Instead of banging on about global warming perhaps the Pope might like to sort out his paedophile priests

The Pope has been cuddling up to Muslims, and banging on about global warming, but instead of doing that perhaps he should focus on cleaning up and getting rid of his paedophile priests.

TVNZ reports:

A Catholic priest who viewed a NSW school where he taught as a “paedophilic smorgasbord” has been sentenced to a further 13 years for his abuse of 18 boys.

John Sidney Denham, 73, is already in the middle of a jail term, handed to him in 2010 for his sexual assault of boys as young as five.

But Judge Helen Syme sentenced the priest to another 13 years jail for charges stemming from his abuse of 18 boys at St Pius X in the Hunter in the 1970s.

Adding the new charges, Judge Syme calculated Denham had abused 57 children, some repeatedly.

“At St Pius X, the offender operated as if he was at some paedophilic smorgasbord, entitled to abuse boys at any time or place of his choosing,” she told the Downing Centre District Court in Sydney.

“It defies belief that his abuse of children was not only widely known but ignored or condoned by those in authority.”

The boys were attacked in public and private – in the playground, in the principal’s office and even outside the confessional.

He will be eligible for parole in 2028.

Hopefully he will be dead by then.

What he really needs is a good long stretch off a short rope.




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  • Alright

    Do his priests join up because they prefer boys, and nuns girls?

  • James

    haha- brilliant. I could warm to you Cameron. The current Pope left a string of scandals in Argentina before being “promoted” for his work (cover ups). One scandal related to mass secret killings in Argentina by the CIA actually. The CIA and religion- who would have thought. (Better not go into the CIA and Isis here I guess). Popee Poo also just spent $50 million to travel to the Philippines to ‘prey on’ poor children. If he had read the Bi-bal he would be aware of the clauses on Hypocrites. No prizes for guessing which of the most powerful corporations on the planet is behind the Global Warming hoax (the Cycle of the Sun). They have even mapped it out on St Peter’s Square- but still refuse to admit it. Biggest criminal gang on the planet in my view- with their Crown Franchise a close second (now headquartered in Saudi Arabia- not Britain- where they built Mecca – the Black Cube in the 1930’s)