Have the Herald’s ‘standards’ infected NewstalkZB?

NewstalkZB has a story about a hunter being fined for illegal use of radio tracking devices.

A Nelson man has been fined over $2000 for using illegal dog tracking equipment.

Dean Burke pleaded guilty in the Nelson District Court to using unlicensed radio communications equipment and hunting unlawfully.

The equipment is the wrong radio frequency for New Zealand and interferes with other services used for operational and safety communications in rural areas .

Burke has also been ordered to do 70 hours community work.

Here is an image of the story….see the problem?


If you said that duck hunters don’t use radio tracking on their dogs then you’d be right.

You don;t use a tracker on a duck dog, or a long barrelled waterfowl shotgun on a pig.

Dollars to donuts this guy was a pig hunter, and had the radio tracker on his pig dogs.

Be nice if people writing articles and sub-editors knew a thing or two about the subject they are writing for.


– NewstalkZB


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  • JustanObserver

    Stock Photos don’t just infect the Labour Party’s imagination for impressing.

  • peterwn

    Perhaps Radio Frequency Service could be more helpful with web site info. I purchased two mainstream brand wireless microphones from a couple of prominent music shops. RFS ran ads last year saying wireless mikes in a certain frequency range would become illegal as at 31 March or whatever (seems to have something to do with the reallocation of UHF TV bands to cellular). I checked the frequencies and found one was on the ‘to be illegal’ list, but could not confirm whether the other was legal or illegal. It was on neither list. RFS should do better than that.

    In the hunter’s case it would be interesting to know whether he purchased the dog tracking gear from an established NZ retailer or if he ordered it from overseas. In the former case I think he would have been hard done by.

  • Aucky

    At least they didn’t feel the need to publish a pic of the Whangarei fire engine.

  • John1234

    I’m confused. Is it illegal to use rf dog tracking devices, or just these ones because they are on a disallowed frequency band?

    • Iva b ginn

      Garmin have just released a dog tracking device with dedicated frequency they can by brought from hunting & fishing.

    • Bean

      No its perfectly fine to use them and in fact is to be encouraged so dogs are less likely to get lost and the pigs they catch can be gotten to and dispatched quicker.

      The problem is that the tracking collars and gear are/were bloody expensive so a lot of guys were importing them but they are/were on the wrong frequency for NZ. Whichever agency is responsible for bandwidth was going so far as parking up around popular hunting areas and “detecting” the illegal equipment and confiscating it and issuing fines etc, especially around Nelson I think? Caused a lot of upset amongst the dirty ol pig hunters.

      Anyway the message got through and most guys have or are switching and some cheaper legal gear is now available.

      In this guys case the problem was that he was poaching as well so they probably wanted to make an example of him.

  • Nige.

    Well if i had any doubt before then this confirms it.

  • ShortBackwardSquare

    With the greatest respect to your view on this Cam, this is nothing new for ZB. The news they have been reading out I simply can’t listen to any more. It is ‘corrected’ bulletin to bulletin without acknowledgement they got it wrong, and far too many stories begin with “reports overseas” or “Twitter users are reporting….” before some diatribe that too often ends up as a non story or just plain wrong. It’s a real shame as I used to listen to ZB for all radio news broadcasts, now it’s Radio Live. The fact that the Herald and NewstalkZB are owned by the same organisation has been an issue for a while, especially given the anti John Key bias the political reporters take in news and crosses during Larry’s show, and…. I could go on but that’s enough.

    • Cadwallader

      In the ZB stable I think the worst offenders for anti-JK stuff are relative newcomers…Smalley and McQuillan. Barry Soper floats about like a dying moth despite having been there for years but his pro-Labour behaviour was not the norm for the station until the last year or so.

  • johcar

    … not to mention that we are a few months away from duck season yet…

  • Mr. Blobby

    Speaking of the Herald, another howler on the front page this morning.

    I very much doubt there would be a prosecution over $1.80c…

  • Nebman

    Surprised they didn’t show AOS member with a Bushmaster……

  • Dumrse

    Are we still on track to be FREED from this sort of trash ?

  • Guest

    I’m ex Fairfax & I suspect the pics may be added in Melbourne? P’raps I’m wrong but that was the nifty idea about the time I left.

  • shykiwibloke

    Of course there is cross infection. The cancer that has been killing the Herald for years has sparked a secondary cancer in radio.
    Been home for a year from a stint in Adelaide and the unashamedly leftie media tactics in SA appear to have spread here too.

  • WeaselKiss

    ‘Nah, she’ll be right, just whack in any old picture of any kind of hunting, the goy hua’s won’t notice the difference’.

  • kehua

    Must be flying pigs!

  • Gekko

    It would have been handy for tracking down my Jack Russell who frequently got distracted with possums when the tasks of duck retrieval was required