Headline of the day – Does Andrew Little have a problem in his caucus?


Interesting headline, was wondering which caucus members have had an unguarded moment or been whispering discontent in journalist ears?

Has the lack of implementation of the man ban taken its toll?

Hang on a minute…   

He might think he is being helpful as he holds your hand while you are in the throes of labour, but he could actually be making the pain far worse.

Research suggests that women who lack emotional intimacy with their partner feel more pain if he is with her.

The study, by University College London, King’s College London and the University of Hertfordshire, found the pain felt by 39 women given “pinprick” laser pulses on their fingers was not reduced by the presence of their partner and, in many cases, it worsened the pain for women who most avoided closeness in their relationships.

The presence of men at a baby’s birth has always divided opinion, but has grown in popularity since home births began to decline in the 70s. Previous studies had found that women in labour needed fewer painkillers if their partner was present.

In the new experiments, women were given a moderately painful laser pulse on a finger and asked to rate the pain’s intensity.

Researchers also measured how the electrical activity in their brains “spiked” in response to the laser pulses. Each woman then completed a questionnaire to measure the extent to which she either sought or avoided “closeness”, or emotional intimacy, in relationships.

This showed that the more women avoided closeness with their partner, the more pain they felt if he was at the birth both in how they rated pain and their brain scans. However, the presence of a partner had no significant effect, good or bad, on the pain felt by women who sought closeness in relationships.


Blokes can now point to this research to get a leave pass from the hospital.

I’ll tell you one thing for free though, after ‘assisting’ in the birth of my two kids…stay up by your missus’ head, do not get anywhere near the business end.

It’s like watching your favourite pub burn down, and you can never un-hear the sound those scissors make.

On the other hand you can be like my mate who went to sleep in the birthing suite.


– NZ Herald


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  • conwaycaptain

    Jacinda as Labour Leader

    • OneTrack

      Little should stand down in her favour. It’s “time” for a woman to be the Labour leader. It’s “their” turn, and that would be “fair”.

      I hate these white, patriarchal parties that hold women back. They should hand in their man-card. Oh, wait. Their last “leader” already did and even then they dumped him.

    • STAG

      It would surely be a barren political landscape with her as leader.

  • MaryLou

    Went to sleep in the birthing suite? So did my husband. Darned Easi-Boy chairs. And not sure about the pain thing, but didn’t make my temper any better to watch him !

  • Kendall

    Yes those scissors. Horrible. Echoed in brain

  • Bryan

    yea that would the poms kiwi men are far more supportive and want to help their wives at that time and many guys have said to me it gave a far greater love for their partners after being through the birth they are so proud of their wives

    • Papillon

      The bond between my husband and I was only made stronger with the birth of our children. I loved that he was there to support me, and watching a grown man turn to mush as this precious life you’ve made together is placed in his hands, nothing better.

    • corporate refugee

      Did you read the article excerpt? It says nothing about the male’s willingness to support their wife. I’d be surprised if caring for one’s spouse and child was a race based issue as you suggest. I’ve lived over in the UK and here in NZ and it’s not something I have observed.

  • STAG

    I have never been allowed to forget or be forgiven for my moments unguarded sleep, in my defence I’d worked all day and night and the whole business was taking its time. She was eating for heaven’s sake! It was a critical stage.

  • Saggy

    “It’s like watching your favourite pub burn down”. Priceless! Remind me not to mention that to Mrs Saggy.

  • Dumrse

    Learn about “transition”. When she reaches that point…….do a runner otherwise it will haunt you for years. I have a brain like a sieve but I clearly remember everything she said during her time in “transition” 17 years ago.

    • Coffee Connoisseur

      got anymore info? googling female transition was very scary indeed and I would most certainly be doing a runner, but I’m hoping that’s not what you were talking about.

  • Curly1952

    Yeah rather traumatic isn’t it!
    My first, a daughter, was born at approx ten past four on a Saturday in the middle of the rugby season so I had to give a up a game to be there. That made it more stressful!!
    Great feeling though!

    • kehua

      Nowadays she would be named Halftime. Correction it would be spelt Harftyme.

    • jude

      My first was born while the All Blacks played France in Lille.It was Rugby World Cup 1991
      My husband and my Doctor kept getting the score updated while I was in labour:)

      • Curly1952

        Nothing wrong with that Jude, priorities and all that!!. My son was born on a Saturday morning so it was along day as I celebrated with my family and mates. That night the Maoris were playing Wales (I think it was) in the UK so it was a very long, long day and night but we wet the wee fellows head well and truly

  • steve and monique

    There are Woman in Labour??????

  • Tom

    Andrew who ?
    Oh hes the guy that couldn’t win an electorate let alone an election.