#Je suis Charlie

# I am Charlie

Truth can hurt but Truth must not be silenced.

My collections of images over the next few weeks under the # I am Charlie headline will upset some people. They will include graphic photos of actual events, political cartoons and Internet memes / posters. They all have one thing in common. They are an attempt to influence your thinking about Islam. Yes you can call them propaganda or offensive. Propaganda can be about telling lies or putting a slant on the truth or just be provocative in order to get you to think about an issue. You decide what these are, individual image by individual image. That is what is wonderful about living in a free, democratic society here in New Zealand. We can do that without fear of violent reprisals ( at least for now )











Islam Reaction_gif

Islam Monster chasing after Pope Lady France and Jew_jpg


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  • Lance Ralph

    My translation of the koran, besides having the well known bloodthirsty incitements to murder, has a lot of good bits.

    Such as…
    “Adopt a middle course in your walk
    and lower your voice
    for the worst of sounds is the braying of an ass”

    I do wish these horrific people would try and observe those sorts of instructions.

    Edit ps

    it did occur to me yesterday that that green MP woman who was discussed (cannot remember her name) would do well to observe the practice.

    • conwaycaptain

      Metira (The Mouth and Clotheshorse) Turei

  • luke

    “Has a lot of good bits” And a lot of ‘bad bits’. Sorry I don’t trust schizophrenics.

  • intelligentes candida diva

    All the images are powerful and if fact based then not propaganda but a sharing of truth

    The images that impacted me are:

    Image 1 = Ironic, its ok for some to have freedom of speech and not others

    Image 2 = For any doubters image 2 provides a decent list of evidence, I wonder what more the doubters that believe the increasing events are lone wolves? The lone wolves are led from the leaders of the pack , literally with wolves one or two are often sent out to stalk the packs prey…the pack are certainly evidencing a few successes

    Image 3 = I am horrified and I read that the “mullahs” (priests) chanted “kill the kafir” (non muslim). A good example of the leaders of this system influencing and promoting killings, they make me angry with their sanctimonious piety.

    Je suis charlie

    • Bwent

      Ironic that by freedom of speech, you merely want the freedom to attack Islam without retaliation.

      They aren’t going to play nice, lib.

      However, I do like this freedom of speech thing. I detest sodomites, blasphemers and adulterers.

      As the Bible says, they should be stoned to death.

      Finally, I am free to say this without persecution.

      Je Suis Charlie.

  • sandalwood789

    I find it bizarre and shameful in the extreme that Western leaders are unable to see that Islam is a vastly more dangerous ideology than Nazism.
    They still delude themselves that it is a religion. They are wrong.

    • Huia

      I personally think there is being a whole raft of things being put into place behind the scenes. I also think these leaders meetings etc are dealing with the economy, but again in the background I believe there is strategic planning and counter measures being put into place.
      Can you imagine the huffing and puffing from the left if National came down heavy on the Muslims now? they would derail any hope we have of surviving this Islamic outrage by their sheer hypocrisy and siding with the ISIS sub humans.

      • Bwent

        Ahh, zeee Untermensch. Zee aryans are restless, ya?

      • Terence Hodgson

        I have a sneaking feeling you are right about a lot of information being gathered about the wreckers who despise the west and who may have set their nests up in NZ. Of course the MSM won’t be told as they’ll start wanting everybody to offer up their throats. Wish I could say more, but suffice it to say there are more antennae around than might seem obvious.

    • Bwent

      Suppressing adulterers, sodomites, blasphemers and murderers is not a nazi ideology.

    • Kevin

      Islamists are Nazis.

      • kloyd0306

        You are SO right.
        They both hate Jews with a passion, as do most left-leaning organizations and left-leaning political parties.
        What’s weird is: A majority of American Jews vote for the Democrats, yet the Nazis were officially known as the Nationalist SOCIALIST Party.
        Leftism is the incestuous cousin of Political Correctness and is destroying societies all around the globe.
        Are our NZ politicians up to speed on how damaging Islam is? I seriously doubt it.

  • kloyd0306

    As long dimwitted voters continue to vote for linguini-spined politicians, we will continue to be threatened with the cancerous ideology that is Islam.

    • Bwent

      The cancerous Ideology is the Atheism that you liberals and libertarians love so much. You are churning out a generation of Nazi youth.


      • Salacious Crumb

        Wrong Bwent. Atheists don’t need religious doctrine to define good moral behaviour or to see the failure that unfettered multiculturalism and immigration bring. Also, learn your history before you start espousing Godwinisms.

        • Bwent

          Complete garbage. You Bolsheviks slaughtered more people than any World Wars. All in the name of your blessed Atheism.

          Once you removed the Bible, you had nothing at all to base your right and wrong from. It became a bloody power struggle instead.

