Healthy fat people are a mirage

fat lady with ladle

Some big people are fat but don’t have any of the obesity markers such as diabetes or high blood pressure.  These people are held up as “proof” that you can be “healthy obese”.

Not so.

Scientists at University College London tracked more than 2500 people for 20 years – the longest study of its kind – and found that obese people became progressively less healthy over time.

The research supported previous findings that showed as time passes, overweight people face a higher risk of cardiovascular disease, heart attacks, stroke, and some types of cancer compared to thin people.

Researchers defined “healthy obesity” as not having high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes or other metabolic risk factors.

Of the 2521 men and women followed, 181 were classified as obese, including 66 who fit the definition of “healthy obese”.

After two decades passed, just over half of the “healthy obese” participants became “unhealthy obese”.

Only 11% of those who were obese at the start of the study lost weight and became “on-obese”

“Healthy obesity is only a state of relative health – it’s just less unhealthy than the worst-case scenario. And as we now see, healthy obese adults tend to become unhealthy obese over time, providing further evidence against the idea that obesity can be healthy,” [study author Joshua Bell] said.

None of the people over 100 are obese.  The vast amount of people over 90 are like rakes.  PI and Maori mortality is linked to their generally higher incidence of obesity.

And of course, fat people cost us more.  Mostly in “free” health care, but also in other ways.

Leftie politicians want to solve this problem by taxing “bad food”.   As we saw yesterday, that will zero to no effect on people who are determined to eat more than they burn off.

Taxing sugar and fat are going to stop fat people as much as a no-speed tolerance stops people driving over 140 km/hr.

The true victims?  You and me.  We end up paying for all the idiots as well as the poorly targeted “solutions” that politicians think will stop people from hurting themselves and then running to the tax payer to solve all the problems they cause.


– One News


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  • RightofSingapore

    Only 66 were healthy obese-that seems like an awfully small sample size to base a conclusion on.

  • kiwirog

    I have read a couple of posts on the fat subject on whale oil in the last couple of days and in my opinion they have shown the nastiest, less sympathetic side of the blog and community. (yes I am a fattie, try most days not to be, hate myself for it etc).

    Most people who are fat have a story but at the end it comes down to human weakness. But who does not have some of these, possibly luckily for you yours are not hanging around your midriff for everyone to observe and judge as you go about your day?

    So, lets have a civil post today. I’ll start it off by telling you a bottle of wine has about 600 calories and consuming 14 of these without any offset will add a kilo. That’s about four kg a year for a moderate drinker. I am not much into sugar, but i like my wine!

    • Graham Pilgrim

      I am 70 in 6 months, and carry about 10kg more than what I would like. I, too, enjoy my wine, and eat well. But, I’m sorry, from my experience, getting fat is almost entirely down to inactivity. Not enough exercise. The fatter one becomes, the less inclined one is to exercise, until one gets to a point where one is so overweight that one CAN’T exercise. Personal choice really.

      • wooted

        I agree. I turned 65 last year, and had let myself get to 128kg. I decided that if I was to enjoy my retirement I’d better get rid of a lot of that.

        I’ve been going to a fitness gym 3 times a week, and changed my diet to regular but healthy meals.

        In 24 weeks I’m down to 113kg, and lost 20cm around my waist. It’s been really hard work, and I could not have done it without the help of a lovely but tough trainer.

        But it’s convinced me that I can control my weight, and I aim to get to a healthy weight of around 90kg and maintain it and my fitness from there.

        • Wendy

          Exactly. 99% of people could control their weight if they chose to. The fact is, many choose not to because it “too hard”.
          Well boo hoo.

          • AwideAwake

            I just looked at your profile pic. You are fat. Do you hate yourself? Is that why you make these nasty comments? You could stand to lose at least 30 lbs. In fact, you might have to lose at least 50 before your neck comes back; there’s almost zero neck visible in your photo. Also your hair is stringy and ugly, and your eyes and lips are thin and unappealing.
            How do you like it when people judge your appearance and lifestyle, you fat ugly ignorant slag? Does that make you feel good?

