The hypocrisy of Hamas

If you thought the hypocrisy of the NZ Herald was bad, how about Rachel Smalley’s favourite terror group Hamas.

They have come out condemning the violence in Paris perpetrated in the name of ISIS and Al Qaeda, their sponsors and brother in terror, but just a few short weeks ago were celebrating the terrorists who killed four worshippers in a synagogue in Jerusalem.

Hamas has been advocating violence and hatred since it’s founding in 1987. The organization has executed horrific terror attacks, and continues to glorify martyrdom and indoctrinate youth, encouraging them to become terrorists. Yet, following the attack on the Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris, Hamas suddenly decided to condemn violence, stating that, “differences of opinion and thought cannot justify murder.”

On Wednesday, January 7, twelve people were murdered by terrorists at the Charlie Hebdo magazine offices in Paris. The terror attack shocked France and the international community as a brutal offense on freedom and democracy.  Many leaders around the world sent their condolences to the French people and condemned the violence and terrorism they have faced.

Surprisingly, one of the organizations to condemn the attack was Hamas. On Saturday, January 10, the terror organization released a statement in French and Arabic saying that Hamas “condemns the attack against Charlie Hebdo magazine and insists on the fact that differences of opinion and thought cannot justify murder.”

This statement is proof of Hamas’ blunt hypocrisy and double standard. Only a few months ago the terror organization celebrated the death of Israeli civilians and praised the terrorists who performed the attacks.

On November 18, 2014, terrorists murdered five Israeli civilians in a synagogue in Har Nof, Jerusalem. The terrorists entered the synagogue during morning prayers and attacked the men with a rifle and a knife. Hamas’ reaction to this attack was far from condemnation.  

Mushir al-Masri, a Hamas spokesman, called the attack a “heroic action.”

Masri also published a photo of the attackers, calling them heroes.

Additionally, he posted an alarming cartoon in order to promote the attack on social networks.


Husam Badran, responsible for Hamas’ foreign relations, described the attack as a “quality action.” In another post, he wrote: “A message to all members of national security in the West Bank. You are trained and you have the weapons and the ability to act. There is no doubt that there are many patriots amongst you. Now, you can see the young people of the West Bank are fighting without weapons. Some of you can make a significant change in the resistance. Turn your weapons against your enemies and ours. Write your names in the true list of honor.”

This double standard on the issue of targeting civilians reveals the extent of Hamas’ hypocrisy.

It is sickening that an organisation that kills homosexuals and drags them behind motorbikes, puts their own women and children in harm’s way as human shields to protect their weapons, uses aid monies, equipment and supplies to build attack tunnels instead of building infrastructure for their people and whose own charter preaches death to all Jews has the temerity to come out and pretend they abhor violence.

Of course watch now as the media laps this up and praises Hamas for their enlightenment…and then come the summer the rockets will rain down once again on Israel’s civilian population.


– IDF Blog


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  • Cadwallader

    Will Cam be discussing Hamas with Smallbrain today? She’ll get flustered and there’ll be “you knows” and “sort ofs” being spat out at a high velocity.

  • symgardiner

    Are the Hamas hypocrites? Or is this entirely consistent with their world view that Israel and Jews should be expunged from the earth? They are even more anti-Jew than Hitler and co. – although no where near as successful.

  • Isherman

    Didn’t make any mention of the attack on the Kosher Supermarket attack though did they, it was two days later and as of this time of writing I can find no such statement of condemnation of that attack from Hamas, though I have found a Hamas linked publication that overtly praises the CH attacks, go figure. This has more to do with separating themselves from being labeled in the same vein as ISIS, Al Qaeda etc. Its maneuvering and nothing more.

  • Kevin

    So if the journalists had been Jews it would have been all ok …

  • david

    Maybe it hypocrisy. Maybe its fear of backlash. I don’t think we should knock it. We are not going to beat 1.6 billion Muslims by force, and we shouldn’t need to, We need to change people’s mindset. The more Muslims that condemn violence (for whatever reason) the less certainty extremists will have that their interpretation is supported.


      Sorry David, your ‘mindset’ puzzles me……

      • david

        I am not trying to kid you, I don’t know the answer. But I think we should be encouraging all Muslims to speak out against violence. The response to CH has been a grudging acceptance in some quarters that murder is not an appropriate response to perceived slights. That, given what the Koran says on the subject, is a huge advance.

        • IKIDUNOT

          That might well be so, however in the case of Hamas, you could be ‘accused’ of not really having a good understanding of the unspeakable murders they have committed, encourage and celebrate…..

          • david

            I could be accused of all sorts of things. I think I do have a reasonable understanding. We need to use our understanding to seek solutions.

  • Andy

    I watched the Tommy Robinson Oxford Union talk (just Google it) today. Very worth watching. He raises some some shocking issues about radical Islam in the UK

    • raumatirover

      Just watched it (bloody scary)and then a piece ‘Tommy Robinson v rapper Aklara” Tommy’s getting hammered on a left-wing panel show “free speech” – ironic when they’re abusing Tommy, calling him a bigot,racist etc but not backing it up with evidence.

  • spanishbride

    Even the cartoon is a lie. The ‘heroic’ terrorists killed UNARMED people at prayer.

  • Nesher

    condemned the attack against Charlie Hebdo magazine but didn’t condemn the
    attack in Jewish grocery store. HAMAS is stating that that “differences of
    opinion and thought cannot justify murder” but being a Jew is a good enough
    justification for them.

  • grumpy

    This is sooooooooo good, Tim Blair, Aussie journalist.

  • tinfoilhatguy

    Hamas are simply using the attack for political point scoring – they want to get on to the International Criminal Court so they can jump up and down about evil Israel every chance they get.

    Under the hood they’re still froth-at-the-mouth rabid murdering scum with their Jew killing wet dreams.

  • Bryan

    i thought what was interesting was Nasrallah the hisbolla guy came out and said these two guys have done more damage than the cartoons, the whole world has awoken to the real nasty side of Islam and like a sleeping giant average people are rising up right across the world and quietly speaking out with calm argument against the bully tactics that this religion has used for years and naming and shaming their stupid statements for what they are.
    And then to make it worse you get a cleric in saudi arabia makes his classic call about snowmen which makes them even more the target of redicule and laughter. and the whole issue of standing up to their abuse of our Christian based freedoms to demand their rights which in fact are nothing more than a threat to bully us more if we don’t give them their way. I can see many countries changing their laws to clearer define who and for what the human rights laws can be used, and united nations are going to get told to get stuffed and stop interfering in our country, as they have gone to far