Why does Joe Karam mislead so much?

Joe Karam went on Radio NZ yesterday and basically showed what a nasty, vicious little man he is.

Her refers to Amy Adams by title and her full name, same with Simon Power, but in all his comments about Judith Collins he just calls her “Collins” or worse.

In a report released in late 2012, a former Canadian Supreme Court judge, Ian Binnie, concluded that Mr Bain was innocent and suggested he should receive compensation.

However, Ms Collins then sought a review of that report, which criticised the findings as legally flawed.

Mr Bain’s legal team sought a judicial review, arguing that Ms Collins had pre-determined the claim and could not distinguish between her role as Justice Minister and her previous role as Police Minister.

Ms Collins resigned as a minister during the election campaign last year, after an email surfaced suggesting she had been part of efforts to undermine the head of the Serious Fraud Office in 2011. An inquiry later found no evidence to support that.

Mr Bain’s chief supporter Joe Karam told Checkpoint it was now up to Ms Adams to have the claim considered by Cabinet ministers.

“We have no reason to believe that she won’t do a proper just job, as Simon Power did. The only thing that’s gone wrong is the pugnacious minister that we had in between times.”

He misled Radio New Zealand and basically the whole of New Zealand public with his comments…but he is used to doing that.

Remember his bollocks over the so-called parallel lines on Robin Bain’s thumb and finger that was laughed at by every firearms expert in New Zealand?

He is currying not favour with Amy Adams, and slamming Judith Collins. I would suggest that Amy Adams will be his next target if she decides along the same lines as Judith Collins. She is no push over that is for sure.

He misled directly when he said that there were no delays from his side of the debate.

This is demonstrably false.

As soon as Joe Karam decided to institute a judicial review forced the government to park the whole case. It was Karam who initiated the judicial review and therefore any delays were at his hand. For him to say that any delays are not as a result of him and the legal team supporting David Bain is a misrepresentation of facts, and with his personal attacks on Judith Collins is probably sailing very close to being on the recieving end of a defamation action.

I note too that we are still to hear word from David Bain about any of this…it seems that Joe Karam speaks for him at all times.

But there is one thing that Joe Karam won’t do and that is answer any questions about what is in it for him if compensation is paid.

He says he is looking forward to a resolution I can well imagine the wailings he will utter if Amy Adams recommends to cabinet that no compensation be paid.


– Radio NZ