Islam already has the world’s media under pressure


Yesterday we heard that the BBC had pixelated the cartoons in their reports.

Our own NZ Herald had carefully redacted the cartoon from the image above.  “For space reasons”, I’m sure.  After all, the Internet is nearly full.

Here’s another weapons grade piece of pandering to Islam by a scared media, AP:

As reported through Breitbart, the Associated Press made clear that its official policy is to censor photos of the Prophet Muhammad. Apparently, though, disparaging images of Jesus Christ are acceptable.

The AP told The Daily Beast, “It’s been our policy for years that we refrain from moving deliberately provocative images.” And because of that policy, the cartoons of Muhammad seen in the Charlie Hebdo magazine were deleted from its commercial photo service.

But as was discovered, the infamous “art” photo of a crucifix immersed in urine, known as “Piss Christ,” could be purchased online through the news organization.

Once this hypocrisy was made known by The Washington Examiner, AP took the purchase link down.

A screenshot of the broken link is provided below:


There is no consistency here.

Either it is offensive to offend religion, or it is not.

If you only redact when it comes to Islam, then you’re either a traitor or a coward.

Just because Christian fundamentalist won’t bomb the newsroom doesn’t mean you can freely offend them, while cowering under the hypocritical cloak of sanctimony when it comes to Islam.


– Truth Revolt


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  • conwaycaptain

    Doing my bit to take the piss out of Islam.
    Bought a nice butterfly pork steak today and asked the butcher for an Halal Killed Islamic Steak

    • Rick H

      Would Islam be offended if our Pork was also “halal killed”?
      What would that thought do the crazy bunch of thugs?

      • conwaycaptain

        Rick H

        The Butcher here in Putaruru is a Dad and Daughter business with Daughter being the Butcher and Dad has a warped SOH like mine so we had a chortle.

        As Far As I Know there are know there are no Hankies wearing with Fan belt around the head numpties here in the S Waikato

  • Je Suis Charlie – Respect!!

    Im a christian not a very good one though as this hypocracy annoys me but not to the point i become a mouth frothing nutjob. Perhaps it should.

    Is there a course i can sign up for to be a fundamentalist?

    What are the benefits?

    Is there a cool uniform and secret handshake?

    Is ammo supplied or do i have to reload my own bacon tainted rnds?

    • mommadog

      I think to be a Christian Fundamentalist you need to move to the USA and bomb an abortion clinic. No uniform I’m afraid.

  • mommadog

    Terrorists are terrorists and giving in to them in this way means they have already won. If every newsroom stood up to them and printed all of the cartoons they couldn’t bomb every single one. There is power in numbers. But if there are only one or two news outlets prepared to not let the terrorists dictate what they do then it is easier to pick them off as we have just seen them do. It is easier to cower and/or to make excuses for them than to be brave and do what needs to be done.

  • kehua

    They are not under pressure they are just plain gutless. The MSM predominently of a Left persuasion have the balls to tell us everything that is wrong with the World but lack the spine to front up and take it to the Terrorists. Disgusting and pathetic. Much easier to waffle on about the Climate and associated lies.

  • MaryLou

    Exactly Cameron. As a Christian there are many, many times when I’ve felt offended/saddened/whatever else when cartoonsts etc decide these things are in some way amusing. Piss Jesus? Is that actually funny to anyone? Having said that, I can take a joke. And at no point have I felt the need to take a gun to someone’s head because of it.

    As you say, all or nothing. Either freedom of speech applies to all, or to no one. And nobody wants the latter.

  • Michael_l_c

    Just reinforces what many of us think of the msm & in particular the horrid. They manage to become less & less relevant.
    They will claim to support Charlie but really are running scared.

  • timemagazine

    Let’s imagine the following-a jewish fundamentalist goes and kills 11 people who are minding their on business.The outrage, the condemnation and the frothing at the mouths of the Mintos, Smalleys and Normans would be so big we could hardly distinguish their mouths. But it is not the case.
    Is anybody going to march against these assassinations at the week end in our biggest cities? No. Because they all agree with the assassins. Deep down in their hearts they approve of this.
    Why are the so called moderat Muslims from NZ not marching in the streets condemning this crime? Because they agree with the murderers. Their silence tells it so clearly.

  • intelligentes candida diva

    Good post, I suggest that those who cower to Islam yet continue to include satire on other religions then both traitor and coward!!!!

    • Citizen

      This shows precisely that terrorism has won!