So who is the idiot that put the cup on?


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  • intelligentes candida diva

    Cats dogs….I love both, my guess is the”idiot” was a human.

  • jude

    I hate seeing cruelty to animals. Some sick idiot may have found that amusing, but I felt sorry for the cat.
    The dog, bless him, deserves a treat for coming to the rescue like that:)

    • Dumrse

      The sicko was holding the camera. That said, like C4M, I have rescued the cat food tin off the cats snout so I guess the difference is I didn’t run for the camera.

  • cows4me

    Our cat use to do that all the time, he couldn’t help himself. Use to push his head into the cat food can to get the very last bits out of the bottom then run around with a can stuck on his head. I actually have a video of it somewhere.

  • manuka416

    The dog put the cup on. Just for a laugh.