Imagine how much time you’d spend in jail if you actually worked closely with the hacker

Imagine how much time you’d spend in jail if you actually worked closely with the hacker…especially if you actually helped plan the whole hack attack.

I’m looking at you Mr Hager, Mr Fisher and Mr Nippert.

A journalist with connections to the hacking collective Anonymous has been sentenced to five years in jail after posting online links to stolen data.

Barrett Brown originally faced charges punishable by more than 100 years in prison, but the sentence was reduced after he pleaded guilty last year.

He said he broke the law to reveal details of illegal government activity.

The case drew criticism from advocates of free speech and media rights organisations.

One of Mr Brown’s supporters is Glenn Greenwald, a journalist who publicised the National Security Agency (NSA) spying programme revealed by whistle-blower Edward Snowden.  

Brown, a 33-year-old US journalist, became an advocate for Anonymous and was often interviewed about the group.

He was arrested after posting a link to data hacked from defence intelligence firm Stratfor.

In April he pleaded guilty to three charges, including obstruction of a police search, making internet threats and a charge related to his involvement in the sharing of the Stratfor data.

Hackers in general think they are crusaders for justice, in actual fact they are criminals, just smart one, but criminals nonetheless, no better than scumbag burglars who rip off people’s stuff while they are at funerals.

Journalists like to hang with the bad guys because they too think they are crusaders for justice but are often too stupid to realise that they are simply aiding and abetting crimes.

I wonder how those three in particular would handle having their private communications spread everywhere “in the public interest”.

I know of one who probably doesn’t want his mates in the media to know where he got his award winning stories from.




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  • deepthroat42

    Interesting also that Lynn Prentice has boasted on his blog about having access to your stolen emails and being part of the group that was involved in advising on the release strategy.

    • Yes a rather silly claim that he will come to regret.

    • spanishbride

      Stupid man. Not only has he implicated himself he has also admitted that he is useless at what he does. Cam is still standing. Whaleoil is stronger than before.
      They attacked from every angle, revenue, contacts, friends, family, radio, Television, social media, newspapers, a book and stiil he is still standing.
      I will never forgive them for hurting our friends. They will pay one way or another for that.

      • I’ll tell you something…. about a year ago, with my “level” of access to knowledge and how things work, I spent a considerable amount of time war gaming how to take Cam Slater down. The purpose was to figure out ways that others might do so and succeed.

        Now, to be honest, it never struck me that there might be an illegal dimension to it. This was my mistake to think that way, but then we tend to assume people are like us, to our detriment sometimes.

        I couldn’t find a way to destroy Cam Slater, and knew nobody else could either. The only person that can destroy Cam Slater is Cam Slater. It is the choices he makes, that ultimately will gain or lose him support.

        I must admit to some satisfaction to being proved right in the sense that Cam is untouchable by outside forces.

        Whenever people meet Cam and spend a little time with him, they remark that he isn’t at all what they expected. In short, he’s nice, friendly, and fun to be around.

        Willie Jackson likes Cam. Trotter likes Cam. They have a degree of intellectual honesty lacking in party strategists, sysops, some media and a bunch keyboard warriors.

        They hate him because he is a constant irritant to them, and they hate him because he’s so phenomenally good at what he does. The continue to make the same mistakes over and over again and are driving themselves nuts with frustration.

        We saw that both Bradbury and Prentice want Cam to ‘just go away’ as he’s a blight on their reputations as bloggers and Whaleoil as a blog. The question is: why not just ignore Cam?

        They have taken up electronic arms against him. They have taken up media arms against him. They have taken up financial arm against him. They have take up social media/reputational arms against him. All of it has failed to deliver their objective: to reduce his power to the point where he becomes insignificant.

        And there is the rub. Cam is in your political and media life whether you ignore him or whether you attack him. There is only one way to make it stop, and that’s going to require drastic action that is definitely illegal.

        People who can not cope with the fact there is someone who simply communicates ideas, and wants that person to be silenced instead of putting up better ideas may finally resort to doing something really stupid.

        Je suis Whaleoil

        • Cadwallader

          I sincerely hope the NZ Police don’t let Cam and this blog down.

    • Odd Ball

      A yearning to be relevant somehow?, it’s never a good plan to associate yourself with immoral & criminal behaviour.

      • …but the end justifies the means!

  • symgardiner

    I suspect Cam is not going to be so nice as JK was to that dodgy ‘cup of tea’ journalist. An apology may not cut the mustard.

    • Dave

      I sincerely hope Cam treats them exactly the way they have treated him, its called Karma. Personally, i have only spoken to Cam for a minute or so, but found him exceptionally polite and informative. Certain media members have made their beds, time for them to lie in their own excrement!

  • BloodyOrphan

    Throw the book at them, instigate some real law about hacking and enforce it!

  • sandalwood789

    “I wonder how those three in particular would handle having their private
    communications spread everywhere “in the public interest”.

    Well, we know that Hager squealed like a schoolgirl when his house was searched by the police.
    What hypocrisy.
    Perfectly happy for other people’s privacy to be invaded but he squeals when the shoe is on the other foot.

    Why isn’t the search of Hager’s house “in the public interest” (which is so often his defense)?

    • I certainly think it is in the public interest to know where Hager gets all his material from, don’t you? ;)

      • sandalwood789

        Yes, absolutely.

        • I honestly don’t see that test as any different to see where Cam gets his information from. Goose and Gander. And they can both be journalists for this theoretical exercise.

          One difference is that Cam’s information was taken illegally, and Hager’s legally (through a warrant). It may in fact be the latter that will save Hager the exposure, as police will play by the rules, and Rawshark, Hager, media et all, did not.

  • Wallace Westland

    And not just criminals in the case above they are also traitors or spies. Assange (Spy) and Snowdon (Traitor) come to mind.

  • sandalwood789

    I’ve just read the article.

    The guy who was jailed used exactly the same defense that Hager and co used – “oh, it was done in the public interest.”

    What is even more interesting is that he was a journalist and yet he was still jailed. There have been some opinions bandied around that journalists could get away with more stuff like this than ordinary people could. I hope that is not the case and that journalists are just as subject to the law as anyone else is.

  • Dave

    Lets see….. Oh. but, it is in the public’s interest. Well, who decides, a scumbag hacker, a politician, the GCSB… no. A Judge will ultimately decide, and the hackers and those that distribute hacked / stolen info need to realize this game they have been playing is well and truly up.

  • Davo42

    That’s how justice should be done, unfortunately our liberal judges and weak system of “justice” will let these clowns off with a slap with a wet bus ticket.

    • Sally

      There is one thing that will get those involved their comeuppance. political parties are involved and certain politicians have some scores to settle.

  • 1951

    I wonder if the half-sucked throatie is having trouble sleeping.