The hypocrisy of Andrea Vance

Andrea Vance was at great pains to keep her door swipe card data private, she also refused to cough up texts and phone records between her and a minister.

But now in true typical media and left-wing hypocrisy she is demanding the PM coughs up his texts.

In the vaults of Archives New Zealand lies a unique collection of several thousand fading letters, photographs and papers. The Nash Collection offers a window into a world gone by.

Former prime minister Sir Walter Nash became involved in local politics from his arrival in Wellington in 1909. His personal papers are a treasure trove of information about World War II, the birth of the New Zealand Labour Party, as well as every noteworthy issue of the day.

Without them, a hole would exist in the nation’s historical record.

From the same building, chief archivist Marilyn Little will soon start an investigation into the deletion of Prime Minister John Key’s text messages.

Her inquiry stems from a request by the Green Party. It is a spot of political point-scoring, exploiting Key’s embarrassing friendship with hit-job blogger Cameron Slater. But politicking aside, the investigation is truly important.

In the age of the spin doctor, we now rarely know what a politician really thinks. Their response to a crisis is packaged up into palatable soundbites for news bulletins. Biographies, sympathetically penned by acolytes and admirers, have become another election campaign weapon.  

But years later, after the politician’s death, papers, communications and diaries are archived for the historians, researchers and academics to pore over. The most valuable lay bare the private thoughts of a national leader – revealing more than we could ever hope to guess in real time. These are the foundations of text books and gripping historical biographies.

It would be a shame if Key’s correspondence was forever confined to the digital dustbin. He has been in the front seat during some momentous events in New Zealand’s history – the Canterbury earthquakes, Pike River mining disaster, historic Treaty settlements, two royal visits and ground-breaking diplomatic relations with China.

He “textses” regularly with other world leaders – and has talked publicly about receiving messages from British Prime Minister David Cameron, Prince William, Aussie counterparts Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott.

Key deletes his text messages for security reasons, should his phone fall into the wrong hands. Given the recent scrutiny over his textual relations with Slater – and the recent rash of malicious hacking – he has every reason to be wary.

Andrea is such a hypocrite…she has after all had textual relations with me…and phone calls…plus a few other people I am sure she wouldn’t want me to name, including one of the best proponents of the dark arts.

All these sanctimonious hypocrites have one thing in common…they do precisely what they decry others for doing.

Her texts between a minister and herself would be far, far more interesting for the National Archives than the rather boring and mundane texts I have had with the Prime Minister.

The media just can’t help themselves in prolonging Dirty Politics…wait until Dirty Media starts getting outed, then we will see the cat amongst the pigeons.

It will happen one day…they set the bar so low with their behaviour over Dirty Politics they will hardly be able to complain when someone does it to them.


– Fairfax


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  • Chiefsfan73

    I for one cannot wait for them to choke on that which they have so gleefully served up for others. Good thing unemployment is fairly low, at least they stand some chance of re-employment, though I doubt long lunches will be part of the deal.

  • Teletubby

    When I read this article I kept asking myself where the line is. If all the Prime Ministers texts must be recorded and handed to Archives NZ then should all his phone calls be recorded and archived as well. This is just another example of the media being desperate to get a hit on John Key. No matter what they say or do those polls just won’t move their way.

  • Not Clinically Insane

    Two-faced isnt even the start of it….

  • Teletubby

    Looking back I wondering if Peter Dunne was not a foolish, desperate man with low standards would any of us know who Andrea Vance is. She has leveraged the whole Kitteridge thing for every bit she could get out of it interms of making sure her name was splashed all across the media. While I know she came to NZ with her News of the World history, for what that’s worth, she had no name recognition in NZ but she has very cleverly fixed that

    • Aucky

      How the hell did she get to reside and work here TT? Journos are ten a penny and she certainly has no special qualities to add or to improve the ‘profession’ in NZ.

      • Teletubby

        I wondered the same thing, I tried googling (no Mr Dunne it’s google with g not ogle) her this morning to see if she was born here but just to prove what a non entity she was before the Dunne affair I couldn’t find any real history prior to her being at DomPost, other than what she wrote herself. She isn’t even on Wikipedia so definitely nobody, but I digress. Back to your point, I would love to know on what grounds she got her visa/ work permit or whatever it is called. Is it public record does anyone know?

        • Aucky

          OBN in the Press Gallery?

        • Bryan

          she is ex News of the World reporter and we all know what they got up to in britian. the messages i would like to see are those of a meeting held in wgtn 10 weeks before the election where the left was there in force with two special guests to plan election tatics and suddenly hager has the data for another book.


    what a load of drivel. I couldn’t even finish reading what she had to say.

