ISIS executes two gay men by throwing them off a tall building [GRAPHIC IMAGES]

The barbaric nature of ISIS and their application of sharia law has reached new depravity.

They have released images and videos of their latest executions including two gay men thrown off a tall building to their deaths, the stoning of a woman and the crucifixion and execution of two others.

VICE News reports on the latest criminal outrage.

The Islamic State has released photos that allegedly show militants executing gay men by throwing them from the top of a tall building in Mosul, Iraq.

Other photos show two men allegedly accused of theft being crucified in a public square. The montage also includes photos of militants stoning a woman to death.

The grisly images all appear to come from an Islamic State video that is not included on the web page on which the photos were posted. The photo site states that it was created January 15 by an organization that calls itself “The Ninevah Province Media Center” and bears the logo and flag of the Islamic State.

The first still image shows a crowd gathered on a square on a cloudy day. The shot is taken from the top of a brown building that appears to be seven or eight stories high. The caption at the bottom of the screen says, “The Muslims come to watch the application of the law.”

The next photo shows a man about to be thrown off the building by what appears to be two Islamic State officials.

WARNING: Graphic images over the break.     


The text at the bottom appears to reference the prisoner as “one of Lot’s people.” The reference is to the biblical inhabitants of Lot’s towns of Sodom and Gomorrah, whose people sinned and were punished by God in the Old Testament for committing sexually deviant acts.

Some Muslims say the Prophet Mohammad said that homosexuality should be punished with death.

The next photo is horrifying, and shows the man in mid-air, falling from the building, with the body of another man on the concrete below him.


The next photo is of two bodies on the sidewalk in front of the building, a pool of blood nearby.


The article goes on to show the execution of two men for unspecified crimes and the stoning of a woman.

 The next photo montage appears to come from a different location and possibly time, as it shows a woman in a black niqab, or full Islamic covering, standing in a wooded area on a sunny day. A man nearby holds the Islamic State flag as what appears to be a bearded IS official reads from a piece of paper. A line of rocks can be seen in the left of the image.


The next photo appears to have been taken some time later, as the woman’s lifeless body is curled up in near fetal position amid a pile of stones, her red socks poking out from under her the now dirty black niqab. One man stands above her casting a final stone.gruesome-photos-show-islamic-state-executing-gay-men-by-throwing-them-from-a-tall-building-body-image-1421526896

These scumbags need eradication.

They disgust me, we live in 2015, not some medieval or feudal system.

I doubt other media will show this, and the reason I have is so we can know our enemy…hiding this away is like saying there was no holocaust.


– VICE News


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  • Kevin

    Islam – a backward and primitive religion created in the middle ages being practiced as if it’s still the middle ages.

  • conwaycaptain

    And of course our Lefty feminists on about the “rape culture” in NZ and who have been v silent on thee matters shown here would be the first to feel the wrath of ISIS as they are Lot’s People of the female variety.

  • rangitoto

    I saw this one today:

    “ISIS killers butcher 13 football fans for watching Iraq play Jordan on TV”

  • Andy

    There is a video on the net of a woman being beheaded in Mecca, apparently by government employees of the Saudi govt. They just did it in the middle of the street.

    • conwaycaptain

      She had been tried for allegedly raping and killing her step daughter and she was executed after Friday prayers in chop chop square in Jeddah

  • petedude

    Absolutely disgusting and unbelievable that this sort of cruel barbarity can happen in the 21st century. We’re headed for a new dark age if Sharia takes over the world – as it will if current Muslim population growth and conversion rates continue unabated.

  • ozbob68

    And this is “Sharia Law”? Somehow I can’t see this catching on at Nelson’s Column, we moved past this sort of behaviour a long time ago.

  • MAWG

    I posted this information in a thread about the conduct of militant islamists and the west’s response a few days ago, and it appeared to be moderated out.

    When the CEO of Mozilla was hounded out of his position by activists who disagreed with his position on Gay Marriage, (A position I do not agree with BTW), I thought that the response was far too over the top, but the same voices seem very quiet about this far more heinous crime, because it does not fit the non interventionist narrative that the left seems to espouse.

