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  • Scotty

    reminds me of the guy who put in an OIA request for information about John Key being a reptilian shape shifting alien. this guy is scarily serious about it though, bet he’s fun at parties

  • ShortBackwardSquare

    It’s been on my life list for a while and later this year I’m attending a conference in Las Vegas whilst I’m on holiday. I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes, and even if I make it out alive…

    • ex-JAFA

      Say hi to Gareth Hughes from us!

      • ShortBackwardSquare

        I will. I can’t wait – I’ve always wanted to hear what this lot have to say. I watched the Penn & Teller show on alien abductions a few months ago – talk about tear the concepts apart. I hope I can keep a straight face.

  • HR

    Kids, this is why drugs are bad….

  • Nige.

    it funny. Mad people were apparently respected in ancient times, then ridiculed more recently and now we seem to have come full circle again where weirdos are taken seriously and given the utmost respect. Not just talking about this guy but all the members of the green party.

  • wooted

    How have I managed to get through life without knowing that?

  • NotGandalf

    Clearly the interviewee does not differentiate fantasy from reality and should not be allowed near television or computer games.

  • armotur

    He is an “Abductee” and a Labour Councillor for the UK Whitby Town Council. They must have some interesting Council Meetings! Wonder if he he would consider a job as PR manager for the NZ Labour Party?