How to deal with lone wolf Jihadis – Part 2

In today’s series I am trying to figure out why countries are so concerned about lone wolf gunmen that have nothing to do with Ialam.   Here is part 2.

Security was dramatically stepped up for police officers and the Jewish community in Britain yesterday amid fears of a terror attack.

Intelligence chiefs are worried that Islamist fanatics could try to copy the atrocities in France last week that cost 17 lives.

Four Jewish people and three police officers were among the dead.

Fears of similar carnage in the UK intensified on Thursday after commandos in Belgium killed Islamic State fanatics who wanted to behead a policeman or a judge. The plot held chilling echoes of the murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby outside his barracks in Woolwich.

In other developments:

  • David Cameron and Barack Obama pledged to stand shoulder to shoulder in the fight against terrorism;
  • Intelligence sources said as many as 20 sleeper cells with 180 fanatics could be ready to strike in Europe;
  • Nearly 800 people have been put on a Home Office programme targeting potential extremists;

I don’t want to deliberately overstate the problem, but as you know, the MSM keep telling us all the recent drama has nothing to do with Islam, and is just the result of a few individual nutters.

If you don’t mind me saying so, 800 people on an “extremists” list in the UK alone, and 20 “sleeper cells” in Europe certainly sounds like a serious non-Islamic lone wolf problem to me. 

The Duchess of Cambridge has reportedly been given enhanced security on a public appearance.

Mark Rowley, the UK’s senior counter-terrorism officer, said: ‘The global picture of terrorist activity does give us heightened concern about the risk to the Jewish community.’

The Met assistant commissioner said the murders at a kosher supermarket in Paris, coupled with a rise in anti-semitic rhetoric from extremists, justified more patrols in areas with large Jewish populations, including London, Leeds and Manchester.

Some 263,000 people in Britain describe themselves as Jewish. The country’s 70 Jewish schools have been put on high alert.

The Community Security Trust, which advises Jewish institutions and groups on safety, said: ‘We spend an inordinate amount of money on security, particularly on our schools – as we should. Obviously there’s a change in the threat level because there could be people who might be perversely inspired by what they saw happen [in Paris].’

Talk about perversity – the targeted victims can be identified as Jewish, but the lone wolf gunmen can’t be identified as Muslim as this would unfairly taint Islam.

Bugger me with a pitch fork, this stuff is tricky.

Perhaps I’ll understand more after I write Part 3.

– Daily Mail


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  • spanishbride

    If I was a Jewish School teacher right now in a Jewish School I would want to be armed. The fact that I feel like this when I am not a Jewish School teacher is a reflection of how bad things really are. Why should our Jewish people in Western Democracies everywhere now have to look over their shoulder? There is only one reason why and the answer is Islam.The fact that they will name the threatened as Jewish but will not name the threat as Muslim sickens me to the core.

    • luke

      The question I keep asking myself is: Why the reticence to confront the issue of Islamic extremism in an open and honest manner? All of us can see the genuine threat posed by the Islamification of Europe and beyond, so why do our political leaders pretend it doesn’t exist?

      • Geoff

        Because the problem is so great, and there is no solution. How do you go to war against people you can’t easily identify and are prepared to die for their cause. The best analogy is the Japanese kamikaze, the threat was so insurmountable the nuclear bomb was the most expeditious response to avoid an unimaginable loss of allies lives. To actually acknowledge there is a problem with Islam could result in real panic.

        • OneTrack

          Now the panic is starting that our progressive “elite” won’t even admit there is even a problem simply because it conflicts with their ideology.
          France now has bodies in the street and they still won’t admit there might be a problem.

          • shykiwibloke

            Isn’t it amazing how the whole thing parallels Harry Potter and the refusal to ‘see’ the evidence that the dark lord had returned. Quite a revealing essay on the human condition.

          • spanishbride

            Yes J. K Rowling really understands the political mindset in the UK. I actually did a post a while back making the comparison.

        • intelligentes candida diva

          I am not panicked.
          I am sickened by the atrocities,
          I am saddened for those directly affected by the violence
          I am scared where the freedom of NZ lies if this international inaction continues.
          I am frustrated at the ignorance of intelligent powerful people not dealing swiftly and speedily in the war of halting Islamification to all countries

      • sandalwood789

        “…why do our political leaders pretend it doesn’t exist?”

