The Huddle at 1740


It’s not Monday(!) and I’m on ZB with Larry Williams to do The Huddle with corporate shill Matthew Hooton.  I’ll be discussing things from the right, and Matthew will discuss it from a perspective he’s being asked to provide by someone, unless he’s off the clock.

Our topics will be:

  • Social housing policy.  How this will make much difference at all?  None of it feels like it’s going to make a big difference to either the renters or the taxpayers.  Housing New Zealand will remain the country’s largest land lord.
  • Andrew Little saving the country through small business.  Does small business a: needs saving or b: will save Labour from their slide south in the polls?  Not a lot of vote changing ideas from the new leader.
  • The Eleanor Catton outburst and tantrum at not being worshipped enough in NZ.  Who appointed her as an ambassador?  Did she appoint herself?   Typical nasty Green Party holier than thou type who believes she knows what everyone needs.  Should Canada claim her back?

You can listen online via iHeartRadio and normal methods.

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  • Sally

    Have to laugh about the comment about what side Matthew Hooton is on. He had quite a spat on twitter this morning defending his political leanings.

  • JKV

    Great Cam! Love it that the Huddle is back. I was driving out this morning, listening to ZB, and Barry Soper was talking to Leighton Smith. BS gave a pretty glowing appraisal of Mr Andrew Little and how wonderfully he was doing with the small business community. Totally went unchallenged by Leighton about the 90 day rule. BS did the same spiel with Larry and he really pulled him up on it. Soper then totally changed his tune about how the business community reacted – fair and honest reporting?

  • Just a thought …

    I rank this Eleanor woman alongside ” Gareth Morgan ‘ in that now they think ” I’m really important” and better start having an opinion on everything………. sorry sweetheart you are still just someone with a microphone who is managing to make a total tosspot of yourself…….. stick to the writing……

  • Pete

    I missed it live, have you got a link to the recording Cam?