HARD PROOF: NZ Herald’s Muslim pandering editorial stance is only a recent thing



Going on today’s NZ Herald Editorial (Editorial: Provocations Charlie Hebdo’s way, not for all) I think you  must have hit the NZ Herald editorial team’s raw nerve when you posted Thursday’s NZ Hypocrite post.  Today’s Editorial  justifying NZ Herald’s stance on Charlie Hebdo  proves how deeply hypocritical the NZ Herald really is and how ignorant they are about things Christian.

It is this hypocritical bit that really stood out. “A creator of the provocative St Matthew in the City billboards in Auckland, which we showed in the past because they offended some from other Christian churches, asked whether we showed more sensitivity to the feelings of Muslims than Christians. The answer is no. The billboards were of Christians challenging Christians over elements of belief. The evidence is that they were not designed to denigrate or mock others and that Christians, in the majority here, were less threatened by visual or verbal ridicule.”

The NZ Herald has consistently shown total sensitivity towards Muslims and just about zero to Christians. Any chance to have a dig at or mock Christianity is taken – Christians are fair game. The thing is Mr Currie – the St Matthews in the City billboards were not about Christians challenging Christians at all. I don’t know what motivated the Reverend at St Matthews in the City to promote the billboards – it certainly wasn’t Christian. I do know that “born again” Bible believing Christians, who attend churches where the Bible is considered to be the infallible word of God, would never allow such billboards to grace the grounds of their churches.

The St Matthews in the City billboards are deliberately designed to mock the same God that the forefathers of St Matthews in the City believed in.

Cheers Lesley.

It walks like a duck, talks like a duck and quacks like a duck, and we all know it’s a duck, no matter how much the NZ Herald and their MSM brethren try to tell us it’s a teapot.   Explaining is losing, and the NZ Herald are up to their armpits in pig intestines there.  People can see it too.

Of course, it’s the Whaleoil Way to simply look up what the NZ Herald has done.  Unfortunately, archives online don’t go back to 1991 when Tania Kovats’ Virgin in a Condom statue will almost certainly have featured as an image.  (Don’t make me look it up Shayne, why not front foot it yourself?)

What I did find online is this:  Muhammad as a suicide bomber as an image, published by the NZ Herald.   Oh do so love the smell of Hypocrisy in the morning any time of day.


Now, the NZ Herald will want to dance on the head of a pin here, saying it wasn’t a very large photo, and you can’t quite make it out.   But, you know, we’re done here.

poster large

poster small

“Religion is garbage.  Tick Tock Muhammad”.

Ball is in your court Shayne.  But it’s probably better just to cower behind your desk now and hope it all goes away.  Because that certainly wasn’t Muslims challenging Muslims within Islam, and it is an image of Muhammed, which in itself is a big no-no according to your editorial stance.

My point still stands:  the NZ Herald and the MSM’s current editorial stance on reporting on Islam is born from fear.  And that comes from terrorists intimidating journalists and news organisations into silence.

Cowards.  Take your “lone wolf gunmen that have nothing to do with Islam” and take a hike.





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  • sandalwood789

    Good on you Cam!

  • steve and monique

    The word gutless would seem most fitting for the Herald, and MSM. For the sake of all of us, report this for what it is. An attempt to end western democracy, and freedom, and install a religion based on a stone age set of beliefs, and values. They are murderers plain and simple, and will take over, and destroy everything we value now.

  • Curly1952

    Great exposure of hypocrisy. The old story – when you have one finger pointing you have three pointing back at yourself.

    • steve and monique

      Well the ISIS boys have the big middle finger pointing upwards for the whole western World

  • I noted in disbelief, this phrase in their self- effacing editorial when referring to the unfathomable slaughter in Paris.
    “… by terrorists warping the teachings of Islam”
    Warping? How can the Herald’s editorial staff twist the clear and concise instructions in the user manual for the ‘Religion of Peace” to be other than clear and concise instructions?
    This is the ‘anything but making Islam accountable’ syndrome at work. The Herald’s specialist skill of late!

    • sandalwood789

      “… “… by terrorists warping the teachings of Islam”.

      Dear NZ Herald –
      No, they were not “warping the teaching of Islam.”
      The terrorists were following the teachings of Mohammad to the very letter.
      Please, NZ Herald, do your research on Islam before going to print.
      Printing rehashed “PC” nonsense like that just makes you look like fools.

  • caochladh

    Here’s the thing. We all have an image of the murdering mongrel swine in our heads, but that is changing. This is an image of a 12 year old Muslim boy who has been through the training camps and is blooded and ready to murder for Allah. This image was captured just after he murdered two people with a 9mm weapon. Now, imagine if you will this murderer and his trained compatriots in a few years time travelling on false documents to be among us. Would we recognise them for what they really are??

    • sandalwood789

      I would *never* have guessed that he was Muslim.

      • caochladh

        Exactly. There was no emotion when he was putting rounds into the trussed up prisoners heads either. With all the interbreeding going on in the name of Allah, this is the face of the future

  • Aucky

    This stance goes beyond cowardice and pressure could I believe being put on Currie from above. Who owns NZME and APN – who are the directors and major shareholders? This crowd owns NZ’s largest newspaper and radio network and we need to be aware of those facts.

    • Carl

      I agree Aucky, I think it is a decision that has come from above Currie but if he would just come out and say this it would clear it up quite quick and give them an easy out but he has not.