        Political correctness and cowardice. Oh, and the completely wrong belief that Islam is a religion.

      • Albert Lane

        The reason is that our political leaders do not want to cause ‘alarm and despondency”. The key to a nation’s stability is the confidence the people have in its leadership and administration. The last thing any politician wants is for people to feel threatened. The problem is that we all know where the threat is coming from, but our hands are tied when it comes to working out how we can effectively combat the threat without having the UN arriving at our doors telling us that what we’re doing is illegal, immoral or whatever. Remember, about 57 UN members are Muslim countries. They carry a lot of votes, and they have resources that are crucial to the prosperity of the West. Our western politicians know what they would like to do, but they simply can’t. Their hands are tied.

        • luke

          Good point, in which case we might as well all convert to Islam now.

          • Albert Lane

            Unless islam changes, I fear for our great-grandchildren who will be living in a country with a muslim majority and sharia law. The female muslim journalist with the Washington Post who wrote the article the other day about reforming islam is spot-on. Google Washington Post meet the honor brigade and select the first item with the target logo alongside. She is an inspiration, and hopefully, if no-one knocks her off, she may instigate some real changes.

    • Curious

      Any person or institution or MSM editor can blithely say or write whatever they consider appropriate about the Jewish people – not because of what they are doing, rather for who they are. They will not do the same with Islam, when we are seeing daily what they do as a system, irrespective of who they are as individuals.

  • intelligentes candida diva

    Keep coming with the facts and truth WOBH and hopefully one of the msm ostriches might take a peek, then begin to think there is a touch of reality in these posts result might be that it becomes less of a case of
    “Bugger me with a pitch fork, this stuff is tricky”
    (I had to reverberate that statement)

  • Graham Pilgrim

    “David Cameron and Barack Obama pledged to stand shoulder to shoulder in the fight against terrorism”. I would like to see them pledge to stand shoulder to shoulder in the fight against Islam! The word “terrorism” is a euphemism!

  • conwaycaptain

    Just read the Economist article advertised on this page.
    They say Muslims make up 2% of the Aus population and they have increased by 66% in a decade.
    Here they make up less than1%. There are an Islamic Boys and Girls schools in Akl. I wonder what they are teaching them and I believe they are State Integrated.

  • pak

    Million upon millions of dollars sucked out of economies worldwide to go into protecting the infidels from the “religion of peace” and all those lone wolves.

    • The Accountant

      Think of all the money we could save if we all just became Muslims /sarc

      • Bombastic

        Yeah but you wouldn’t want to choose the wrong brand. Once a county gets to about 80% Muslim they start killing each other. There is no win scenario with Islam.

  • Garbageman

    Relax people their demands are simple
    “The penalty good men pay for indifference to public affairs, is to be ruled by evil men.” – Plato

    • intelligentes candida diva

      I had a discussion with someone last night along thisthinking, it is truev

  • Coffee Connoisseur

    Jewish or Jew refers to ethnicity (as well as religion). Hence being able to supposedly refer to Jews as such. Muslims or being Muslim refers only to the religion as Muslim is not an ethnicity. That said Their are a couple of things that need to be looked at.

    1. The root cause of the problem. i.e. how or what has caused these people to become extremists. But if we aren’t prepared to look at the root causes then the problems will continue indefinitely and perhaps that is what some people want. Weapons manufacturers and others who profit from war. Afterall what better war would there be for weapons manufacturers than a seemingly endless one.

    The second thing that needs to be looked at is the fact that there are extremists in other religions and whilst they are not as barbaric as the muslim extremists we see today you don’t have to go too far back in history to find examples which would be completely unacceptable in todays world. Think of KKK members hanging African americans as recent as the sixties. Now it can easily be argued that this was racism and not to do with Christianity but these where people who were openly Christian and there is a racism component to what we are seeing with Muslim extremists as well, hence the references to Jews and the targeting of them.

    Todays extremists in Christianity would still be KKK and Westbrorough Baptist Church yet if either of these groups took a more barbaric turn in getting their message across would we inturn tar the rest of Christianity with the same brush? No of course we wouldn’t

    So why is it that some want to do this with the remaining and overwhelming majority of peaceful Muslims. Because of what is written in a 1500 year old book that was written in an entirely different time in history?

