James Delingpole on How the West will really respond to the Charlie Hebdo massacre

Sadly I think James Delingpole is right.

The West will cower and make excuses for Islamic terrorism and blame the victims.

The story so far: 12 people, including two policemen, have been murdered at the offices of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo by two hooded men wielding AK47s. In 2011 the magazine was firebombed after running a caricature of the Prophet Muhammad. Charlie Hebdo’s most recent tweet, before the latest attack, was a cartoon featuring the leader of Islamic State, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Here’s what will happen next.

1. French authorities will urge the public not to jump to any unhelpful conclusions about the identity and motivation of the killers.

2. Politicians, police chiefs and mainstream media reports will urge restraint over what is clearly an inexplicable rogue incident which may have nothing whatsoever to do with the Religion of Peace.

3. Extensive – and largely fruitless – efforts will be made to find Muslim community leaders prepared to speak out against the incident, in the unlikely event that it proves that the killers may have had Islamist sympathies.

4. Liberal commentators will take pains to draw a distinction between Islamism and Islam, noting that the former is a malign perversion of the latter which (apparently) explicitly forbids the murder of innocents.  

5. Warming to this theme – and once the bodies are sufficiently cold, so as not to offend anyone’s good taste – one or two braver liberal commentators will suggest that while, of course, they wholly condemn all such acts of violence, it’s nevertheless the case that one or two of Charlie Hebdo’s editorials and cartoons could be quite needlessly provocative and that their contribution to the current climate of Islamophobia may have been responsible for heightening religious tensions in the broader culture. There have to be limits to free speech, after all. You can’t shout fire in a crowded theatre.

6. The BBC, The Guardian and their fellow travellers will despatch reporters to Bradford, Luton, Rotherham, Birmingham, Tower Hamlets etc with a view to proving that Islamophobic incidents have increased as a result of unfortunate events in Paris. Campaign organisation Tell Mama will confirm that this has been the case, citing the fact that there have been lots of angry tweets on Twitter.

7. On a BBC youth debate programme the audience will be canvassed as to their views on the cause of the increased tensions. To a man – and regardless of whether or not they are themselves Muslim – they will blame only two factors: “foreign policy” and “Islamophobia.” A young, attractive, female Muslim on the panel will win massive applause from the audience by dissociating herself and her co-religionists from the actions of the killers, explaining that though they may have thought they were acting in the name of Islam they weren’t, actually, because they just weren’t. So that’s OK then.

8. Politicians will bravely call for more money, much more money, to be spent on outreach programmes to the Muslim community in order to prevent further radicalisation. Later, it will be discovered that the Community Leaders who have been selected to participate in these programmes are not moderates who have much sympathy with the idea of cultural cohesion and who have only identified themselves as “community leaders” by dint of their vociferousness.

9. The Prime Minister will make a rousing speech declaring that “The terrorists will never be allowed to win.” To prevent future incidents, new laws will be passed forbidding newspapers and magazines from running satirical articles or cartoons which may offend religious sensibilities. These laws, however, will be entirely unnecessary: from now on, no one will dare.

10. Within a month, the incident will largely be forgotten. Just like the Mumbai and Nairobi massacres were. Sophisticated commentators will recognise that though, of course what happened was pretty frightful and all that, it’s important to appreciate that your chances of being killed in a terrorist incident are way smaller than being, say, run over by a bus and that actually all we’re doing when we overreact to such incidents is placing undue emphasis on what are, after all, just rogue criminal acts and not the end of civilisation.

We are already seeing some of this play out.


– Breitbart London


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  • conwaycaptain

    Someone should stand at Speakers Corner and read aloud WSC’s article on Islam

    • Thersites

      Somebody did that last year – if not at Speaker’s Corner it was some other public place in London.

      He was arrested, of course.

      • thehawkreturns

        Paul Weston speaking as a Euro candidate in his own constituency, was arrested, removed but, as usual, not prosecuted for reading Chuchill’s completely accurate description of Islam.
        “Silenced by the Lambs”. That’s an original by the way.

  • Andy

    Also read Brendan O’Neill’s various pieces on the topic. Spiked have been pushing the free speech issue for some time now

  • Cadwallader

    How can point #1 be close to being reasonable when the attackers were yelling out praise for Allah? An ‘unhelpful conclusion” is hardly addressing the filth of this act.

  • ‘To prevent future incidents, new laws will be passed forbidding newspapers and magazines from running satirical articles or cartoons which may offend religious sensibilities.’

    Apart from anything that satirises Christianity which will still be considered fair game; as before, as now and into the future

    • Don’t forget them nasty joos either. They are obviously excepted from any such sensitivities.

  • Rex

    I disagree actually. I believe that right wing parties will become stronger and maybe there may even be some tit for tat responses from those groups. If so things will esculate!

  • Jas

    The big issue of course is that with all he left wing pandering when the backlash comes and it will, it will be much much bigger than people thought it would be

    • thehawkreturns

      Absolutely. Civil war, Muslims versus the rest, will rage across Europe once more. The Long War has merely been quiescent for a few centuries.

