HPA wowsers at it again

The Taxpayers? Union have released documents yesterday showing the wowsers over at the Health Promotions Agency have spent up $1.2 million on their batshit crazy No Beersies campaign.

?The?Taxpayers? Union?had feedback that the??Not Beersies’ ads were making people?thirsty?for beer. Some participants in the Agency?s own focus groups said the same – that the ads encouraged drinking or were confusing.”

And encouraging kids to have a few handles too by the looks of this picture.


?The documents show that the campaign had the least positive impact on entrenched, high-risk drinkers, and instead targets those least likely to face harm from alcohol consumption. The HPA spent at least $1.2 million on the campaign, but has refused to say how much taxpayers paid in?advertising agency fees. It also shows that the HPA conducts no cost?benefit analysis on its campaign.

Not targeting high risk drinkers.

Spent up more than $1.2 million.

No cost-benefit analysis.

Troughing at its worst.

So what?s it all about?

?The HPA have spent over $1.2 million of taxpayers? money in order to promote a ?culture change?. They acknowledge that the campaign probably won?t reduce alcohol consumption and won’t affect the most at-risk of alcohol harm. No wonder no one bothered to do a cost benefit analysis.”

A ?culture change??

Troughing wowsers wasting our money on social engineering.

John Key should take a scalpel to these pricks who use our money for their la-la campaigns and think they?re doing God?s work.