Hey lefties, violence never trumps free speech



To fold to these attacks would be to make them succeed.  Every death threat I get is another sign for me to push on.   The less threats I get, the less offensive I can be.    Because in the face of violence, I will continue to speak my mind.   

The alternative is to be quiet, or go away.   They must not be allowed to intimidate people into silence.  More so when these people are part of the media that don’t publish views they agree with.

Being offensive (to someone) is both inevitable as much as it is part of a free society.

So you’re offended?  So what?   Nothing happens.

I’m offended that countless teenage girls throw themselves at Justin Bieber.  Doesn’t mean I’m going to call for him (or them) to be killed for it.

Anyone who has been justifying the deaths of the French cartoonists in terms of being the result of being offensive can not believe in true freedom.

Freedom is not something that protects you from ideas you don’t like.


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  • Mark Schmid

    Well put Righty!

  • cows4me

    I’m sure it will go totally over their heads

  • david

    I wonder if there would have been so many je suis charlies if it had been a right wing satirical paper. The left would have been as one saying tut tut but it serves them right

  • Chris W

    I read that opinion piece and thought it was very good. It was in The Atlantic wasn’t it?

  • James

    There was a piece at the Daily blog I think saying “Would anyone say “I am Whaleoil”? If this had happened to Cam and co…….The left….no suprise.