      • MaryLou

        And unfortunately a fair number of innocent people caught in the backlash.

  • lyall

    This is brilliant! I wonder how it would play out in the media if any of the villains were caught by an angry French mob and say ‘guillotined’ on the internet! Unfortunately for this to happen you would have to find an angry French mob

    • Easy to make one.
      Just tell the French that the English are refusing to buy French Cheese and run!

    • Simo

      From today they will probably be lurking in the alleys of most French cities

  • sarahmw

    Peter Bergen talking sense and knowledge on CNN. He knows the ideology well and makes no excuses.

  • conwaycaptain

    I think the worm has now turned and the electorate will want to see a firm hand taken. This will give the Right Wing Parties a boost

  • sheppy

    He’s totally on the money with his predictions although he missed out yet more layers of airport security the west will need to endure. Parties like UKIP may well get a boost but it won’t acheive a lot as the bleeding heart PC morons will just bleat louder whilst the majority tut a few times before carrying on as normal

  • Bart67

    How many ‘inexplicable rogue incidents’ will have to happen before someone notices a trend?

    • Eiselmann

      …..so far we’re approaching 25000 incidences since 9/11

      • thehawkreturns

        Yes and every Islamic atrocity has “nothing to do” with Islam.

    • Cowgirl

      Amazingly Canadian TV has done just that today. Evan Solomon (political commentator) has made the comment that things have ramped up in the last few months with Ottawa, Sydney and now this within 4 months, and Peter Mansbridge listed and showed clips from all the recent incidents in France alone – there have been several, just not on the scale of this one.
      Another person on the same show made the point though that “this is an attack on a specific group of people, not on the people of France” without any sense of irony in the fact that freedom of expression and speech are some of the things that French people hold most dear.

  • Michael

    Sad but true. I wonder if Ladbrooks are taking bets?

  • Graeme

    Strange then the actual response has been condemnation of ‘monstrous’ ‘murderous’ extremists; rallies of solidarity with ‘Nous sommes tous Charlies’ and focus on policing. Just read Le Monde’s front pages.

    But hey, don’t let facts get in the way of some keyboard warriors on the other side of the world milking such a tragedy

    • luke

      Give it a day or so and let’s see how the West reacts. My guess is Delingpole is bang on.

  • Eiselmann

    This from just over 4.5 years ago….some media see the danger so there’s hope.

  • Alright

    …and here is what has happened throughout contemporary history when the majority have remained silent…..

    • Wallace Westland

      “It is time we took political correctness and put it in the garbage where it belongs and start calling a spade a spade” Brigitte Gabriel


      • Alright

        Cheers Wallace.

        You might enjoy watching this as well. Actually, enjoy is the wrong word. If you dont shed a tear you haven’t got a heart, and if you dont become very,very scared you may have a brain problem (which I sure you don’t!).

        Given you watched the other post of her speaking go to five minutes in and watch from there.

        And if you have your MP’s email address you may wish to send the link to them…

        • Wallace Westland

          Bloody onions for the BBQ.
          Outstanding woman.

          • Alright

            Do you think I should also post the link in Back Chat?

          • Wallace Westland

            It’s relevant to today.

      • IntrinsicValue

        Outstanding is an understatement. If only more people spoke with such clarity and purpose.

        • Alright

          See below IV.

        • Intrigued

          She has written an outstanding book “Because they Hate: a survivor of Islamic terror warns America”. I’ve almost finished it and highly recommend it to anyone who really wants to understand the issue and the history of Islamic terror in our modern times. She’s a survivor of the Islamic terror in Beirut in the early 70s and is an incredibly brave and intelligent woman who has been warning America and the West for many years now.

    • Coffee Connoisseur

      very valid point but she missed the very valid point made by the muslim woman from the audience.
      How do you fight an ideology with weapons?

      • Alright

        Fair point, but did you miss her saying it was/is a (in her words) a “war.”

      • TSD

        And that is a very very good question. Our laws are geared to interstate conflicts and insurgencies but an ideology is passed on informally (the actual first intent of the word “meme” as an offshoot of “gene” which didn’t involve cat videos). Germany has banned Scientology which may indicate a possibility though they could do that by disregarding it as a religion.

        Religious freedom in a democracy can only be maintained if the law and the government is secular. Therefore certain limitations can be placed upon a religion in a fair way, i.e. Sharia law is not allowed, there can only be one law in a secular society.

        It’s never going to be an issue where all the choices work, there will always be compromise but now is probably the time when Islamic leaders need to acknowledge that they need to compromise. If they find their religion can’t allow them to work within the common law of the land then they have only one option and it is not violence, it is going where they can practice freely.

      • luke

        To use an Islamist strategy, to annihilate it with extreme violence.

      • The Accountant

        Simple. To paraphrase the Borg, be assimilated or “die” (or rather go home as I’m not one of those who would kill someone with a contrasting view)

      • Kevin

        The same way secularism and reason defeated the Church I suppose.

