HarperCollins withdraws their bullshit atlas that deliberately omitted Israel


Obviously they got pounded mercilessly via social media and they have now decided that pissing off their customers, most of whom aren’t Israel hating rag-heads, wasn’t a good idea.

Stupid, stupid people. I wonder who the genius was in HarperCollins who decided this atlas was the way to go, imagine the editorial meetings, design meetings…sales meetings.

Was this a marketing division brain fart? If it was then they just cost a lot of people their jobs. 

What gets me though is that HarperCollins hasn’t outed the people who made the demand that the atlas be printed in that way.

You see I simply can’t believe that they came up with decision all by themselves.

A customer (country) must have made demands on HarperCollins for them to even contemplate going through the complicated and annoying process of re-designing maps just for that customer group.

So who were they?

Let’s be finding out. My pick is the UAE Department of Education making demands for Israel to be wiped off the map.

Whoever agreed tot he decision has likely cost HarperCollins millions, not just in future atlas sales but in all the other things that HarperCollins produces as people choose whether to buy products from Anti-semitic companies who bow and scrape to the mad mullahs or companies that respect democracies and the right of Israel to exist.




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  • GoingRight

    I wonder if this was pulled AFTER a sizeable number of atlases had been delivered to every school in the Middle East, thus a generation of young people can be further brainwashed.

  • cows4me

    What a bunch of lefty drongos, how can they as a serious reference book publisher come back for this idiocy? Another example of reality hitting full flushing idiots in the face.

  • Curious

    It is a bit like halal certification of chocolate etc, there is no need and I am sure some kid in marketing thought it would be a great way to bring in new customers. As the likes of Cadbury (and now Whitakers, sadly) are finding out the new merket is not as large as they thought and many of their customers now have the word former in front of them.

    • Aucky

      Halal certification doesn’t worry me at all. If it helps Whitakers grow new markets in Indonesia, Malaysia & Brunei then all power to them. Neither would it worry me if kosher certification was placed on export foods to Israel. We are a trading nation for God’s sake.

      • ex-JAFA

        I don’t have a problem with packaging saying that the contents “may contain traces of nuts” or “contains 10000% of your RDI of cyanide” for those whose health depends on it, but halal and kosher certification to show compliance with nonsense skyfairy rules makes as much sense as when beavers were reclassified as fish to comply with Catholic rules about meat consumption on Friday.

        • Phoenician

          Aah, so that’s it. For some reason, beaver has always reminded me of fish.

          • Bobb

            Love it! ;)

  • conwaycaptain

    No one would have found out until the book was released in Middle Eastern countries. There would have been pre ordering from education authorities and the like and they would have got them on publishing date and distributed them to hither and yon.

  • Don W

    Why the constant pandering to the culture of death. I just don’t get it.

    • BlitzkriegNZ

      I get it, if you don’t pander to them, you could actually die. That is once they have had enough of raping their child bride cousins and get around to organising a riot.

  • GerardB

    Harper Collins have found out that there is no glory in being a useful idiot for extreme Islamic geography. They are still off my bucket list.

  • Sailor Sam

    Well done Whaleoil, you forced their hand.
    Notice nobody in mainstream media in NZ ran this story.

    • Jafarma

      Stuff finally got around to it this morning at 6.06am, 20 hrs after WO. MSN should consider renaming themselves Old SN.

  • I will make a point of not buying Harper-Collins products from now.

    When you have factual products like an atlas, or a dictionary, redacting the truth should never be possible.

    It basically means you produce fact based fiction to fit someone’s narrative.

    • ex-JAFA

      Now that they’ve dipped their toe in the water, maybe Harper-Collins should buy out NZME, Fairfax and Mediaworks.

      • Phoenician

        What, speaking of “fact” (new definition of the word as invented by MSM). Again, fantasy and not well written. Grammar and spelling also down the gurgler.

    • Phoenician

      I’m with you, Pete. Harper-Collins have made a statement to the world that they don’t deal in fact, only fantasy. I’ve several fantasy atlases, all much better (and more imaginative) than theirs. Hope a lot of others see this too; for factual atlases look elsewhere.

  • Isherman

    UAE may well have had a hand in it, but any of the Arab League members bar Egypt, Jordan, and (ironically) the “State of Palestine”(PA via Oslo 1993) who recognise Israel, would have supported the omission quite happily.

  • timemagazine


  • Wheninrome

    All power to the majority of normal people.

  • Gus the Normal

    My money would be on KSA. I guarantee that a number of the new atlases will be modified to omit Israel before they hit the schools etc. in the ME. Reminds me a little of how some of the Chinese customs officers don’t like books (i.e. Lonely Planet) which have Taiwan labelled.

  • Andy Brown

    Looking at the ‘new map’ you can really see what a buffer Israel makes and is a nuisance in the plans of a caliphate.