Impressive fuel economy from Isuzu D-Max


As readers will know I picked up an Isuzu D-Max LS Double cab from Southern Autos in the week before Christmas.

The good folk there had even put some Whaleoil logos on the front doors and on the rear gate. The tank was also full.

Yesterday was the day I needed to fill it up again. That is 19 days without filling up. It was also 780km since I picked up the ute.

I’m impressed. That was a mixture of city and motorway driving as well.

I’m pretty sure on a long trip I reckon it would get close to 1000kms without a fill. The tank takes 76 litres. 

According to the manufacturers specifications the D-Max is capable of the following performance:


Mine has an automatic transmission, so the second set of figures are the one to look at.

As you can see I was between the Extra Urban and Combined specifications…so that is pretty good.

The truck drives well, and is a reasonable sized unit. The LS doesn’t have all the fruit that the LS-T has, but is extremely functional and comfortable.

My son is 6’5″ and he can easily sit in the rear seat behind me without too much discomfort.

I will blog about the other specs later, but for now, after my first fuel stop I have to say I’m impressed.

As an aside I popped in to see Mark Mitchell yesterday afternoon and he has a Holden Colorado…for all intents and purposes this is exactly the same vehicle…I’m serious…it is…right down to the mirrors, the dash, the storage spaces, and dash layout.

So far after nearly three weeks I am quietly impressed with the Isuzu D-Max.

Go and see the folks at Southern Autos and check out your vehicle needs, they will look after you.

They don’t just sell Isuzu and their sister site is a Ford dealership as well. Both new and used cars are available, and make sure you tell them you read about them here.

Southern Autos


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  • HSV325

    It should get a little bit better once you have around 10k on the clock. Very hotly contested market with these types of vehicles and unfortunately Toyota has been asleep at the wheel with a new generation Hilux.

    • Stuarts.burgers

      Yea did you set the Ford Ad this morning it seems that Ranger is now the biggest selling Ute on the market. Lets see what Toyota come back with.

      • Toyotas have been poos since 2005, the new model won’t help. too many companies and fleet managers have been burned by Toyota.

        The only reason they continued to be number one until last year was inertia.

        They are the most expensive pieces of junk on the road.

        • Je Suis Charlie – Respect!!

          1kz and D4D engines were dogs. Too highly strung – a grenade with the pin pulled in some cases.

          • HSV325

            Yep we have had 4 go bang in the last 3 years. We only lease for 160k now as anything over 200k with these engines is tick tock tick tock BOOOOM!

        • Disinfectant

          Agree that Toyota priced themselves out of the market. What happened was that the competition was catching up fast and they forgot to look behind them to see it.
          The D4D was a dog early on with the carbon/injector problem. It now seems to be sorted – well I hope so as I have a later version. Maybe the 7,000 km’s servicing periods are helping in this respect, but then all the competition is around 15,000 km’s before servicing.
          And as for Toyota parts prices – take the bank along with you. They have always been expensive, so everyone for years have sourced their parts from the wreckers. You would think that they would wake up. As the old saying goes – fat, dumb and happy.

        • Alright

          …just like the Corolla.

  • Blue Tim

    Colorado has a different engine.

  • dgrogan

    With oil now under US$50 a barrel, is fuel economy that relevant?

    • Jafarma

      Indeed. It’s even not too painful filling up my Jeep which uses 14litres/100kms!

  • 2rotorbro

    D-Max have a very good rep. D-Max, Ranger & Amorak are smoking the venerable Hilux. Don’t hear anything negative about the Colorado.

  • The wildman

    Ha!i have a little diesel vectra am using a 50/50 split of diesel and filtered used cooking oil no probs yet.would swap it for an isuzu in a heartbeat.very popular here in thailand.(on holiday getting teeth done).saving even more money.were getting ripped back home.

  • NZ Groover

    Cam, I’m wondering if this could be classed as native advertising. I know you’ve rallied against this in MSM publications. May cause you problems in the future.

  • friardo

    Damn, that’s one gay ute.