Key and Little to kick start the year on Wednesday

Audrey Young reports

Labour leader Andrew Little and Prime Minister John Key are both gearing up for their state of the nation speeches on Wednesday in which Mr Key is expected to flesh out National’s new social housing policy while Mr Little will set out to woo Aucklanders and business.

Mr Little, a former union head, has chosen a business audience for his inaugural state of the nation address in an apparent bid to reassure them Labour should not be dismissed as unfriendly to business.

Mr Key was on his way back from Europe yesterday and could not be reached for comment. A spokeswoman said his lunchtime speech will be on plans to improve the availability and management of social housing. At the start of his third term, Mr Key set out plans to boost social housing for poorer families and sell off some state housing – plans led by Finance Minister Bill English and new Social Housing Minister Paula Bennett.

Isn’t this humorous?  Labour are trying to tell business they are the party for them, and National are trying to tell the poor they will look after them better.  

Hanging out his shingle in Auckland is critical for the Wellington-based Mr Little who said he visited Auckland weekly. “One of the issues I’ll talk about is the importance of Auckland being strong economically and socially as well. For a government thinking about the future, Auckland is an issue on its own that needs to be thought about. It’s about understanding Auckland is an important engine room of the economy and confirming it plays a significant role in our thinking about the future. I think it’s important to give that message in Auckland.”

He said the decision to speak to a business audience was not necessarily an attempt to send a message that he was not the union bogey man.

“I don’t think I need to…”

Oh. My. God.  This from the man who declared employers “parasites” on workers, and he doesn’t think he needs to?

He clearly needs to.  But businesses aren’t retarded.  They know that Little is party leader for one reason only:  The unions put him there to do a job for them.  Compulsory unionism has reared its ugly head in the background whispers of late, let’s see if Little is going to deliver for his paymasters.

Telling business he ain’t a union bogey man is going to be pointless.   In which case, I guess he is right when he says “I don’t think I need to…”



– NZ Herald



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  • Isherman

    Compulsory unionism?! Sounds like democracy in action right there doesn’t it. No thanks Andrew, and can we please deal with one Jihad at a time.

  • Hard1

    As a primer for any business leaders that have the fortitude to listen to A. Little, a common behavioral characteristic that has evolved in those with forked tongues is that they tend to be wide foragers.

  • Dairy_Flat

    Notice how this article was presented in the MSM. Little’s name came first and the photo accompanying the item is the diminutive cloth cap wearer. Never mind the fact that JK is Prime Minister and Little just the latest in a long line of Labour lambs to the slaughter.

  • Sally

    Little will probably also endorse Brown’s trainset and promise funding in 2017 when he is PM.

  • justwanttofish

    So Little has “chosen” a business audience for his state of the nation address. Hope the audience hasn’t had the “heads up”; could be a “little” embarrassing speaking to an empty room.

    • peterwn

      There are various businesses that would be interested – organic growers, railway equipment suppliers, homeopaths, alternative medicine and vitaman supplement makers, builders, building materials suppliers, RMA consultants, MSM, etc.

      • Kiwibabe

        Precisely. I have seen certain businesses do very well out of Labour spend ups, which National then has to rein in.

  • OneTrack

    So what is Little going to do for businesses?

    Put up personal and company taxes? Check!
    Remove 90-day trials? Check!
    More unionism? Check!
    More regulation? Check!
    Put the economy into a death spiral? Check!
    Allow Len to put tolls on State highway 1 – Auckland motorway.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      My understanding is Handy Andy will talk to the business about being socially responsible and running a green sustainable business….take that OneTrack…

  • Rodger T

    Little and Labours strategy of forward to the past,with compulsory unionism ,freezing workers going on strike at the beginning of every killing season , the interisland ferries striking every school holidays and the inevitable tax hikes on productivity, is sure to be a winner with employers who ,no doubt,trust him and his cabal of work shy losers to run the country.

  • Hard1

    A. Little is coming to Auckland to lecture Business Leaders on the finer points of Parasitical Leadership….

  • Kiwibabe

    I want housing unaffordability to be top priority including Key’s aim of affordable housing for low earners. Help them with housing but insist on work, and build the economy to produce jobs needed at all levels.

