst.

A logical question arises: Why did Hitler annihilate a number of Jews? The figure is still in dispute. Why did he do this? This is a major question. If the Jews had been a respectable, well-bred people, who treated others with respect, he would not have done those things to them.

Even in the days of the Prophet Muhammad – why did the Prophet Muhammad banish them? Because they initiated the aggression. The Jews of the Banu Qaynuqa tribe violated the honor of a Muslim woman, and killed a Muslim man. The Jews of the Banu Qurayza tribe committed acts of treachery. The Jews of the Banu Nazir tribe tried to assassinate the Prophet Muhammad. So we see that corruption is deeply rooted in that nation. That is why Europe wanted to get rid of them.

Europe and the Zionists could not take this land as long as the state of Islam existed. One of the most significant things I recall is that the Europeans offered the Zionists several places in the world – in Central Africa, Uganda, Niger, Brazil, Argentina, and elsewhere. They gave them a choice, and the Zionists said: “We want the Promised Land, Palestine.”

Therefore, when the Austrian journalist Herzl, the founder of the Zionist movement, went to see Sultan Abdul Hamid, whom we are discussing today, he went in the capacity of a journalist. Imagine – when he conducted the interview with Sultan Abdul Hamid, He said to him: “How about you giving us Palestine, and we will pay all the debts of the Islamic State?” So this was no simple conspiracy. It was a conspiracy hatched by superpowers, and by the international community, as it is now known, against the Islamic state.

It is impossible to deal with people with such implacable hatred.

There will never be peace in the Middle East while terrorist imams like this guys stride the earth.

Religion of Peace? Nope.


– Truth Revolt, MEMRI


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  • cows4me

    “Religion of peace”, it’s no religion and it has nothing to do with peace. It’s a world wide force of evil and it’s only a matter of time before war is declared. The world simply can’t keep turning it’s back on this evil hoping it will all go away.

    • Correct. There is no way Islam can be deemed a religion when it’s basic tenets are to destroy non-believers. It is closer in nature to an international caste system in which ‘praying’ and the trappings of the mosque are little more than indoctrination.
      While I am sure there are many ‘nice’ Muslims, I am equally sure that scratch the surface not very deeply and the evil of their belief system will eke out. Possibly the only hope for this conclave of evil will be when Muslim women finally sieze their rights and stop allowng the brutalisation of their sex. Reform and change can only come from within and we can only hope that the women rise and make a stand.

      • willtin

        Quoting” Possibly the only hope for this conclave of evil will be when Muslim women finally sieze their rights and stop allowng the brutalisation of their sex. Reform and change can only come from within and we can only hope that the women rise and make a stand.”
        Someone responded to a comment from me the other day on WO about the power of a Mother in the radicals’ lives. They thought Mum might have more power than I would give any credit to.
        I suspect, we the people, underestimate the gross indignities that the so called ‘warriors of Islam’ provide any woman.
        To sit and hope the women of Islam will take up the reins and level control their sons and husbands, is a false hope.

      • Albert Lane

        When I lived in Singapore, I had a number of lovely hard-working Muslim workers on my staff. I made a fuss of them in public when they embarked on their pilgrimage to Mecca, which they would aim for once in their lifetime, and I found them to be lovely hospitable people, who even invited me (a non-Muslim) to their family weddings. That’s the other side of Islam. The pilgrimage is called the Haj. And when they return, they are no longer Mr…. – their title is Haji (pilgrim). And they are so proud when you use that title to them. Never heard a word of hatred. They’re different people to those in the Middle East. Same religion, different people.

        • willtin

          When I lived in Singapore, there were no Muslims.
          Edit: None visible, that is.

          • Albert Lane

            When I was last in Singapore in early October, the Straits Times had a full-page story about the need to re-program young Muslims who might be tempted to join ISIL. So it’s obvious that things have changed somewhat.

  • willtin

    History. You’ve gotta love it. Repeating itself, again and again.
    My new analogy for the day = History is like a can of baked beans.

  • Isherman

    Why invoke Hitler and the Holocaust, if you have the strength of your convictions why not justify your old outfit, Islamic Jihad’s, long list of attacks, suicide bombings and murders of civilians, which ones were you involved in?, the evidence given at your first trial was given in secret,(not usual) what do you have to say on that. Anyway, next time they come for the likes of you, I don’t think they will bother bringing handcuffs somehow.

  • willtin

    I feel quite verbose tonight, hence this comment.
    It wouldn’t surprise me if WO is monitored by radical muslims, with revenge in mind for any adverse comment. They might even have the ability to detect any personal details, in which case I say, Get a Life; You don’t know what you’re missing.

    • Albert Lane

      If you never hear from me again, you’ll know what happened………

    • intelligentes candida diva

      That has crossed my mind before.

  • Albert Lane

    I understand that during WW2, the Nazis and the Arabs made a pact of friendship. The Arabs probably haven’t realised that Hitler lost the war, and they seem happy to continue their hateful diatribes. I’ve got to give them one thing though, and that’s that they have an incredibly good propaganda machine that expertly publishes lies to look like the truth, and they probably have a laugh that their Al Jazeera network which is available pretty much through the whole western world, gives good accurate current affairs information, punctuated with regular programmes and interviews espousing hatred and lies. And the Russians in their TV network RT mainly concentrate on propaganda against the Americans, and they never tell you about the problems in their own country. Why we allow these two channels is totally beyond me. I bet that they wouldn’t allow us to do that in their countries. Not a hope.

  • kiwihornplayer

    It take it then that Islam could be considered corrupt by the same reasoning – they have killed, violated, and raped Christian men and women.

  • kloyd0306

    The left are mostly anti-Israel/anti Jew which puts them on the same ideological side as Hitler and the Nazis.

    How do lefties feel about that?

    Due to their inability to reason, they are probably unaware of their own flawed belief system.

    • intelligentes candida diva

      Thats a sweeping statement and I disagree. There maybe be mute gullible and ignorant left politicians when dealing with this topic but I know people from the general public who are left politically but are not anti Israel or anti Jew.

      • I_See_Crazy_People

        Does that include John Minto?

        • intelligentes candida diva

          What are you asking exactly?,
          Is JM a mute gullible ignorant politician? or
          Do I know JM as a member of general public?
          My response is I would not want to know JM I barely can stomach what I read about him

      • Andrew Gibson

        No one would ever admit to being anti-Jew or anti-USA for that matter. But most lefties certainly blame US policies for most of the worlds problems.