  • luke

    Killed for insulting God?
    This from the BBC website, read and weep.
    “In the heart of Europe in 2015, the killing of cartoonists and journalists for allegedly insulting God still comes as a shock, despite the rising number of such attacks in recent years.
    … these latest shootings may be the work of “lone wolves” but their consequences will ripple across Europe and provoke much soul-searching about the failure of integration over the past decades”.

    • Alright

      Read and wept.

      Here’s an interesting stat from the article: “France has the largest Muslim population in Europe, some five million or
      7.5% of the population, compared with Germany’s four million or 5% of
      the population, and the UK’s three million, also 5% of the population.”

      As you’ll hear from Brigitte Gabriel (under) the number of radical muslims in the world is measured internationally at 15 to 25 percent of all muslims (ie hundreds of millions).

      Cam is right to say this is a war of worldwide proportions.

      New Zealand largely escaped direct hits during WW2. Make no mistake, we won’t be that lucky this time around.

      A PS: its again a classic case of tails wagging dogs.

  • Mags

    I’m not so sure that will be the case in France. They are protective of their culture and have a history of making sure that religious power is curbed when deemed to be taking to much control.
    I’m not sure whether other countries ban wearing the veil in school ( or any overtly religious symbol of any religion). More recently I think they also banned wearing the burqa in public places. (Correct me if I’m wrong. )
    (With my bad french) I think le monde reported that 100,000 people participated in a spontaneous demonstration. The photos looked impressive.

  • The wildman

    Saw on stuff earlier this morning big story about far right wingers protesting in germany creating islamaphobia and “fearmongering” amongst germans.hows that working out for the french now?checked again story appears to be missing now.

  • Reason1

    When a gang member commits a crime in NZ he is reported as a Mongrel Mob gang member and his background and reasons for crime assumed. Why when a Islamist commits a crime in the name of Islam the religion is not implicated, it has happened thousands of times? No one in power wants to face the truth, Islam is a danger to western liberal democracies, they should stay in their own countries. Our immigration criteria MUST change.

  • TSD

    The Labour leader said today that Islam is a religion of peace…

    • Alright

      Well he should invite the “majority” to bring the “minority” into line and not cut peoples heads off or shoot them with automatic rifles. Nup. It is an out of control ideology. Simple.

  • mommadog

    The its not their fault excuses coming out. I hear on the radio the youngest perpetrator was 18. Some idiot that sounded like a Greenie Russel follower on talkback today said France deserved it because they blew up the Rainbow Warrior. Believing in free speech for all really tests me sometimes. It would be much easier to join the leftie socialists and believe in free speech only for those who agree with me. But alas I must listen to others bull bangers at times and fight for their right to say it including sadly Derek Fox (as noted on earlier post).

    • Alright

      I heard her as well. She is certifiable. And the “show host” (moderator) should have pushed the dump button the first time she said and not let her say it three times.

      Actually there is no such thing as “Free Speech.” Just as there is no such thing as a “Free Lunch.”

  • Jonnycomelater

    Did anyone read the Editorial in this mornings Dimpost. Talk about bad timing.

    “Isis-style terrorism allows fearmongering in other countries as well. John Key’s unnecessarily hasty and draconian changes to the terrorism laws were possible only because of fears about Isis.”

  • LisaGinNZ

    24,795 deadly terror attacks since Sept 11, 2001. Per thereligionofpeace.com
    ….. poor laddies just need a wee hug I’m sure

    • The wildman

      Dont forget the family conference.women will have to be excluded though.

  • Michael_l_c

    I am still waiting for Islamic leaders, worldwide, to loudly condemn the atrocities & direct their communities to ‘out’ these murderers & to inform the police of any such activity they become aware of.
    When in Rome … or go home

    • JKV

      I think you will be waiting a very long time Michael.

    • Kevin

      As far as Islam goes the lunatics took over the asylum a long time ago.

  • Coffee Connoisseur

    You forgo the part about some govts around the world using it as an opportunity to further remove the rights of private citizens and increase survellance.

    • luke

      As a matter of interest, what rights do you feel have been removed from you?

      • David Moore

        The right to laugh at someone’s stupid religion.

    • JAFA Gazza

      Seriously? You think its better NOT to surveille these buggers? Better that we allow them to hack the heads off innocents – or people that dont agree with “their” views?.

      Shocked that you woulld even consider rolling over like that.

      Time to STOP this BS.

    • The Accountant

      I want to enjoy quietly living with my family in NZ. If the Government want to look at my laundry, they are welcome to.

  • JAFA Gazza

    Enough is enough. Lets just stop this BS coming to NZ. I dont want leftie explainations I just want NZ to be free of this crap.Not now. Not ever. You want to live here? Here are our rules. Dont like them? There’s the departure gate. FIFO.

  • Kevin

    Left wing journalists will run about warning of a “right-wing backlash” against innocent Muslims. Some will even do BS editorials and do tweets with #jevaismonteravecvous.

  • Patterson

    Do people understand why Israel needs over the top check points now?

  • Douglas Murray of the Henry Jackson Society said today on the BBC that it is a problem with Islam, the problem being that too many Muslims seem unable to cope with living in a society where there faith may be laughed at. They want freedom of religion, but don’t want the freedom for that to be criticised or ridiculed that comes with it.