“Independent” political commentator Bryce Edwards has no clue

Labour leader Andrew Little and Prime Minister John Key are both due to give their State of the Nation speeches tomorrow.

So, after last year’s lively election campaign and the ensuing Labour leadership race, what can we expect from this year in politics? And why are both of them giving their speeches on the same day?

Otago University politics lecturer Bryce Edwards says Mr Key is probably trying to “stamp out” Mr Little by giving him as little oxygen as possible.

But Dr Edwards says that might be difficult, with much of the media’s attention likely to be on his attempt to rebuild the Labour Party following the disastrous election result last year.

“John Key will be trying to snooker him at every turn, and stop him from getting publicity.”

Nice try framing this Bryce, but as you well know, the opposite is happening.  There is going to be relentless attention on Andrew Little from National to balance up the “independent” fluffery that you and your good leftie media mates are planning.

Andrew Little isn’t wanted by the majority of his own party, he isn’t wanted by the majority of his own cabinet, and he is definitely not wanted in his own electorate.

He nervously slipped in being the last Labour list MP into parliament, and is only there but for the grace of his union mates.  His union mates who are going to want payback.  They never got it from David Cunliffe – he was a lame duck – so now the pressure is on Angry Andy to deliver for the boys in the smoko room.

Like David Cunliffe, we will see two-faced Andy.  One that is trying to calm the horses out front, lest the public discover his hard left and extreme leanings when it comes to certain things, and the other is for the union faithful that will want to hear how he’s going to deal with compulsory unionism, cancelling the 90 day trial period, the living wage, paid parental leave, extended holidays, the return of meal and break times at specific times, and a generally employer hostile stance.

Just like Cunliffe, Angry Andy is stuffed.   He can’t take a middle of the road path without dumping on his support base.  And while he talks gently to the press and the public, they will become increasingly worried that his private assurances to them that he’ll get to it closer to the election might not work out.

Labour parties the world over are being suffocated by their union paymasters.

It’s going to be delicious to watch.

– 3 News


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  • I can’t believe how much of a cuddle-fext Angry Little is getting from the media – newspapers, magazines, TV etc. Everywhere you turn it seems we are being given more ‘good news’ on Mr Little.
    Don’t tell me it isn’t an orchestrated MSM campaign. There is simply too much of it to be random editorial or news scheduling.

    • Hard1

      Little could be styrofoam and he’d still be on the front page.

    • mommadog

      He wont actually have to employ anyone as his media rep the way this is going. The MSM must know labour is broke and is giving him all the coverage for free

  • Hard1

    A. Little is like a dam in the dry season. There is nothing to say about him, nothing to write about, except a lack of purpose. He is redundant.

  • Lance Ralph

    Striking to me are the similarities between Andrew Little’s status as the union’s man in NZ politics and the position of Ed Miliband in UK politics, neither seems to be especially wanted and both are far from impressive but both in place due to the unions and both somewhat beholden to them.
    I would add,as personal background, I have been a member of 3 different trades unions in my working life. I am rather ashamed now to look back on this.

    • R&BAvenger

      Don’t be ashamed mate. You made your choices then. You can’t undo them, just make better choices in the future.

    • Dave_1924

      Nothing worng with being a member of a Union, Lance. A well run Union focused on members rights and negotiating T&C’s for members is a vital part of stopping exploitation in the work palce.

      The issue is the Union Movement has been highjacked by extremists who want general society completely reshaped into their communism inspired vision.

      Unions of workers are, in my view at least, worthwhile and beneficial if sticking to their knitting

    • Amanda Atkinson

      It’s just a cycle Lance, and where you fit into it. Big business in the old days absolutely exploited workers. Crap wages, massive hours, and dangerous work places reigned. Unions were formed because workers lives literally depended on it. The unions were needed. They fought for safer work places, less hours and higher wages, all noble fights. But then, after the job is done, you have high powered union bosses with no cause anymore. These bosses are being paid from the union fees of the thousands of workers, and these workers start to say “what are we paying you for, you aren’t doing anything?” .. so then the cycle becomes destructive. They start to strike about everything, just to justify to their members why they should keep paying their union fees. The end up ruining business, crippling the state. You end up with 87 people required to hold one rope at a wharf. You end up with factory workers not being able to change a light bulb, because they have to call the company sparky in from home at 2.33am and pay him 4 hours call out fee. The unions move to their destructive phase. THey destroy businesses, and end up turning the public against them. The unions get broken, because they move from necessary advocates to destroyers of business. In that vaccum, you get a few rat bag businesses who begin to exploit again, and try to rip off their workers. Government steps in and puts in employments laws to protect workers. Unions are not longer relevant or required. That is over simplification but you get the picture. No shame in being a union member. The trick is knowing when the job is done, and can “safely” stop paying your union fees.

