“I’ve had death threats because of cartoons I’ve done”

I’ve had death threats for a word I used.

The world is full of people scared of freedom, and it has to be shut down by force.  At the soft end, our own Labour and Green parties who are about banning, legislating and boycotts.

At the other end, ferals, criminals and terrorists.


Dave Brown, The Independent


Writes the cartoonist for The Independent

As a cartoonist, I often have to come up with a take on unpleasant events, but I don’t think I’ve ever been confronted with anything quite like the murders at Charlie Hebdo – people being killed for doing exactly the job that I do.

Generally I’m thinking, “How do I make something funny?”. But when something horrific like this happens, a belly laugh isn’t what you’re looking for. Tragic stories can be quite difficult. So you have to analyse what exactly your response is and what you want to say.

Drawing it was quite an emotional experience. If I had known any of the Charlie Hebdo team personally it would have been even harder. But what drives you as a cartoonist is being angry at events, and being angry with things you see as ridiculous, wrong-headed, venal, evil.

I hesitate to call satire a weapon, but it is definitely a thing these people detest. They don’t have a rational argument, and responding to something as immediate as visual satire is beyond them. It has a power which they can’t match, so their only answer is to close it down by whatever means. And that’s always been the case with fascists and extremists across the ages. Being mocked is too much for them to take. So we need to find a way carry on doing it and carry on laughing at them.

– Dave Brown

The freedoms we take for granted are under attack.

Constant attack.

And they come from the most unexpected places.  Through boycotts, blocks, censorship, legal action… anything but open and direct debate.

What we say has a truth to it that can not be argued with.  So it is to be deemed offensive.  This is the mechanism by which it has to be to shut down.  To protect people from ideas.

What happened in Paris and what happens in New Zealand are thankfully a universe apart.  But beware the people that seek to limit your freedoms.  These are the same people that get upset when the government wants to spy on criminals, but in the next breath will want to boycott, tax or ban your access to information or products that aren’t deemed to be good for you.

Freedom offends.

Truth offends.


– The Independent


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  • Whafe

    What would the world be like if all the lefties got what they wanted? All this PC crap is eroding freedom of speech like nothing else…

    Wake up world, your desire to curb freedom of speech is working in the opposite fashion…..

    Take a heap of concrete pills and harden up

    • 1951

      The Left have pushed the PC crap. Why? To make everything bland? So nothing can be challenged? Or is it as Dave Brown says, they don’t have a rational argument, and satire is such a powerful way to argue, destabilize the sense of power/powerbase, they can’t match it. It only occurred to me over the last few days, the Left most certainly don’t have a sense of humour.

  • Michelle

    l have noticed more and more people being offended by anything and everything
    From mothers feeding their babies in a public place to something so minor you wonder what the hell is their problem but everyone seems to be angry or offended these days

    And don’t get me started on the new growth industry of people losing their jobs and then taking their employer to court and getting a big payout while being told they deserved to lose their jobs but here is some money to ease your pain

    there is going to be some big world change to bring everything back round again, we don’t seem to learn or we just hope it won’t happen in our lifetime

    • Michael_l_c

      Michelle, I agree with you but how about we all be offended about every thing all the time? Offended can be the new normal & those leaders in being offended can then start not being offended & tell people to harden up.

  • Murray Smith

    It stems from a school system that doesn’t reward winners or admit to losers. Nobody is supposed to feel hurt.
    The system is flawed. Winners should win, losers should lose, until they learn to win.
    It comes from within.
    By hiding truths, people ignore them.

    • Another Middleagedwhiteguy

      Son kept on getting these glowing report cards – “doing fine” “good progress” “on a par with his peers”
      Finally managed to shift schools due to unresolved bullying problems, and found he was almost TWO YEARS BEHIND on his reading.
      No wonder the leftie teachers’ unions so hate National Standards.

  • KGB

    We all have our little pet protests. I haven’t bought anything made in France since the bombing of the Rainbow Warrior. I don’t buy any Sealord products. I will not support the Cancer Society.
    But I do support freedom. Freedom of speech & Freedom of choice.

  • countproperly

    This is the type of thinking we will succumb to if we bow to the threats being made by the followers of the so called religion of peace

    * edited for spelling

  • Simon Brown

    Free speech does have limits. For example where it might incite others to commit violent acts. This is the reason I think some on the left label what Cam blogs about as hate speech. Totally ridiculous, but with this label they feel justified in trying to shut him down with boycotts and the like.

    • David Moore

      Free speech does not have limits, it’s either free or it’s not.

      • Simon Brown

        The example I gave is a limitation of free speech. So I guess then that there is no such thing as free speech if you want to use your rationale.

        • David Moore

          Correct. The US is closest, but it’s not completely free. In the UK it’s highly limited to the point it’s almost a joke to claim there is free speech. For example, calling a police horse in the UK ‘gay’ will get you a 6 month prison sentence.