  • PhantomsDoc

    I believe that Russel Norman and Meturia Turei, Peter Dunn, Winston Peters, Hone Harawera and Laila Harre, David Cunliffe and Jamie White should all have their phones and e-mails audited and saved for posterity as a window into the “Dirty Politics” election of 2014. Such a treasure trove of the working and manipulations of the electoral process would be a wonderful window into the workings of NZ politics for future generations.

    I’d suggest that Peter Dunn be the first to get audited, closely followed by Russell Norman’s.

  • HSV325

    She’s just a 2 faced cow

  • Isn’t it time that the emails between her and Dunne were leaked?

    [email protected]

    • caochladh

      Absolutely! it would be a great insight into how a ruthless, relentless female Pirhana goes about ensnaring a feebly minded, vunerable politician for personal gain.

    • Gaynor

      Most definitely in the public interest.

  • johnnyB

    This is bordering on the ridiculous to use the example of Walter Nash’s communication stretching back to 1909 and its ‘Treasure Trove’ of information as an example of why John Key should not delete his texts in 2014. ‘Back in the Day’ does Andrea really think if Walter didn’t want something to come out he would put in writing? or put every little nasty detail of Politics of the time on paper? – how about his un electronic phone communication or his unrecorded oral communication which there would have been substantially more of for heavens sake. The only reason they want access to John Keys texts is to dig dirt don’t try and justify it by re inventing history.

  • ChrisMcM77

    I would like to see the official notes that were taken when the leaders of the Green Party and New Zzealand First met with the financial backer of the Internet Party. These should also be part of our Archives.

  • YoungA

    “In the age of the spin doctor, we now rarely know what a politician really thinks.”

    My God, Andrea, where have you been for the last few thousand years of politics? The only thing that has ‘changed’ is the medium of communication – not the Art of War A.K.A. manipulation *of* communication/what is communicated. The two are very distinct and very different. She couldn’t even get that one point right.

  • Eiselmann

    When you point the finger at someone there are three fingers pointing back at you…as my dad would say ‘…make sure that if you accuse someone of something they can’t accuse you of the same thing…’ wonder when the MSM will click to this , personally if I was gunning for WO or Key I’d want to be squeaky clean.

  • Michael_l_c

    The whole dirty politics saga is boring, apart from who did it, who paid & who organised it. Really who cares.
    AV & the rest of the media are unable to get over the fact that National won the election despite their best, very poor, efforts. National winning, means most people don’t give a stuff about what the media think and if like me would prefer them to stick to real news rather than insipid, feel good, my opinion means something, boring garbage.
    The reason for the decline of the media to this level & plummeting, apart from insisting on inflicting their politics, is laziness, it is far easier to regurgitate old rubbish than find new real news.
    Old media are going the way of so many dinosaurs a few survived in different forms, crocodiles. Good riddance to them.

    • BlitzkriegNZ

      Don’t insult crocodiles, they’re awesome and evolved alongside dinosaurs. Turkeys are direct dinosaur descendants and the MSM, acting just like one, have a shotgun called freed pointed at their heads.

  • Pharmachick

    I have two words for Andrea Vance … “Millie Dowler”.


  • kiwihornplayer

    It bring tears to the eyes to think that at some future day JK will be judged by journalists and researchers pouring over the MSM pages of diatribe that have issued during the lead up to the election and its aftermath.

  • spanishbride

    I don’t recall anyone asking for Helen’s texts. Did they have cell phones back in those dark ages?

  • TreeCrusher

    It is funny how the whole premise of her article is for future generations to have access, however, given a favorable (to her anyway) outcome, she would be the first to argue these texts should be discoverable under the OIA.

    If text messages become discoverable it will be back to face to face discussions only and proabably through third parties for many. To be fair, after “dirty politics” that is probably how a lot of political business is being undertaken at the moment anyway.

  • KGB

    Most of us are tired of ‘Dirty Politics’ left or right. We would like to see what we have been promised for many months…the truth. I cannot stand her, I don’t believe anything she writes, however I’m am sick of her getting away with it. She is in my opinion the worst ‘journalist’ in NZ politics. She is allowed to continue her dribble week after week. Please fix this.

  • Dog Breath

    This demand is a nonsense on so many levels. For a start txt is now only one form of messaging, it is being challenged in the App layer or space by such things as FB messenger whose aim is to become the txt msg provider of choice. How does anyone think they can control this space. Further like it or not phones delete txt msgs automatically, they were never designed to conform with NZ archive act. Further txt is not far removed from voice communication so extending that means every time the PM talks its recorded and why only the PM which leads into my last point. We would not even be having this conversation if the PM was anyone else but John Key which makes it the biggest nonsense of all.