#Je suis Charlie

# I am Charlie

Truth can hurt but Truth must not be silenced.

My collections of images over the next few weeks under the # I am Charlie headline will upset some people. They will include graphic photos of actual events, political cartoons and Internet memes / posters. They all have one thing in common. They are an attempt to influence your thinking about Islam. Yes you can call them propaganda or offensive. Propaganda can be about telling lies or putting a slant on the truth or just be provocative in order to get you to think about an issue. You decide what these are, individual image by individual image. That is what is wonderful about living in a free, democratic society here in New Zealand. We can do that without fear of violent reprisals ( at least for now )











AA - Beheaded Arab Men






An Islamic present for European Union_jpeg




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  • Jaffa

    There’s nothing to add,…….you’ve said it all!

  • sandalwood789

    So, what will the PM do about this?

    Will he pass a law that defines Islam as exactly what it is – an “ideology of hate” – and then amend immigration law to ban Muslim immigration?
    Or will he dismiss this all with a smile and a wave?
    I put money on the latter.

    • Damon Mudgway

      JK will leave this to the next PM who comes along. For my part, Key has the opportunity this term to show his true mantle. If he fails to address this issue with caucus this term, then I will regard him as a failure as a true leader. The ball is well and truly in his court, but I doubt he would care one little bit about my thoughts.

      • OneTrack

        What alternative do you have? Little and Norman would cancel any terrorist law enforcement as soon as any “islam” connection came up. Those agencies would be all shutdown anyway, or redeployed to prosecuting climate deniers and suppressing unapproved speech.

        • Simo

          Then there is an obvious solution – its you and me making sure the lefty sympathisers are in no doubt about the consequences of appeasing the religion of death…..it could get messy

    • OneTrack

      Hollande just had twenty of his countrymen killed virtually in from of him, and he isn’t going to do anything either.

  • cows4me

    I guess the pressure is starting to build and those that believe in freedom are beginning to fight back in a more unified way. Eventually things will have to come to a head, WW3 is on it’s way only a matter of time.

    • kloyd0306

      Just as Hitler’s ideology had to be defeated, so will the Islamist ideology.
      Islam is not a religion – it’s a cult and a disaster slowly strangling societies which are too gutless to act and too PC to say what is really taking place.

      At the heart of the issue are liberal/progressive politicians who have gained power from liberal/progressive voters.

      It starts at the ballot box but many/most countries are apathetic.

      • OneTrack

        Time to bite the bullet – Islam is a religion. And it’s a cult and it’s a disaster quickly strangling societies.

    • kehua

      Yep she`s coming to the boil Cows, the West with a soft belly and the Caliphate with nothing to lose. Could be a nasty and prolonged War with very few fronts and the added menace of a Western Media hostile to it`s own.

  • intelligentes candida diva

    Yes some images are disturbing but clearly necessary to inform those who remain naiive or ignorant that this is more than an academic debate.

    I would not say collating images and placing them together for the public to see as propaganda I would call that simply informing and sharing of information.

    Its the photographs of the heinous violent acts to create subjugation by mercilessly killing that leave me feeling sss > sick sad and scared.

    Pictures speak volumes

  • Nige.

    That’s it. I’m convinced. I won’t be converting to Islam.

    Everything I have ever heard or seen to do with Islam is based on being a. Primitive b. Intorerant c. Violent d.anti technology (unless that technology is used to blow people up)

    I cannot fathom why anyone would wish another human dead for believing something different.

    • OneTrack

      Some people really are different after all.

  • ex-JAFA

    “Democracy is cancer – Islam is the answer”. So they’re into euthanasia?

  • sarahmw

    Words fail me, but the images say so much. How as a true caring human being can this be justified? It cannot and my belief is after the terror attack in Paris the world is slowly waking up. The populace will not tolerate this barbarism any longer. Je Suis Charlie.

  • Goldfish

    If you look at Islam objectively, it seems to have many of the hallmarks of a cult – starting with the prophet who is the one person that the deity spoke to and the followers who accept what the prophet teaches without question.

    • intelligentes candida diva

      Agreed it is becoming prolific how Allah is being placed on the back burner and the prophet elevated, a sure sign something is wrong in the implementation of the system

  • Murray Smith

    The Herald should have all those images in a full colour pull out, tomorrow morning.

    • Jaffa

      Yeah,…..right !

  • intelligentes candida diva

    For me more and more I have strong views it is the Islamic Muslim clerics/immams who are the ones at the crux of propaganda as they manoeuere and manipulate The Q’uran to suit their every selfish motive and include the distortion of agreements.
    Here is a video that to me highlights a cleric attempting to propagate his own agenda but an educated strong Muslim woman stands up to him I applaud her.

    Egyptian TV Host Riham Said Removes Veil during …: http://youtu.be/z2rL6NDoyKg

  • la la land

    The first cartoon sums it up completely – and its not just islam that tolerates these things it is also the lefty apologists…

  • idbkiwi

    Because; western bigotry, because cartoons, because misunderstood, because colonialism, because USA, because, because, because…………


    But not because muslim, no sireeee, no way, no connections there. Nothing.

  • kiwihornplayer

    There are many Christians who actually believe that the Allah of the Muslims is the same person as the God of Christianity. Definitely not so!