    • KQ

      Affordable housing is not affordable. Someone pays and guess who that is?

  • metalnwood

    ‘Mr Little, a former union head, has chosen a business audience for his inaugural state of the nation address in an apparent bid to reassure them Labour should not be dismissed as unfriendly to business.’

    They reported that the leader was going to reassure business when Cunliffe was in, also when Shearer was in, also when Goff was in, also when Clarke was in….. Why is it they think each leader needs to reassure business. Track record I guess..

    • TSD

      Same reason they keep getting union backed unpopular leaders and keep playing negative politics. They are not capable of understanding that the great masses are actually not stupid and in the face of the most stupidly dirty political campaign by the left, the masses could actually see what was really going on and delivered the right the biggest vote since the inception of GST.

      Maybe they’re just going for fourth time lucky.

      • DrFix

        GST or MMP ?

  • cows4me

    Little trying to convince the business community he has their best interests at heart is like employing a stoat to watch the chooks.

  • Bluemanning

    Little before Key; says it all really.

  • Nige.

    Poor Andy. I hope he doesn’t get butterflies again.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Better keep lots of toilet rolls in stock…..

  • kayaker

    “…the Wellington-based Mr Little who said he visited Auckland weekly”. It’ll take more than that A.little. And your Facebook post is gold! You’ve got a long road ahead of you with Aucklanders. Good luck, you’ll need it!

  • Warren

    How is that the msm are so behind Angry Little and his so called speech to the nation. A leader of a party polling at only half of National. 75% of voters don,t want Labour, so why really do these losers get so much air time. Yes I know msm can,t accept where middle nzers stand.

  • Quinton Hogg

    Where is Mr Little speaking?
    Does anyone know?
    it would be good to get an operative onsite to hear what the man has to say. (and take one for the team).

  • KQ

    “Isn’t this humorous? Labour are trying to tell business they are the party for them, and National are trying to tell the poor they will look after them better. ”
    It is what voters have had to suffer for several elections now. Two socialist parties competing for each others patch in the middle.

    • Rocket

      National a socialist party. Surely you jest?
      It would be risible if it were not so true.
      I despair of all the voters in the middle almost as much as I despise those on the left.

  • Keanne Lawrence

    It will be an early initiation for Angry Andy to offer up some jam’s to keep the attention of such a gathering but it will be nothing compared being back in the debating chamber.
    The manner and strategy that he chooses there will certainly be a make or break test that has the potential to shorten his grip and tenure in the top job.
    It is also interesting that across the other side of the globe the new Greek socialist Government are already talking lifting the minimum wage. With over 25% unemployment that sort thinking might see any FTA a fair way off.

    • Sailor Sam

      But he is not going to spend much time in parliament, he is going “on the road” probably in the big red bus to talk to us ordinary NZers and find out what we want.
      But he won’t talk to us whale oilers, because we will tell him what he does not want to hear.
      He will just talk his accolytes and believe he is the messiah.

  • R&BAvenger

    Little has already indicated on Breakfast this morning that his speech will be about the ‘disadvantaged’ 40% of workers who are ‘struggling to get ahead’. He will also be banging on about ‘inequality’ – it’s in vogue don’t you know?

    How do you define those terms?

    Seems like more of the “don’t worry you don’t have to do anything, we (Labour/Green/Govt/Unions) will get that pay rise for you via legislation/strike action”
    The people who get ahead in life are the ones who not only work hard in the role, but use their initiative to take on more responsibility, produce quality results for their employer, are prepared to upskill and do more.
    Also, and most importantly, if you think you deserve a pay rise, make a case. If you think you can get a better job or pay elsewhere, then you should be prepared to back yourself and jump ships.
    The people who want to be ‘safe’, stay in the same job, doing the same thing with no responsibility are much less likely to get a pay rise and therefore, “get ahead”.

  • Albert Root

    So nothing new will be announced by the two prominent centre left parties