    • Damon Mudgway

      I was a bottle’a’red a night guy. Was weighing in around 110kg, so decided to knock the wine on the head other than socially. I’ve dropped 5 kg in 2 months doing nothing else different. So goes ta show:-)

    • I have read that a kilo is approximately 3500 calories. Your fourteen bottles will be closer to 2kg with no offset in that case. Of course, liver damage may kill you first :)

      • EvoDriver

        I think you’re mistaken –

        3,500 calories is 1lb, and a kilo = 2.2lb, so about 7,700 calories.

    • Wendy

      I challenge you to read Cams post again with total objectivity. There is nothing nasty or even (unusually) rude in it.

    • Mags

      Personally I think it’s more about what we put into our mouths. This whole diet industry telling us that carbs are bad sets us up for failure. I reckon a good spud never hurt anyone (unless it’s deep fried).

    • mommadog

      I like wine too but limit myself to special occasions now. Its not the number of calories but the fact that they are empty calories of no nutritional value. As a fellow fattie working at getting the weight off to be healthy I now try to eat based on nutritional value to be healthy. So 600 calories of fruit and veggies is a big filling plateful compared to a bottle of wine. The other problem with the wine is that I have a habit of not caring after the first glass and eat crap with it. If I just had the wine alone without food Id probably loose weight. However I watched an alcoholic friend die of liver disease and don’t want to do that to myself. I am aware for me of how easy it would be if I didn’t keep control of my wine drinking. A few years ago I did get to the stage of almost a bottle a day habit. No more.

  • Wendy

    You don’t need to be a cranial neurophysicist to work out that simple physics dictates that the load and therefor the wear on structures like knees as well as blood vessels and the heart is waaaay more in obese people that healthy weight range people.

    • Whitey

      I’m told that whenever we take a step the force on our heels is equivalent to twice our body weight, and that’s just normal walking. When people are obese, the wear and tear on their joints must be phenomenal.

    • AwideAwake

      Tell yourself. Your profile picture reveals you to be at least 30 lbs overweight. The test load on your own poor bones looks to be pretty high. You don’t need to be a psychologist to tell when some loudmouth fat-basher on the Internet hates her own fat arse.

  • El Diablo

    Fat people die younger thus costing the country less in pension payments. If everyone was super hearlthy and lived to 100 the country would be bankrupt unless we raised the retirement age to about 80.

    • Mags

      But do fat people cost more accessing health care for diabetes, cardiovascular illness, autoimmune disease, loss of work, sickness benefits before they die? I am not being judgmental just continuing the discussion that from an economic point of view, it’s not just about the pension payments.
      The personal cost of obesity is another strand of discussion fraught with difficulty.

  • Monty Bank

    PI and Maori mortality is linked to their generally higher incidence of obesity

    There is a very good genetic reason for this. Just as our main food crops: wheat, barley and rice were selected and bred for their fecundity, so too Polynesian explorers were chosen for their upper-body strength and fat-retention so they could endure the many weeks and months paddling across the Pacific.
    Only the biggest were chosen. Only the strongest lived through the voyages.
    If you have PI genes, you are predisposed to obesity.

  • intelligentes candida diva

    I read a book “Why French women dont get fat” & had a discussion with a few other people including an obese person about weight.
    Ms Obese provided the usual rhetoric of blood pressure & other health issues as the reason she could not lose weight.
    At the time in my naievity & being a bearch that I can be, I thought to myself, “damm woman cant you see its the weight thats causing the other problems” Having an astonished look on my face at the dribble out of Ms Obese’s mouth, one of the other people left the room because they couldnt keep a straight face!!
    Some are so far in denial it is funny.
    Pressure on health services increasing I bet it is.

    • AwideAwake

      Ms. Obese doesn’t need to excuse the size of her body to you or anyone else. She doesn’t need to “justify” to you why she can’t, won’t, or doesn’t want to lose weight. You’re not the Ministry of Body Size, Ms. Nosy. Even if she does have weight-related health problems, she has no obligation to you or to anyone else except possibly her own close family and children to do anything about her body or health. Nobody owes you an “excuse” for their bodies, so GTF over yourself.

  • Mythrandir

    Perhaps better is restriction on promotion and advertising of unhealthy foods. Have you ever been up to a service station or supermarket checkout without all the nasty sugary food staring you in the face from all directions? It should all be hidden away like cigarettes.