    Throughout my life I have had many encounters with Christianity, my (extended) family I consider to be pretty hard core Christians They believe that the ‘Truth’ is written in the bible. They believe you can’t pick and choose the parts you want to follow. So when I raise the topic of Leviticus and ask them why they aren’t stoning their neighbours to death for wearing different types of cloth together (or stoning themselves for that matter) their response is that they understand that these were laws that applied and were even considered the norm back in the time when Leviticus was written.
    There will be Muslims that understand this as well about the Koran.
    As for speaking out. They have begun to. But need encouragement support and the protection from our society in order to do so. Remember that these people have come to our country and other countries that were far more oppressive. It is ingrained into their thinking that they cannot speak out when they see extremism that uses the Koran and sharia law as its justification. They have seen what has happened to those in the countries that they have come from that have chosen to speak out. The more support they have from our society to speak freely the more they will. But for many this is very new territory and for them there will still be an element of fear in doing so.
    We deal with extremism in our culture all the time. We deal with westborough, KKK and white surpremiscists with disdain and ridicule. If we truly value living in a free society we must continue to do the same. We must increase the level of distain and ridicule tenfold to the point where extremism wherever it originates from and in whatever form it takes becomes so marginalized that no one in their right mind wants to be associated with it.
    What we do not want is to tar an entire religion with the same brush. Doing so does not give those that want to the confidence to speak out. It does the opposite, they will not speak for fear of ridicule, for fear of not being listened to, for fear of not being taken seriously. Then where are they left…. between a society on one side they believe doesn’t want or support them and the extremists from their own religion who will only be more than happy to deal with them in under their interpretation of their religion.
    Make this about the entire religion of Islam rather than extremism and all you will do is create more extremism, for some of those who are now moderate will become more extreme as they see their religion under sustained attack.
    There are two paths here. The path we choose to take depends on how much we value living in a civilized society and how we deal with things living in a civilized society.

    • taurangaruru

      CC – I don’t “get” those that make the argument that it wasn’t that long ago that other religions were performing barbaric acts. All that argument does is highlight what a stone age indoctrination Islam really is.
      Blaming weapons manufacturers for all the ills of Islam? Come on CC that is madness, haven’t you seen the images of the beheadings of Westerners recently? The Islamic murderers were holding knives. The reality is Islam is hell bent on subjugation of all, those that oppose this evil outfit are to be murdered until the fear becomes so great that we all subjugate. They are evil evil murdering scum & in no shape or form is Islam a peaceful religion.

      • Coffee Connoisseur

        I don’t “get” those that make the argument that it wasn’t that long ago that other religions were performing barbaric acts. All that argument does is highlight what a stone age indoctrination Islam really is.
        It also highlights the point of where we have come from in that at a point in time we were not so different. That we evolved and so will they. Many have already.

        The point is that it is not the religion of Islam that is carrying out these barbaric acts in western countries, it is extremists in Islam (just as there are extemists in Christianity right now). How we deal with them should be the same.

        But if we aren’t prepared to look at the root causes then the problems will continue indefinitely and perhaps that is what some people want.

        The point was not that weapons manufacturers are at fault but that they would be one of the groups to benefit from the problem remaining unresolved.

        To understand why this is happening today you need to be brave enough to go back and take a good look at US foreign policy and its effects on other countries around the world. Understand this and you will understand one of the reasons for the extremism we see today from Islam. The other is the religion itself.

        haven’t you seen the images of the beheadings of Westerners recently? The Islamic murderers were holding knives. I have seen this once and do not ever need to see it again. I do not have a TV anymore and I find that this enables me to take a far less emotional and more considered approach to things.

        The reality is Islam is hell bent on subjugation of all, those that oppose this evil outfit are to be murdered until the fear becomes so great that we all subjugate. They are evil evil murdering scum & in no shape or form is Islam a peaceful religion perhaps but like all people many muslims have logic reasoning and freewill. Hence we are now seeing more moderate muslims begin to speak out against extremism. Religious books say many things many of them abhorrent by todays standards and regardless of what they say not everyone wants to follow them to the letter. Unfortunately some do. We have a name for them extremists. We have a way of dealing with them in our culture, marginalize and ridicule.

