How to deal with lone wolf Jihadis – Part 3


As you might have noticed in the news, there are a few lone wolf gunmen that are causing a little upset here and there.  Nothing to really worry about, because they have nothing to do with ISIS, or Islam, or the radicalisation of many Western democracies.

Belgium has begun deploying hundreds of troops to guard potential targets of attacks, including Jewish sites and diplomatic missions, following a series of raids and arrests, the government said.

Let me make this clear:  for a country to deploy troops against its own citizens is nothing to worry about.  It is normal in a democracy for armed forces to be deployed to protect some parts of society from other parts, especially if they are not organised, poorly motivated, badly equipped lone wolf gunmen.  

Up to 300 soldiers will be gradually deployed in the capital Brussels and the northern city of Antwerp, which has a large Jewish population, Prime Minister Charles Michel’s office said in a statement on Saturday.

The soldiers could also eventually be deployed to the industrial eastern city of Verviers, where early on Friday security forces killed two suspected attackers in a huge raid on an alleged “terror cell” planning to attack police in the country.

“The mobilised troops will be armed and their primary responsibility will be to survey certain sites” and to reinforce police, the prime minister’s statement said.

Troops will reinforce police ranks until at least Thursday, when authorities will review the national threat level, set at 3 on a scale of 4 this week, Belgium Defence Minister Steven Vandeput said on Saturday.

National threat levels are just one of those silly administrative monikers that don’t really mean much.  I mean, after two or three mad random lone wolf gunmen with no coherent collective agenda, it is entirely normal for countries to elevate threat levels close to Critical and to roll out the army against fellow citizens.

Nothing to worry about.  Trust me.

“It’s very important to say that this wasn’t a simple decision. But it was necessary, at a time when police are overly engaged, for the army to enter in a supporting role,” he said.

Of course!   I mean, with only a handful of random nutbar gunmen, of course a police force in the tens of thousands are overwhelmed!  Of course they need the army to help out.  It’s only normal.

And this proves it:

Belgian prosecutors said there were no immediate links with last week’s attacks in Paris on the Charlie Hebdo satirical newspaper, a Jewish supermarket and a policewoman, the country’s worst attacks in half a century.


No links!

Because when there is nothing to worry about, police get overwhelmed and the army is rolled out against your neighbours.

Simple stuff.   Stop seeing things in the shadows.  It’s just lone wolf nutbar gunmen.

Nothing to worry about.


– Al Jazeera


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  • waldopepper

    whats this term “nutbar” everyone is using all of a sudden? sounds like someone mis spoke “nutjob” and everyone in the media, like sheep, have started parroting the bloody thing.

    • Alright

      “Nutbar” is shorthand for mad men and women.

    • Chris Chitens

      snackbar/nutbar. Say it with a middle eastern accent after the word “allahu”. It is just a PT.

    • 1951

      It’s applied mostly to those who are as a result of parents being cousins, being allowed to marry.

    • waldopepper

      thanks to all for the explanation. ill stick with nutjob though. im old school and i think its about time we start calling spades spades again.

  • 1951

    The amount of personal that the French got on to the streets in a very short time was impressive. Was it 3000? I hope all countries in Europe have similar plans up their sleeves.

    • PM of NZ

      Try 30 times that number.

      “The French manhunt for two brothers suspected of killing 12 people in
      and around the offices of a satirical weekly newspaper in Paris
      continued late into the night on Thursday, with as many as 88,000 police
      scouring an area about 80km north of the capita”
      – Stuff

      • 1951


  • The Accountant

    The sarcasm is strong in this one……

  • RightofSingapore

    What might really help is if ISIS are dealt a spectacular, humiliating and very public knockout blow-that way these “lone wolfs” would stop feeling encouraged or emboldened and inspired by ISIS. A big defeat for ISIS would help demoralise these guys. We haven’t actually heard much from the MSM about how the campaing against ISIS is going. Just sayin’

  • dgrogan

    Denile is not a river in Egypt. Yeah, right.

  • Alright

    Nup. Nothing to do with Islam. The troops have been deployed to stop Jews fighting each other.

    Time to move on. It’ll all be ok if we close our eyes and block our ears.

    Its all just an historic botty burp (if you are a retarded optimist).

  • sandalwood789

    Those stroppy Amish are causing a heck of a lot of trouble.

    • Alright

      Yeah. They’re a huge problem in the US and across various continents. Their horses are Trojan. Whats more those horses do poos in the street!

  • caochladh

    Just curious. Is that a man or a woman and what is on the head?

    • Carl

      An orthodox jewish man with a hat on.

    • STAG

      Male hasidic Jew.

  • intelligentes candida diva

    Those shadows have life unseen but when the pounce occurs you will know.

    When will a leader of these countries say there is a link and create a limpid message for those who are fearful to speak out to be encouraged to speak openly and honestly.

  • The Accountant

    Love to know why the moderators removed my comment about sarcasm in this article. As the great Oscar Wilde said “sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, and wit is the highest form of intelligence”

  • david

    Don’t know about you but I found the photo in the herald of the poster “islamaphobia is terrorism” offensive. I also note that the person who killed a muslim man is not a lone wolf, even though he is apparently schizophrenic, it is an example of extreme islamaphobia.

    • petedude

      Ha ha! Yes it’s interesting that the media are so quick to label a knife attack by a diagnosed schizophrenic on a man who happened to be Muslim as “Islamophobia”. In contrast, the attackers in France and Australia had no documented history of mental health problems, but were very devout Muslims who followed the Koran to its word – yet THEY were dismissed by the media as crazy lone wolves.

  • Another Middleagedwhiteguy

    Also, of course you could have a bag of nuts, and when you tip out the bag they become a bunch of lone nuts.
    Calling it a nutbar defines them as organised and glued together in a geometric shape by some sticky, gooey stuff that is bad for your health

  • Citizen

    Troops are already deployed across France. Just up the road from where i live the Police CRS (riot squad) and Gendarmes are guarding the offices of Metro ( a free news paper. They are in full body armour, armed with FAMAS (French assault rifle)

  • Mikael Baker

    Its all there in the Koran. What organization do they need?

    Just remember kids, playground rules still apply – talk s***, get hit.