Hitchens on Islam


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  • crosstherubicon

    Christopher Hitchen was brilliant, and so is his brother.

    • Goldie

      It is not just that Hitchens was brilliant and articulate.
      He was unsparingly intellectually honest and utterly courageous in stating the obvious.

    • Cadwallader

      Isn’t his brother a socialist as Christopher once was? Hitchens and Richard Dawkins are the two most erudite atheists who wrote extensively in the first few years of this century. Christopher Hitchens also appears on Youtube reciting in its entirety Monty Python’s Philosophers’ Song. I can’t find it immediately but it is there.

      • Andy

        His brother Peter writes for the Daily Mail, and has had a few sparring matches with Russell Brand over drug addiction

      • waldopepper

        here here. ive followed hitchens and dawkins for years and yes, they are a true and much needed voice of reason in this world. a shame hitchens had to die of cancer. a brilliant man.

  • luke

    It’s rare that I feel stupid, but Hitchens was magnificent and I am happy to admit his knowledge and intellect is beyond me. Oh how I wish I could articulate my fears about Islam the way he does.

  • Kevin

    I would have loved to have seen Christopher Hitchens and Charles Krauthammer in a debate.

    • Cadwallader

      One of his most compelling and gripping pieces of writing is his demolition of Mother Theresa for the hypocrite she was. It can be found in his compendious book “Love Poverty and War.” MT routinely refused painkillers to those in her care who were dying on the ridiculous premise that “the more you suffer the closer you are to Jesus on the cross!” Of course when she became ill with cancer she spent a portion of her millions by entering a clinic in California with all the accoutrements of private rooms and anaethetised treatments of all types. All in all she was a savage piece of works, who along with Al Gore and Obama have brought the Nobel Peace Prize into the realms of absurdity.

  • maninblack