Just stupid, they need to be made famous in a bad way

What sort of a moron puts 10 kids in a trailer then speeds down the highway?

Imagine what would have happened had there been an emergency or an accident.

A motorist near Bulls couldn’t believe his eyes when he noticed young children riding on a trailer being towed by a car travelling at more than 100 km/h.

The incident happened on Tuesday afternoon on SH3 a few kilometres north of Bulls.

The father of the motorist, neither of whom wanted to be identified, said his son called *555 to alert police.

He said his son was driving north when he was passed by the car and towing a tarpaulin-covered trailer. He got the shock of his life when the tarpaulin flapped open to reveal at least three children in the trailer.

The vehicle then headed toward Marton before police stopped it.  

It turned out that 10 children were riding in the trailer.

“My son was driving at the open road speed (100 km/h) so this vehicle was obviously going faster than he was,” the father said.

“There was tarpaulin over the trailer, but a little further up the highway three heads popped out from under it. My son just couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

There were two adults in the vehicle.

“Their actions just beggar belief. It’s impossible to find words to describe their actions,” the father said.

These people should get famous in a bad way.

What is more likely is they will get a womble lawyer who will find an infirm aunty somewhere and implore a dud judge to grant them name suppression.


–¬†Wanganui Chronicle


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  • Blue Tim

    I wonder if he was one of those terrible tourists? After all, if you believe the MSM & “experts” like Clive Moron-Wilson tourists are causing all the accidents. Do rental cars have tow bars?

    • taurangaruru

      Surely it was a truck & trailer?

      • Albert Root

        If it had been a logging truck, the witness would have had nothing to report to Police as the truck would have tipped over well before the contents of the trailer were identified.

  • Damon Mudgway

    Child slave trafficking? No other explanation makes sense.

  • Wheninrome

    Is it an improvement on the Horse on the back of a trailer up here in the North?
    Is there some sort of competition out there “Who can be the silliest, win a hamburger or whatever”.

    • Michelle

      l thought that was classic north type of thing, it is a different place up here

      • Wheninrome

        East Coast as well.

  • john Doe

    Dumb, dumb and dumber. Can you be charged for being totally brainless?

    • Wheninrome

      No, you get a sickness benefit.

  • jude

    This amounts to child abuse. Some people are just too thick for words! I hope the agencies get together, share onformation and get these kids the help they need.
    Having said that, the families may already be known to the police or CYPS

  • Andy Brown

    Holey heck. Loss of licences and psycho evaluations.

  • Eiselmann

    Sadly wouldn’t surprise me if this brainiac was still trying to figure out what the fuss was all about.

  • Tom

    They were in Marton. Nough said.