ISIS takes to cyberwar against France: “Death to France. Death to Charlie”

war isis cyber

Isn’t it amazing these lone wolf gunmen with no relation to radical Islam would elicit a response from ISIS against the French public?

Ezanville was one of the thousands of towns whose website’s home page was replaced with a black ISIS flag, and the message: ‘The Islamic State Stay Inchallah. Free Palestine. Death To France. Death To Charlie.’

The allegedly Anti-Semitic message refers to the satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo, who have recently printed a ‘survivors’ edition after eight of their journalists were murdered in a terrorist attack on January 7.

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula has since claimed responsibility for the attack on its office – as well as another hostage situation in the city, in which four people were killed by Amedy Coulibaly.

How can that be?  AL Qaeda claims responsibility for French gunmen?   How odd.

Coustilliere said the French Defense Ministry’s website also became temporarily inaccessible after it was ‘bombarded’ with fake internet traffic – but described the attacks as nothing more than an ‘annoyance’.

He said: ‘These attacks have no effect on the conduct of our operations.’

While Guillaume Poupard, the general director of ANSSI, says the websites with ‘little computer security’ were being targetted by vandals, adding: ‘It’s not a very complex attack. They’re looking for weak targets.’

This is a war without borders.  It is as much a civil war as it is a cyber war.

The world does not know how to respond to this.  It is new territory.   We are used to thinking of the enemy as “them”, not people who are part of “us”.  And we also can’t cope with the idea that anyone with a computer can reach out and interfere of damage computers anywhere on the planet.

This is a new era, and I wonder how long it will take, and how bad it will get, before we feel justified in shootin our neighbours, or invading otherwise friendly allies’ countries to hunt down ‘soldiers’ that belong to a virtual army.

– Mail Online


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  • steve and monique

    Starting to think this welcome with open arms approach the western World had to different cultures, and immigration has finally bit us all on the collective bum. Is it time to close the borders to groups of people who follow a faith more becoming of murderers, and stone age civilizations. As for those who were welcomed into our homelands in good faith. Well one sign of trouble, and you should have your visas cancelled, and you can return to what you love, and understand. And for those stupid westerners who want to go and fight for this barbaric bunch of retards, feel free to leave, but sorry you are not welcome back. It is time for this outrage to be stomped out, and sent packing back to whatever rock it came out from under. But, will PC bull poo win out.

    • Watcher

      For a wee while longer I fear.

      • thehawkreturns

        Yes. I hope the mass deportations begin in the next 10 years and currently I am picking Holland and Germany to restart the Crusades. Any later and the demographics bode very ill indeed.

    • I felt it at the time – France was a tipping point – and I believe it even more now as I see the way the world is waking to the Islam threat in all its forms.
      In the senseless slaughter in France, ISIS have scored a massive ‘own goal’.

  • Rodger T

    But it has nothing to do with Islam…….: /

    • “That so many of our fearless journalists that shrink like salted slugs whenever some bearded muppet shakes his fist and pretends to be offended”
      This guy is right on the button.

  • MAWG

    John Key has been given a lot of flack for daring to suggest that there are people within NZ who sympathise with the goals of ISIS and ISIL within NZ, and that these people bear watching. While I have agreed with Key from the outset, as have many of you, those who argue against mass surveillance as a challenge to freedom, are now seeing the chilling effects on the freedom we enjoy, as those who would take it from us are allowed to operate with impunity.

  • Wallace Westland

    This lone wolf myth that the MSM is buying into just shows how truly gullible they are.
    Do the Herald and all it’s colleagues around the world truly believe a grocery store shelf stacker and his low life brother had the wherewithal and funds to purchase an AK47 and a rocket launcher?
    Do you just pop into the local gunsmith in Paris fork out 50 euros and ta dah you’re off to a massacre?

    • Albert Lane

      If you have a look at the overseas media, you will find that he had an arsenal of weapons at his home, including an AK47 (another one), a rocket launcher and explosives and I think there was also a stash of cash. The media never tell us where these weapons originated and where the weapons used by all terrorists come from. But you can be sure they were probably from our trading partner C***a. So there needs to be a focus on who is producing this weaponry, and how it so easily gets from its factory to places where it shouldn’t be available.

      • Wallace Westland

        See my reply to Captain Conway above.

    • conwaycaptain

      The guns for the Paris event were bought in BELGIUM

      • Albert Lane

        Yes, but how did they get there? And where were they produced?

      • Wallace Westland

        Sorry. Clearly wasn’t explaining my point. The place of purchase is irrelevant.
        The point is these two mental midgets would not have been able to get the armaments themselves. They had an enabler.
        The fact that an enabler exists makes the “Lone Wolf” proposition of snivellers like Hollande, David Cameron and all the left wing media (which is most of the media) ridiculous. How can it be a lone wolf attach if he has money arms and backing from an outside source?
        It’s an Islamic terrorist attack and the left need to get on their soap boxes and say so.

  • sandalwood789

    And yet the French PM still said that the attack “had nothing to do with Islam”.

  • bubitboy

    The ultimate hypocrites, happy to use the internet to spread their stone age religious garbage.
    What parts of the modern computer and the world wide web did their god design and build? None, it was built by men of science using their powers of reason and the laws of physics and electromagnetism and made available to the masses for the good of humanity.
    What have these religious freaks given to humanity? Beheading videos, death destruction and slavery.
    Have a shave you stone age morons.

  • TSD

    There are people being killed in protests in Pakistan over a cartoon published in France. There have not been deadly protests about children being killed by disciples of Mohammed in Pakistan.

    Religion of peace.

    • Albert Lane

      Yes, one sentence tells a half-truth, the other sentence tells the whole truth. And that’s what are media are doing. Why? Well, for a start, they don’t want to be targets as well. And that’s probably the sole reason.

    • david

      It gets complex in Pakistan. There are strikes and marches opposing the government all the time. The Peshawar massacre did get some show of unity – there were violent protests against an Imam who was seen as supporting the terrorists. On CH, the Prime Minister came out against people who insult Mohammed, but nevertheless it was the police who were fighting the protesters. And there were opinion pieces in ‘Dawn’ that argued that nothing justified murder.

      • TSD

        I take your point that things are complex, they always will be, however, people died because of religious outrage about a drawing published in different continent. A DRAWING.
        It is everybody’s right to be offended, people can enjoy that right and the frustration it may occasionally bring, along with all the benefits of the society which it allows to develop, full of freedoms and human rights, living in a generally safe environment where you get to keep your head.

        Or… They can join the Religion of peace.

        • david

          Oh absolutely. Not only a drawing, but a drawing they have not actually seen. They have been instructed to be offended. They are told that if they fight for the honour of their prophet they will be rewarded in heaven, so that is what they are doing.

  • sandalwood789

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to find the answer to all of this.
    Western countries (including us) must legally define Islam as *exactly what it is* – an ideology that promotes hatred and violence towards those outside it.
    That is a simple statement of fact – all that needs doing is to enshrine it in law.

    After that is done, immigration law can be amended to ban immigration of anyone following such an ideology.
    Governments have *got* to understand this. Prevention of problems now is far better than trying to fix things much later.

  • david

    Which is why MSM and SM are heavily controlled in KSA. But you don’t have to be that rich. There are plenty of Russian girls working in Bahrain (just across the causeway from Dammam) and Dubai. And if you can’t get liquor or girls you have to make do with hashish and young boys.