Where was the headline “Cops catch fleeing drug dealer by knocking him off his motorcycle”?

Fairfax has caught the cop bashing disease from the NZ Herald.

Their headline reads “Police admit knocking motorcyclist off bike”.

You’d think this was some random innocent motorcyclist that the Police had run down…but read the article and you find out this was some drug dealing scumbag who fled from the police on a motorcycle.

Police have admitted knocking a motorcyclist off his bike following a high speed chase in Hawera.

A 43-year-old New Plymouth man will appear in court tomorrow on a number of driving and drug charges in relation to the chase on Friday night.

An eyewitness said he saw a police car knock the man off the bike at low speed as it reached the corner of Collins St and South Rd about 11.30pm.

Hawera Senior Sergeant Kyle Davie alleged the motorcyclist tried to evade police twice.  

“A motorbike was seen by a police unit in Eltham on State Highway 3 speeding and when police indicated for the vehicle to stop, the driver failed,” he said.

“Sometime after in Normanby, again a police unit attempted to stop the driver, who again failed to stop.

“While in pursuit by a police unit, the motorbike driver made a late decision to turn into a side street.”

Davie said the motorcycle came to a complete stop after coming around the corner of Collins St, and a police car knocked the motorcyclist off his bike at low speed.

The driver was arrested and found to have drugs in his possession.

He will appear in the Hawera District Court at 10am tomorrow.

Good on the cops…giving the bike a tap as it slowed and delivering the criminal into custody.

Well done boys…this is what you are supposed to be doing.


– Fairfax


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  • Simon Brown

    Where would we be if the Police adopted the NZ Navy tactic of stand back and observe?
    Good on them, they deserve all our support while they’re still allowed to actually take action.

    • TSD

      Probably quite lucky the Navy was not permitted to fire on the ships… Shooting at vessels in international waters for stealing fish is a bit far. Particularly as they weren’t flagged to Equatorial Guinea as first thought and most of crew that would be put at risk by such action are likely to be indentured and innocent of the larger crime involved.

      • Simon Brown

        These 3 ships have been doing this for 11 years – or at least there is 11 years of documented evidence against them. They are on blacklists, unable to dock at certain ports etc etc. I fail to see how taking some more photos is going to stop them, or deter others.
        Never mind all that, I never said that they should fire on them and cause loss of life, but the navy should have had the wherewithal to stay there until there was an opportunity to board the ships safely and forcibly escort them to a port.
        If they’re not going to do something, then just send a drone.

  • Nic C

    ‘Drug Dealer Caught’ or ‘Well Done NZ Police’ were the headlines I think you were looking for Shayne!

  • HR

    I think we have all gone a bit soft. If the crims knew that if they ran from police all sorts of bad stuff was going to happen if/when they were caught there would be a lot less people doing runners. Or they would run a lot harder, but at least they would have to think a lot more about risk/reward

  • Rodger T

    The lamestream media have been brainwashed by the polytechs that hand out “journalism” *snigger* diplomas ,that crims are a protected species.

  • LesleyNZ

    I heard the headline about this on NewstalkZB and not the story and I wondered if the motorcyclist was an innocent victim or an offender. So he is an offender. I would not have known by the headline.

  • TSD

    Once again, the media’s use of terms such as “admit” in place of “state” am insidious method of changing the emotive response to the story while being able to say they didn’t actually lie…

    Go the Cops

  • steve and monique

    Dont see a problem, apart from shonkey reporting from the herald

    • Carl

      It was not the Herald this time but Fairfax.

      • steve and monique

        Cheers mate, have changed post.

  • Hard1

    Both Stuff and the Herald specialise in getting up the nose of the powers that be.
    Is it revenge or sadism?. Or is something greater at work?. Perhaps they are both doing their best to manufacture and nurture a rich vein of discontent by only telling half the story, and slanting that half by glorifying the criminal and/or bludging class and hammering anyone on the side of the government.

  • G-Man

    …..did the same thing 20 years ago chasing a Head Hunter gang member on a Harley out West Auckland….gravel rash is a great way to subdue a ‘failing to stop’ offender!

  • redeye

    I cant find where it says this guy was a drug dealer. It says he was found to have drugs in his possession but that could have been a half smoked roach.

    • TSD

      He was running from the police. He choose his fate. Good result.

  • Saggy

    “Police take credit for tipping fugitive off his bike”
    How hard was that?

  • Rick H

    Typical – “a high speed chase”

    Very seldom do you see the media calling it by the correct name – “criminals fleeing from the law”.

  • Tom

    Real shame the guy didn’t fall off at a higher speed. Might make him rethink drugs.

  • MaryLou

    The word I heard the cops use was mild “nudge”. I think that’s the least he could have expected for his troubles.