          • Salacious Crumb

            One moment we are liberals churning out Nazi youth, next we are Bolsheviks. Make up your mind Bwent. Regardless of ideology, nothing excuses the actions of those who kill in the name of it.

          • Bwent

            You think the Bolsheviks like Jews???

        • Bwent

          Some of your generation sicken me to the core. People who grew up in a xtian society, with the remnants of Biblical Values, who would utterly deny it from the children of today and tomorrow.

          You will get your just deserts.

          “And the elders may chide, So just let them scream and cry,
          And if the World decides to fight us, We will still be the victors”

          (The Rotten Bones are Trembling, the HitlerJugend theme song)

          • Salacious Crumb

            The answer to religious extremism isn’t more religious extremism. You make a lot of assumptions.

          • Bwent

            Your ancestors were for the most part “Religious Extremists”.

            Victorian England was the High Tide Mark of Western Civilization.

        • sandalwood789


          I’m an atheist and I think that there is often an assumption that all atheists are “the enemies” of Christianity. I don’t believe that that’s the case at all.

          I don’t believe in a god but I *do* believe in freedom.

          I will be the first in a room to acknowledge the huge part that Christianity has played in Western culture and civilisation. Many great advances in the sciences have been made by Christians, a good example being William Buckland –

          My own world-view doesn’t (and shouldn’t) stop me from giving credit where it is due to those who have a different view.

  • colin herbertson

    and these people say Heaven waits only for them and everyone else is destined for damnation, talk about dumb

  • Andrew Gibson

    One issue here might be who has the right to to say, “Je Suis Charlie.” ? I’m guessing Whaleoil might sneak in but what other media outlets qualify?

    • sandalwood789

      Um…… I don’t understand.
      Doesn’t *anyone* have the right to say it under freedom of speech?

      What are you trying to say?

      • OneTrack

        I think he is saying that yellow-streaked progressive. twats like the Herald only show their blatant hypocrisy when they claim to be Charlie. Everybody jumps on the bandwagon when a hashtag is involved.

        • sandalwood789

          Ahh….. understood.
          Thanks for that.

      • Andrew Gibson

        There’s a subtle difference between the right to express a view and the presumptive right to have that view accepted as being correct…I was referring to the latter.

  • Bwent

    The irony is that while you all mutter about Islam, your government funds the enemies of Israel.

    And while the Sunni Islamic State swears this and that, they destroy the enemies of Israel, the Shias that back both Hamas and Hezbollah.

    So keep your impotent ramblings going, actions speak louder than words.


  • BloodyOrphan

    Ban the Quran, and put anyone that wants Sharia law onto a criminal watch list!

    • Not into book burning, we shouldn’t ban a book, we should learn and understand the book so it can be mocked.

      • BloodyOrphan

        I agree with you, but as it’s used as the pillar for their sanctimony, I’ve taken a extreme approach.
        The fact is it needs to be re-written to fit into the modern day society, and banning it would actually give the Muslims that want this to happen a chance of achieving it.

  • Adios Africa

    Je Suis Kafir

    • Bwent

      An “Unbeliever”? No doubt. Perhaps you can form a lovely Western Ideology, surreptitiously based upon the White Race, or Greco-Roman Aryan Glory to fill the void left by the removal of Biblical Values and punishments from our society.

      Perhaps not.

  • MAWG

    From a rally in Sydney, yesterday. Note the last quote.

    Speaking at the rally, outside the Lakemba train station, local
    Muslim leader Sufyan Badar told the crowd it was also in response to the
    waves of protests in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attack.

    Mr Badar said the protests in the name of free speech had nothing to do with freedom.

    “We also gather to place the politics of the events in France in the correct context,” he said.

    “Freedom is the smokescreen with which Western politicians and media conceal the underlying issues.

    “In reality free speech is one of the many political tools that are used to maintain dominance over the Muslims.”

    As I have said, and this will be my new catch cry,

    Our way of life includes freedom of worship, their way of worship denies freedom of life.

  • I.M Bach

    Further to the above; some of these are brilliant. Good on you Japan.


  • david

    We need to be informed, we need to fight against those who would stifle expression to appease the deluded. However what you are embarking on is an endeavour to radicalize your readership. It is the classic call to war that proceeded conflicts such as Bosnia and Rwanda. While I would include Obama amongst the deluded, I don’t think the likes of Angela Merkel are – I think they are trying to navigate a path that would bring the un-radicalised Moslems onto our side. It requires deceit – saying you think Islam is a religion of peace but treating every Moslem as a potential enemy. But it does have a chance of success, if for no other reason than that the extremists see ‘moderate Islam’ as *their* enemy. And their enemy is potentially our friend.