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Tee hee


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  • George

    Is Russel Norman back from holiday?

    • Russell who?

    • Edward Bufe

      Never missed him so who cares. It just made the festive season more festive, He may make the country just a lot better if IT was only on permanent leave

  • sandalwood789

    Ok, so they will talk about the terror threat. Talk, talk, talk…..

    What will they actually *do?*


  • Murray Smith

    They’re terrified that people are listening to you both.
    RIP reds.

  • Aucky

    Oops and I thought you might be referring to the online Heralds latest headline that declares loudly that the jobs outlook is gloomy.

    Well blow me days there’s another crisis for labour to solve.

  • Damon Mudgway

    Are Cam and John really THAT close? ;-)

  • rangitoto

    I notice the Horrid today served up an apology for the killers. Apparently they were traumatised. Sounds like a trip to Eurodisney was the last straw.

  • hbboy

    I reckon this one from Stuff today is better: Police admit knocking motorcyclist off bike
    That cop deserves a civic award for his quick thinking and skillful driving. Stuff is trying to get the failed drug runner some sympathy.

  • conwaycaptain

    When the SAS and SBS are deployed and in action then people will realise the problem