        Some of their religion has no place in modern society but then if you read the bible and take it literally then neither does much of the bible either.

        Both books were written at a point in time for a particular purpose and perspective of this is what is needed in interpreting them. People need to understand this and many do. It is just that for those muslims that do, many have lived in hugely oppressive societies (this is where US foreign policy has played its hand in many cases) and living in an open and free society (relatively speaking) is new for them. They need to be encouraged and supported. Do not mistake silence for support of extremism in advancing what Islam. By all means take a cautious approach as our society and culture matters a great deal to us and is not something that should be gambled with. But understand where these people have come from, what they have seen with their own eyes, what in some cases they themselves have been subjected to. This is where we have the opportunity to show them what it means to be in a free society and why this is so important. This is why when people break our laws we don’t whip them or stone them. They lose what is the most important thing in our society, their freedom.

        Lastly we should understand since the rise of terrorism and extremism what it is that many extremists and terrorists want. One of those things is to show how quickly those in modern and free societies can be turned to give up their freedoms and revert to barbarism. Our response determines whether or not we are truly deserving and ready to continue to live in a free society.

        • taurangaruru

          I suggest if you are looking for immediate responsibility for the Islamic extremism then look no further than the Saudi’s & their Wahabbi extremism that they have financed throughout the world over the last 20 – 30 years. Cutting off reliance on their oil & therefore being able to cut ties with them would be a fine thing.

    • Ilovelife

      It is correct that stoning etc was normal in Jesus time but he strongly condemned it. One of the stories of the life of Jesus is about a woman “cast out in adultery” (funny nothing is said about the man she adulteried with) The villagers were preparing to stone her. Jesus came along and told them in no uncertain words not to. His recorded words were “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone” At this the villagers slunk away and Jesus freed the woman.

  • Wheninrome

    Some “born again” or fundamental new age Christian based religions still rule with “fear or terror” it may not be of a violent kind i.e. beheadings etc., but terror it is. My aged Aunt was “born again” and she was told and lived in terror that her non believing sisters would burn in eternal hell if they did not convert to her belief. She was desperate to convert them, she couldn’t. She never stopped hoping she could convert them. She had to live and die with the thought that her beloved sisters were not going to be with her but would burn in eternal hell and damnation.
    Nice aye. Terrorising their own converts.

  • sbk

    Sparked by a conservation ..and a similar comment made here recently..i think?.

    At a family gathering yesterday…17 year old neice drops a pearler…72 virgins in a “chaste and pure” environment = a lot of f***ed off(not) and frustrated Jihadis = ROTFLOL.

    S**t a lot of them were recruited or converted while in the penal systems and were more in likelyhood hell-bound anyway.

    Absurdities meant….and maybe a answer?

    Srry for the stars.

  • Bryan

    sit down and listen to this guy yep it’s about 1 hour long but he is very good as this guy is a converted palestinian talking about Islam though their eyes, about commonly held christian teaching and how Islam sees that same thing and how there basic rejection of Jehovah as God and Jesus as Son of God.
    note how he carefully explains the use of words and language which we in western world don’t understand the fuller meaning of how they place a completely different meaning from how we use the language in talking about approach to God.
    This is one of the best theological outlines i have heard for years of the whole issue
    and cuts to the basic difference between Christianity and Islam

    • Another Middleagedwhiteguy

      Thanks Bryan.
      Yes, very insightful guy, obviously specifically prepared for this job in the same way that Jeremiah was (read first 3 verses of that book)
      BTW – am amazed no-one else has commented, but sign of the times I guess.

    • Mikael Baker

      What a load of stupid, messianic crap. No wonder Deuteronomy 13:1-5 orders the execution of your ridiculous warmonger of a prophet.

  • Mikael Baker

    Jews will be just fine. Naftali Bennett is a rising star of Israeli Politics, and unlike the Left Wing Appeaser Bibi, Bennett is going to blow Hamas into a fine red mist.

    Jews will leave this Anti Semitic Hole, and take their skills and business acumen, which is substantial, to Israel, the Jewish Home.