I hesitate to call Joe Karam a liar but…

Earlier today I wrote about Joe Karam misleading in an interview with Radio New Zealand over the Bain case.

Now I hesitate to call Joe Karam a liar, but the evidence suggests that he may have in fact forgotten a few things, so I’ll be generous and say his views of history are a little clouded.

He stated to Radio New Zealand when asked about the delays:

“It’s not dragged on because of us, uhmmm… it’s dragged on far too long, like everything with the Bain case had, but uhmm..I couldn’t put a time on it, these things traditionally do take time”

There is a problem with those claims for Joe Karam.

Here is the press release from February 2013 about the delay.

4 February 2013

David Bain requests delay

Cabinet has agreed to a formal request from David Bain to delay its consideration of his application for compensation for claimed wrongful conviction and imprisonment, says Justice Minister Judith Collins.  

“Mr Bain is not entitled to any compensation as his application falls outside Cabinet guidelines. The process for considering Mr Bain’s application and any decision regarding compensation is entirely at Cabinet’s discretion.

“Cabinet has agreed to put Mr Bain’s application on hold, as he has requested.

“Mr Bain has filed judicial review proceedings which will lead to further delay,” Ms Collins said.

No further comment will be made while this matter is before the courts.


As I said, far be it from me to call Joe Karam a liar, but since he is the one running this PR campaign I thought it might be useful to refresh his memory of the request David Bain and presumably his legal team and supporters made to the government to delay consideration for compensation.

Presumably a conscientious journalist might OIA the cabinet minutes and documents relation to this decision, and presumably those documents will show a letter formally request the delay.

For Joe Karam to deny this is the case suggests it possibly slipped his mind.

I’m not sure Amy Adams can rely on the word of Joe Karam, with his failing memory and all that.

It’s a shame other media can’t do simple research and report the facts rather than the confused recollections of someone who may or may not have a vested interest in in compensation being paid.


– Scoop, Radio NZ


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  • willtin

    Memory loss can be a consequence of too many concussions while playing contact sports. That’s just the advocate, Karam.
    As with other numerous, well publicised NZ crime cases, I read pretty much everything I have found; except for the Ellis case, because I’m not into science fiction. While I am convinced that Mr A.A. Thomas was completely set up by certain late/ex members of the Police, I have found no ‘saving grace’ in the case of David Bain. I also don’t think there is any chance of getting a confession from him. Assuming he committed the crimes, he will have convinced himself that he is innocent of them.

    • Ilovelife

      I agree with that. I think he has buried the memory and now honestly believes he didn’t do it. I am sure he did and should not get compo. I can’t believe he was not made to give evidence in the second trial. Joe was probably afraid the truth would come out.

  • williamabong

    Give Bain nothing, and Karam half of it.

    • johcar

      Be generous – give Karam double…

  • Iva b ginn

    The Bain case is one that I would not like to rule on. But the thing that has stuck in my mind is the fact that David has(never to my knowledge)ever told his side of the story without mr Karam hovering over his shoulder and controlling what is asked and said, I don’t think he will get any closure until this occurs.

    • Tom

      Did he testify in court?

      • Iva b ginn

        I’m not shore if he did or not.My memory isn’t the greatest

        • Warren Murray

          David testified at the first trial ( verdict = guilty)

          • Tom

            I want hear about the ‘black hands’ again

  • LesleyNZ

    I remember this press release very clearly so why didn’t Joe Karam remember?

  • Wendy

    “May or may not…”
    Yeah right.

  • idbkiwi

    The Privy Council said Bain should stay in gaol, hit them up for compensation Joe:

    “and a retrial ordered. The appellant must remain in custody meanwhile.”