ISIS set up English speaking recruitment team

Nothing to do with Islam, of course, but ISIS are branching out their customer service reps into English speaking  countries.

The Islamic State has created an English language group of fighters, whose aim is to bring the terrorist organization’s fight to the West. The first step is to send foreign fighters back home after they have completed their training.

The brigade, which is known as the ‘Anwar al-Awlaki Battalion,’ is made up solely of English speaking jihadists. The Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) now want to use this group of Islamists to plan and carryout terrorist attacks in English speaking countries. The anti-Islamic State group, Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently, made the claims, reported by the International Business Times.

According to the group, which is opposed to IS, the jihadists received their instructions on Thursday to carry out an attack in an English speaking country. Part of the aim of sending militants to Europe and America to carry out attacks, is to try and sway public opinion in the West to stop coalition strikes against IS in Iraq and Syria.

Whether you like it or not, we are at war now.  It won’t be if, it is when we get our turn at the lone wolf gunman nothing to do with Islam event.  

The newly formed English language battalion is named after Anwar al-Awlaki, who was an American born Islamist militant, who died in Yemen after a US drone strike in September 2011. He was responsible for spreading the group’s militant message to European and English-speaking audiences.

Said Kouachi, who was one of the two terrorists involved in this month’s attack on the French magazine Charlie Hebdo, traveled to Yemen and there are unconfirmed reports that he met with al-Awlaki during his time in the Arabian Peninsula.

As you can see, Charlie Hebdo was a random, non-Islam inspired lone wolf gunman thing.   Even so, we need to expect more of them, quite randomly, in Five Eyes and coalition countries.

Just don’t you go blaming Islam though.


– RT



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  • Doug

    Reminds me of the era just before the 2nd world war (in which 50,000,000 people died). Obvious to all that the threat is there, but many nations too weak to do anything to stop the moving tide of organised hate, and massive slaughter until it was too late.

    • Bwent

      A few thousand people have died in the desert. The Shia Muslims, arch Enemy of Israel are being weakened by this Sunni movement.

      What is the problem here?

      • Citizen

        Hamas are Sunni. They are very much anti semites, and current arch enemy of Israel. Along with the muslim brotherhood. Iran are Shia…also arch enemies of Israel, and have joined the fight against daech.

        • Bwent

          While most Palestinians are Sunni, Hamas are not. They are backed by Iran, and friends of Hezbollah. They are used by Iran to divide the Sunni world. “Look, we are doing something about the Jews” Iran is able to say.

          The Islamic State has declared Hamas an apostate group, and before they attack Israel, they will destroy Hamas. Before they attack Israel, they will destroy all Shia Muslims. This current battle is between Sunni and Shia Islam. Before they can form their Caliphate, they need to unite Islam. This is done with the Sword.

          At this point, for all their bluster, the Islamic State is helping Israel. They are attacking the direct enemies of Israel, destroying global support for the Palestinian cause, and pushing Israeli politics to the Right, into the hands of Naftali Bennett.

          He’s going to make a fine leader. A high tech Guru, an ex Special Forces member, and a Religious Jew, he won’t put up with the Hamas scum, unlike Bibi. He will strengthen Fortress Israel.

          And he certainly won’t be beaten by some Islamic State.

  • sandalwood789

    Darned lone-wolf Amish.

  • Bwent

    As the National Party works more and more closely with the Chinese government, we will be able to set up better ways to monitor the population. Only the Chinese know how to deal with terrorists it seems – summary execution.

    The same rules should apply for the Tame Iti / White Power types with their stupid separatist dreams and training camps also.

    • Wheninrome

      The true story there never got told as the police evidence was not allowed, allegedly obtained illegally.
      This is why our Security bill is so important. We need to keep New Zealand as New Zealand is a democratic, equal country where all can have a say freely, not a country where we have training camps for “armies” to push their barrow by force and intimidation.
      Sometimes the greater good is more important.

      • Bwent

        A democratic country where 51% of the people can vote for apathy, cowardice and disarmament? Correction, where 51% of those who bother to vote can say “let people do as they please”?

        No thanks. Give me a constitutional republic any day.

  • Cadwallader

    NZ’s mettle won’t be tested until their is an Islamo atrocity committed in this country. A year or so ago I was sure this would never happen, but as with the Doomsday Clock time is running. No matter how vile the conduct of ISIS is here there’ll still be the apologists amongst our elected representatives. Turei exhausted her dictionary of abuse describing JK this week, what can she muster to describe the real threat?

  • tinfoilhatguy

    Well who didn’t see that coming? Of course they were going to send these scumbags back to carry out attacks on Western soil.

    The problem is, the more they do that, the more people will wake up and fight back. As awful as it is to say, we need a few serious wake up calls to galvanize the resistance and the push-back.

    • Wallace Westland

      Sorry, no. No one is going to fight back. There will be no citizen uprising.
      Not for as long as the government keep up their unfettered immigration policies and we continue to allow the likes of liberal squash player to dictate who can say what in this country with the backing of the police and the wowsers.
      What do you think is going to happen? Those with firearms are going to start marching down the streets taking out Mosques and hanging clerics?
      Until we start pushing back on all the PC rubbish that has been foisted on us for the last 25 years nothing will change.
      Until people can stand up and criticise policy on immigration without fear of being labelled xenophobic and possibly even fined or gaoled there will be no change.
      Until legislation is reviewed an we eliminate the touchy feely PC ministries that are bleeding NZ dry nothing will change.
      There will be no rebellion no uprising nothing. There will just be middle NZ rolling over like a cowed puppy like they do every time.

      • Bwent

        The problem with this country is that it has abandoned the Bible, the Backbone of our culture and constitution.

        All we have left is some vaguely fascist ideas of being a “New Zealander”.

        • Wallace Westland

          Why does the future lie with immigration? Is this the consumerism theory where there must be more people to buy the goods than there are selling and making it?
          Personally your NZ is not mine.
          And my ancestors came here from Scotland and Ireland specifically to get away from the bible bashing excesses of both church and state.

          • Bwent

            No doubt the early Maori said the very same kind of thing you are saying now. “Why should all these Pakeha keep coming in? I don’t like their strict culture, why should I have to live under it?”

            And look what happened to them.

            Life goes on. You will not stem the tide, just as they were not able to. Try as you might, you are not able to freeze New Zealand in time. Any attempt at a Fascist “New Zealand” state will be an abject failure.

            Look what happened to the Lefties when they tried that at the Election.

    • Bwent

      They want 80 countries involved so they can play out their eschatological fantasies of returning messiahs and other such Crusader-Muslim garbage.

      I suggest we aren’t one of the 80. I suggest we don’t play along.

      Let’s deescalate everything instead. Let’s say “Cut each others heads off, enslave and butcher each other in deserts far far away. We, however, do not buy into your apocalyptic fantasy. We are a sovereign nation that has no interest in your holy war, but if you bring that behavior here, we will hang you by the neck until dead”.

      Of course, the usual chorus of idiots, always looking for the next Nazis will chime in with “Well, got to do something”.

      No, we don’t. A bunch of people in black pajamas riding around the desert in Toyotas is hardly armageddon.

  • Rodger T

    The Danes have lost it completely,

    We may have been unfairly maligning the French cos` it appears the Danes have capitulated without a shot being fired .