#Je suis Charlie

# I am Charlie

Truth can hurt but Truth must not be silenced.

My collections of images over the next few weeks under the # I am Charlie headline will upset some people. They will include graphic photos of actual events, political cartoons and Internet memes / posters. They all have one thing in common. They are an attempt to influence your thinking about Islam. Yes you can call them propaganda or offensive. Propaganda can be about telling lies or putting a slant on the truth or just be provocative in order to get you to think about an issue. You decide what these are, individual image by individual image. That is what is wonderful about living in a free, democratic society here in New Zealand. We can do that without fear of violent reprisals ( at least for now )






Myth of Violent Islam_gif


Protests and Police in the west_jpg


Islamic injection of Lady France

Islamic injection of Lady France


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  • intelligentes candida diva

    The stoning of women gets me in my gut
    If anything females surely cannot condone this macabre act in today’s world please.

    # Je suis charlie

    • Wallace Westland

      Ummmm….I don’t condone it either…just saying as a male like ya know?

      • intelligentes candida diva

        Fantastic, bring out the man voice too against this :-)
        I wrote it more as an incredulous comment that females would could do ignore this tenet within The Quran.
        However there appears to be tenets withdrawn and additions made more than the words it contains so if I am wrong that stoning is no longer part of The Quran then I stand corrected


        • sarahmw

          It is still held as a legitimate punishment for women, e.g.adultery accusations. And an accusation is all that is needed. Stoning is horrific and violent way to slowly die in absolute pain till the end. The stoning is deliberately long so the woman suffers.

          • johcar

            I understand that there is also mandated a maximum-sized stone that can be used in a stoning, the more to prolong the suffering…

          • sarahmw

            Yes that is correct sadly. So much for the 21st century.

      • intelligentes candida diva

        Like a real man Wallace Weastland not one who is sorry for being a man…(it still tickles my fancy hehehe)

    • 1951

      Where are the voices of the of the Feminazies…? You Jan Logie and her type

      • OneTrack

        Race trumps all other progessive causes. Hence, the feminists can’t/don’t say anything.

    • Eiselmann

      I bet what this woman did was truly horrible……not your run of the mill ,mass murder horrible but something really really horrible…..like asking her son not to blow himself up or maybe being in public and talking to a non related man or maybe she flashed an ankle.

      • 1951

        or daring to allow a frown furrow her brow when he said ..”cook me up some lambs eyes & some beans”

    • thehawkreturns

      Helen Clark’s condemnation of all things Islamic is…. er…. awaited.

  • Captain Darling

    That bus lane cartoon sums up this whole situation perfectly.

  • conwaycaptain

    I see Boko Haram have used a girl of about 10 to blow up a suicide vest and kill people in N Nigeria

    • Isherman

      They’re just ‘spreading’ the message,.. all the way to the edge of the blast radius.

  • Jaffa

    If the Media had any guts, they would all be doing this!

    But only if they value Freedom, and Democracy!

    • OneTrack

      There’s your problem.

  • Patterson

    what is is with creeps in white hats…? KKK = Islamic Facism…

    • Chris EM

      It all comes down to cowardliness.

  • Uptheante

    When the MSM print headlines with #jesuischarlie or #noussommescharlie it is utter bollocks, unless they show the cartoons from Charlie Hebdo. Using those hashtags should symbolise what Charlie Hebdo was about and what they do, otherwise they mean nothing other than sensationalised story headlines. Keep up the good work WO

    Below article was in the herald sun about this.

    • OneTrack

      The msm are just jumping on the touchy-feely bandwagon. As usual. #hypocrites.

  • Watcher

    Barbarians, pure and simple.

  • JAFA Gazza

    Just heard on the news that France have received another terrorist threat against the police and armed forces. Apparently an attack against one or more of the Gendarmarie is imminent – so what do they do? Tell all serving officers to remove any indications that they are police/ soldiers in the public domain – i.e any references on twitter/ Facebook etc and not to show any identification when not on Duty. Yup Thats the solution…cower in fear and hide.

    • Isherman

      What do they do?, Start with flicking the safety to the off position. I think that these sort of follow on threats were almost inevitable, and of course in the wake of the attacks, even an empty threat is going to advance the apprehension that will still be relatively high.

  • Rodger T

    From Skidmarkistan,

  • wooted

    Thank you SB, show them up for what they are.

  • Will Travers

    The photo of a woman half buried is actually a protestor, protesting about the women and men waiting on death row in Iran to be stoned for adultery. http://www.theguardian.com/world/2010/jul/08/iran-death-stoning-adultery

    • JKV

      Just checked that out Will. OMG – the United Nations. Corrupt bunch of absolute tossers. The sooner that outfit is defunded and disbanded the better.

  • Sweet Lips.

    I might go down too the Mosque on Friday and standout the front dressed with a Burka ,or even have some posters of some cartoons, anyone else interested, just want too make a statement?

  • JKV

    Thanks SB. You are one brave woman. These images are really shocking but somehow they are becoming commonplace. Where in the hell are the usual human rights apologists in this thing? Utterly sickening.