    There is a coming conflict. The West must fight against this. We are seeing troops on the street in Europe, If these militants refuse to live in our world, there will be no other outcome. The non interventionists need to face facts. We are at war. It is the most asymmetrical warfare we have seen in our history. There are no borders, no states, and this war can erupt anywhere, at any time.

    • Andy

      Brendan Eich was hounded out of his job by a bunch of LBGT Fascists who objected to him exercising his rights under US Law to donate a small amount to an organisation that was in favour of “traditional” marriage.

      My view on same-sex marriage are ambivalent, but the intolerance by these Leftist fascists is no different, in my view, to the intolerance shown by the Islamofascists, which is presumably why the two groups like each other so much

    • Jas

      Activists won’t do anything about this because the people involved are not white males.

  • Isherman

    If the poor fellow in the ‘falling’ pic is the same man with check shirt in the bottom image, it looks like someone even took his sandals or shoes before his body was even cold, he appears to have sandals on the the second image, and barefoot in the third. Going by the colour of the clothing and the position of the body, the man in the top image appears in all three. Pure barbarism.

  • taurangaruru

    More proof that Islam is a peaceful religioin

    • spanishbride

      Don’t be silly the I in ISIS doesn’t stand for Islam. Listen to our Western Leaders, this has nothing to do with Islam.

      Islamic terrorists, putting the MAD in Muhammad for 1400 years!

  • Jimmie

    Nothing to see here, just a bunch of lone wolves hanging out.

    After all the injustices perpetrated on them by imperialist western nations these over -reactions must be expected.

    The best thing for western nations to make amends should be to immediately start a program of providing financial aid to ISIS to make up for years of oppression.

    ………..Now before you start thinking that what I just wrote has no semblance with reality, there are a large number of leftists who think exactly this. I despair for the future of our country if they ever get into government again…..

  • LesleyNZ

    This is horrible. The evil old man with the white beard is at crucifiction shootings and the stoning. Note that there are no women present in the crowd. After reading the English translation of the Quran and reading the above reference to Sodom and Gomorrah it is obvious that Muhammad plagiarized parts of the Bible and twisted context and meaning to suit himself and his ego. What you see above are members of a so-called “religion” headed up by the devil. They dress in black – they are darkness.

  • Kiwimurray

    I’m surprised that the ISIS team did not want to keep the gay guys as sex toys in the event they ran out of goats and camels.

  • Mick Ie

    I am struggling to understand why Western Governments are refusing to acknowledge that Muslims are at war with the West. If ‘peaceful’ Muslims are unwilling to speak out and stand up against the fanatics, does this make them complicit? As it is impossible to filter the good from the bad as they hide amongst their own people, will we soon be forced to view all Muslims as potential terrorists until proven otherwise? There will be no more ‘Innocent Until Proven Guilty’. Ironic considering this is may be one of the reasons they moved to the West in the first place.

    • Rod

      “will we soon be forced to view all Muslims as potential terrorists until proven otherwise?”

      I already do.

  • G-Man

    savage animals still living in the dark ages…they need to be cut out like the cancer they are

  • I.M Bach

    I’m going to scrub the shower today. I’ll scrub and scrub until all the filth is gone. If it ever comes back I’ll scrub some more. It’s a fact of life; some filth just needs to be scrubbed out, however difficult the task may be. (See above for examples of filth. Hint; they aren’t the dead ones.)

  • Cadwallader

    If it wasn’t for the publication of the above images and a few fearless persons like Cam it would be close to impossible to imagine this stone age barbarity was happening. I did not previously mind the tenets of Islam if its followers chose them, but now it is clear that the intention is to swamp the world with this nonsense it is difficult not to want to wage war on these clowns.

  • R&BAvenger

    Highly unlikely that you will see this covered anywhere by our MSM, or referred to by opposition politicians. Good to see the sunlight but can we please be FREED soon?

