Homeopathy, and why it works

Could this be why homeopathy “works”?

Could this be why Homeopathy has such a strong and loyal following?   Having so many adherents also gives it an air of ‘legitimacy’, causing people that may feel nothing at all to feel like they should, and they will over compensate.

As you saw in the video, the placebo effect is more than just thinking positive.  It actually has physical effects on the body that can be measured.


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  • Murray Smith

    Witch doctors , voodoo dolls and medicine men have all been right on the money for centuries. We humans are gullible creatures.

  • david W

    Had this discussion with my pharmacist on Friday. Given that the placebo effect for depression is around the 50-60% mark. That means if you take homeopathy for depression 6 of 10 people will find a positive response.

    Furthermore these 6 will not get any side effects which antidepressants have. So they are going to be a benefit. So these 6 people are going to rave about how wonderful homeopathy is. And likely next time they try something it will also work.

    So for things like headaches, depression, back pain and other things that are hard to figure out a cause, homeopathy is actually a really good option. Even if it is just the placebo effect.

  • RightofSingapore

    When we say Homeopathy doesn’t work, we mean that its no better than a placebo. If we’re going for the placebo effect, instead of buying expensive water people could simply be prescribed sugar pills with smiley faces on them. There is also the moral aspect that Homeopathy is fleecing and misleading people who don’t know better of their money when they could get the same effect from the smiley face pills.

    The nocebo effect is at work in the loons who think powerlines cause cancer or cellphone towers causing cancer-when they’re near such things, their mind essentially tricks them into feeling ill.

    • david W

      The placebo effect works better when someone in a lab coat give you a pill. So it is strongly depend on environmental conditions. So people need to believe it is something. So homeopathy needs a reputation for working for it to work……

  • The difference is surely that those who resort to homeopathy are making a conscious decision to eschew conventional medicine.
    The ‘willing suspension of disbelief’ needs to be highly correlated to the degree of stupid!

  • KiwiM8

    As I wrote last time this was brought up … if you believe it works, you’re right. If you believe it doesn’t work, you’re right ….

  • Michelle

    Must remember to tell the cat next time he comes in with face swollen up and crawls into bed and won’t eat or the sick cows l have treated for over 20 years, dogs, horses, chooks

  • peterwn

    The trick with making homeopathy work is invoicing the maximum the punters will pay for consultations and ‘medicine’, without being totally outrageous. Presentation of the bill is part of the therapy.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Hmmm, powerlines can cause many problems – the big high voltage ones. Some powerpoles have three levels of lines on them, but somehow if the power supply is undergrounded them people don’t seem to have the same issues. Six feet underground, just by your mailbox. I think I need a pill

    • oldmanNZ

      In underground cables, the resultant EMF due to closeness of the cables in the ground (the cable is usually 3 phase) is reduced, the earth also provide some sheilding as oppose to air.

      • Steve (North Shore)

        So the EMF stays in the ground?

  • oldmanNZ

    You do realise there is no cure for the common cold?

    All those stuff you buy in the chemist does not cure you, it only provide relief from pain (Paracetamol) and helps you relax.

    your own body actually fights the desease (high fever, your body is attempting to cook them).

    Some may help stop the nose from running and stuff. But your nose is running for a reason (flushing out the germs).

    Human (and guinea pigs) cannot produce vitamin C, hence we need to take these, so supplements or oranges , veges helps.

    so like Homopathy, just eating good diet of garlic, oranges, fruits, veges does help.

    • Momo

      Just like exercise has been shown to improve depression. Hard to know exactly why it works…