    • Goldie

      I don’t think so. NZ Herald is owned by APN, an Australian media group who are desperately trying to cut the loss making (print media) parts, and selling off land to make $. Their corporate governance is crap. They don’t give a toss about the NZ operation (which they are trying to flog off – APN are making money on the NZ radio operations, but the NZ print operations are losing them a lot of money).

      So the NZ Herald’s decision to not publish anything that may offend Muslims is entirely the decision of the local editor.

  • Appropo and relevant (from another thread in WO today)

    “Freedom of speech is important to protect…and this is why the gutlessness of the media in the face of Islamic threats is so tragic. the very bastions of free speech, who enjoy certain legal and other privileges are leaving us unprotected through their cowardice.”

    – The Spectator

    • dgrogan

      That’s the nub of it right there. You can’t have free speech, with qualifications. It’s free, or it’s censored. It can’t be both.

    • Disinfectant

      The Spectator is not cowering to anyone in order to defend free speech.
      Their columnist Rod Liddle had this to say at the Spectators prestigious Arse of the year awards ceremony “…. The utter arse of the year life-time Achievement award, presented to him in person by the Isis head-chopping video star Jahadi John. John expressed his deep gratitude for the opportunities afforded to Isis as a consequence of Mr Blairs brilliant foreign policies and added that he hoped both Tony and Cherie would continue to line their pockets with vast amounts of dosh from third world dictators”.
      I feel safer now that we have many publications prepared to stand up to the threats of free speech.

  • geoff

    How come the Herald published a photo of ‘Virgin in a condom’ if they are so concerned about religious provocation?

    • dgrogan

      Because, as the Herald has said, trying to defend itself, Christians wouldn’t be quite as offended as Muslims.

      In other words, Christians won’t threaten to kill people at the Herald, whereas with the Muslim thugs…well we saw what happened to Charlie Ebdo’s people.

      So, what the Herald is actually saying is that they are more scared of Muslims than they are of Christians.

      OK. I get that. But you have to have the balls to stand up to them, Currie, or eventually we’ll lose.

      • Aucky

        Their stance is very much akin to the appeasers in the British press prior to WW2. I’m not too sure how comfortable Kiwis will be with that.

  • Watcher

    Good on you Cam, their weasel words cannot disguise the fact they are afraid, and still hiding under the bed.
    I have been Herald free for 3 days now,and I will forever remain so.

  • raumatirover

    Saudi Arabia,the heartland of Islam, has beheaded a woman accused of murdering her step-daughter, and is in the process of lashing a Saudi blogger for “insulting Islam”. This is condoned by the Kingdom/legal system of the country. This is all the evidence one needs to prove that Islam is not “a religion of peace”.

    “Left” bloggers claim the terrorist acts are committed by disaffected youth not really interested in religion (and blaming the West/Israel as the cause of the problem). If this is the case, why aren’t disaffected youth in the Rio favelas, or disaffected youth in Mumbai slums, or disaffected youth in South Auckland, killing journalists, etc, in the name of their god?

  • thesilentmajority

    This is an interesting article on the beginnings of the “islamophobia” taunts. Of course now it is far more dangerous than just taunts, as we all know.


    • Intrigued

      That article is very interesting. Thank you Thesilentmajority for posting it. The writer is a brave and courageous Muslim woman.
      It was interesting to note Dotcoms little ‘henchman’ Greenwald got a mention as playing a part in supporting the campaign to silence debate on Islam labelling those who do debate it as Islamaphobes.
      He’s pimping himself out for all sorts of causes it seems.

  • Nic C

    Shayne Currie personifies everything that’s wrong, compromised and broken, at the editorial management level, in nearly every news media organisation in this country right now.

    He’s clearly made a ‘policy’ decision for the NZH that completely ignores a fundamental tenant of spot news journalism, that any editor worth their salt asks themselves before anything else: ‘Is it newsworthy?’. He’s obvious chosen to ignore this question in favour of personal views and bias. In doing so, he should tender his resignation to his board.

    Then he uses his publication’s column space, to explain and defend ”his’ position and the decision ‘he’ has made on the part of the NZH. No credible news organization should have to explain why they’ve chosen to effectively ‘withhold’ major details and critical elements of what’s arguably one of the biggest news stories of the last 6-12 months, internationally.

    What a pathetic and sniveling little lightweight.

    Also, in a very roundabout kind of way (if you’ll follow my somewhat tenuous logic), he’s almost effectively ‘legitimizing’ the clearly assumed and expected retaliatory response of ‘jihad’ (blatant murder) by any screwed up and completely unspooled Muslim fanatic, who chooses to be offended and believes has the divine right to murderously act accordingly, as per the Allah’s Word through the Qur’an.

    • Rachael Membery

      I think you mean tenet not tenant.

      • Nic C

        Oh dear, you’re quite right! Fingers faster than brain it would appear. ;)

  • Andy

    If the islamists goal is to intimidate journalists into not publishing anything controversial about Mohammed then nobody at the Herald has got anything to fear.

  • Deckboy

    As soon as I read the editorial (on line) it gave me pleasure to have it confirmed that they follow Whaleoil.

  • Andrew Gibson

    Amusing that MSM/Herald are cowering even without any intimidation or threats….perhaps terrorists are unaware of the NZ Herald?

  • Mikael Baker

    Keep mocking them, tough guys.

    They are the New Kids on the Block.

    You should be able to bully them easily, right?

    You should be able to mock and denigrate their religion. They won’t do a thing. They are cowards like those of the Religion of the Cross are, who will never defend their false god. They are just like the Cross Wearers. Cowards who wont stand up.



    You better be sure.