  • Nige.

    This is sanctioned mob rule using the guise of religion as cover.

    • Adios Africa

      Nope. This is sanctioned religion practice.

  • metalnwood

    When you look at the pictures on the website I can’t say I can really see anyone cheering this grizzly stuff on. I wonder if the crowds were gathered for the photos because they dont seem to be in to it. No doubt as intimidated as anyone else.

  • Nebman

    Yet again the brave lone gunmen fighting the oppression of the West do so with their faces covered.

    At least the evil Garden gnome (presumably the local imam who pronounced the penalty) has his face uncovered.

    Barbarians and Cowards.

  • John1234

    Please don’t use the word ‘execute’ in this context. The word is ‘murder’.

    To me the word ‘execute’ implies some sort of legitimate process.

  • intelligentes candida diva

    Fear, it is the stronghold weapon of the perpetrator.

    They are destructive murderous heathens who proff godly tenets but cowardly implement only the destructive aspects, for what,…. to satiate their power mongering greed and lust.

    I have said it before and say it again I believe it is driven by the manipulating immam and more fool those who dont wake up to this.

  • sarahmw

    And according to ms smalley these people should be saved, yes how dare we think that murderers and drug runners should be put to death. She was referring to the drug runners due to be executed. Oh so so liberal with no idea .

  • Bombastic

    I wonder how lefties cope when two of their favourite things, diversity and Islam, collide in such a ghastly and graphic fashion? I’m guessing they either pretend it didn’t happen (and not report it) or excuse it (“that’s not, or is a different, Islam”).

  • Eiselmann

    Here’s the good news New Zealand circa 2015 does not have laws which allow the killing of homosexuals for being homosexual, we don’t have laws which allow the kidnapping of young girls for sex slaves, we don’t have laws which will kill you if you lose your faith, we don’t have laws that allow fathers to kill their daughters and we can eat bacon… why is it that so many people of influence are apologising and defending the people who want to bring about those laws and ban bacon.
    By 2080 (taken using the yardstick that we are 30 years behind Britain and Muslims believe they will control Britain by 2050) many of our grand children and great grand children will get to jump off the sky tower without any safety equipment unless we all take heed of the warnings, stories like the one above are not the exception they are the rule.

  • tinfoilhatguy

    IS have also just shot 13 teenagers for watching a soccer match on TV. They were lined up and shot in the street.

    I guess their evil, psychotic, mass murdering pedophile prophet wasn’t a fan.

    • BG

      Or just a frustrated Milwall supporter.

      • Eiselmann

        lol Know a hammers fan (not me) that would agree with you …Millwall supporters..gotta love them

        • Deb

          I went to a Milwall game last year #justsayin

  • For once words fail me. These images are so horrific, so sadistic that they beggar belief. Of course there are similar acts carried out by ‘peaceful’ muslims on a daily basis under what they use as an excuse for a religion. We need to wake up and view ALL muslims as potentially at war with the West. This is the 21st Century and at least the West has (with a few exceptions) moved away from such barbarism.
    This will only cease when the Mullahs themselves rail against this type of behaviour. As that will never happen we need to cut this canker out.
    The PC West will only wake up to the threat when time after time attacks on soft targets finally are the straw that breaks and maybe the common man steps up in what will be a bloody civil war. In the meantime we’ll see atrocities such as that in France, London and New York repeated over an over.
    Wake up Wussel and your ilk.

  • zotaccore

    If the western world (plus ME countries) really had any guts they would have mounted massive massive ground forces, gone in, and wiped them out – seriously, there’s enough evidence to do this on humanitarian grounds alone, but will it happen? Maybe eventually but in the meantime hundreds more innocents will be killed – humanity at it’s worst.

    • Left Right Out

      That is exactly what these beasts want… a ground war so they can call it a holy war and call all muslims to arms

  • mark14

    brings a whole new meaning to the terms ‘train’ and ‘tunnel’…

  • David

    Exterminate the ISIS vermin…