  • Cadwallader

    So, JK is going to “stamp out” then “snooker” Little Angry? Why should he bother when Little Angry is a barely palatable union stooge without any identifiable electoral support? I think Dr Bryce needs a reality pill or two. Why the msm needs to over-inflate the alleged threat of having Little Angry as Labour leader is mystifying. Labour is heading nowhere.

  • Dave

    John key will be trying to snooker him” Yes Bryce, whatever you say, so did John key force Andrew to say “Employers are parasites? What else has John Key snookered Angry Andy on ?

    I seriously doubt JK will even look sideways to Angry Andy, he knows Angry Andy is like an annoying mosquito, a high pitched hum, an irritating stinger/prick, and one swat and they are gone.

    PS: Bryce, another similarity between Angry Andy and a mosquito – both are short term pests, neither will last long.

  • Jas

    Why do the Unions reckon they will every get compulsory unionism back in place?

    • Not Clinically Insane

      Because they’re dinosaurs. Or Helen Kelly

    • Annoyed

      Because they control the Labour Party and the Green Party and those parties will get in together at some point. Compulsory Unionism would be a set in stone part of the support agreement one would think.

  • Yeah, right, whatever…

    “the boys in the smoko room.” Love it!!

  • In Vino Veritas

    What I find surprising is that Angry Andy gets to make a “State of the Nation” speech at all. After all, he is the leader of a minority party, not the PM, and I would have thought that any SOTN speech should be from the governing party and its leader?

    • Dave_1924

      ? Why…. its not an official SOTN speech and neither is Key’s. They are informal framing speechs to service clubs etc….

      The offical SOTN is The Speech from the Throne at the opening of Parliament. That is when the Government sets out its official SOTN and plan going forward and where the Opposition getting to respond……

      /pedantic I know….

      • In Vino Veritas

        Gotcah Dave. I thought this was some sort of US style number. And was miffed that a wannabe gets to have his finger in the pie.

        • Dave_1924

          sorry about the tone of my reply…… its a bit finger pointy on reflection

    • Think ‘Media Enabled”. That is how it gets to happen.

  • pak

    I would like to see New Zealand have an effective opposition leader. Little is not that person, as this incisive slicing and dicing expose’ above makes abundantly clear.

  • cows4me

    If Edwards can talk Little up he should join Suzanne Paul and make some real money.

    • andrew carrot

      She went broke

      • cows4me

        She’s still on the box selling crap so Edwards would be amongst kinfolk.

      • Dave

        Yes, as C4M said, that’s just another reason Edwards should join Suzanne Paul. Oh, and they both love to rabbit on and on.

  • Quinton Hogg

    Does anyone have any idea who Mr Little is addressing and where or is it a media secret?
    Just curious…

    • Breakfast meeting on the Auckland waterfront. Invited guests only.

      • Quinton Hogg

        Thank you.
        If it is invite only then the audience will be all Selwyn Pellets mates then.

        • Yep. The independent media that donate to Andy and then turn ’round and claim their news is top drawer unbiased.

      • Hard1

        So Little’s enablers choose the trendiest, most unequal swept up rich mates faux NZ tourist trap setting within sight of superyachts to prattle on about child poverty and inequality to an adoring bunch of fellow travellers ?.

      • Sally

        Well the MSM headlines will be:
        “Little well received by prominent Auckland business people.”

  • MrBarrington

    The obvious JK strategy is to pretend Angry doesn’t exist… JK talks up the positive and the benefits and the challenges of the global landscape… what’s Angry going to talk about?? How stupid voters are for allow National another 3 years?? Any other negative memes that the unions and Little are desperate to peddle…

  • caochladh

    I truly detest this man. He sees the necessity to put his own twisted slant In all his diatribe. To think this imbecile is influencing our children is beyond the pale. He should be following Professor Bill Hodge excellent example and judge on facts and merits.

  • stephen2d

    He got gazumped this morning on red radio by susie Fergusson of all people! :)

  • Wallace Westland

    The beauty of MMP.
    This clown had to wait for the specials to see if he even got into Parliament. And he just squeaked in.
    Now he’s the leader of NZ’s main opposition party, What a joke!

  • 1951

    Dr. Edwards….? In case you are up late peeking in on-line…….what Cam writes is right.