Kim Dotcom’s new cyber interest: Sarah Eris Torrent

Geez.  I wonder  why New Zealand official stopped her at the border for a 7 hour interview before heading off to be with a man known for cyber crimes and on extradition charges to face criminal charges of racketeering and money laundering?

The following images came from Torrent’s Facebook page.



You have to seriously wonder why the NZ Herald would spin a story about this woman being held up at the border for an interview when she is so blatantly… a potential threat.

And, what continues to amaze me, Dotcom seems to attract the anti-establishment types who are against big money and rich bastards in general.

Yet, like Hone Harewira, they drop their knickers for him and conveniently ignore he’s one of the enemy.  Greed goes a long way to placating political principles.



What is David Fisher and the NZ Herald’s game here?   It certainly isn’t “balanced” reporting.  You’d have to wonder why they are so determined to continue their crim hugging, their establishment bashing, and in this case, going out on a huge limb trying to spin a story of New Zealand’s security officials doing their job in the face of some pretty blatant red flags as a deliberate slight on Cuddly Dotcom’s poor little friends?

I’d normally write it off as Fisher being a vindictive guy, but the fact the Herald haven’t pulled his leash on his constant Dotcom pandering suggests they are at a minimum happy with his work, and perhaps they are still delivering on ‘promises’ made to Dotcom before he became toxic.

Perhaps greed goes a long way to placate journalistic standards?


To be honest, it seems a match made in heaven.  Neo Nazi, bit coin, and younger than his previous wife.  Should tick all the boxes for Kim.


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  • But can she pole dance?

    • ozbob68

      My boss is Polish, I’ll ask him what he thinks.

  • In Vino Veritas

    Greed goes a long way to placating political principals? More like the left only have principals when there is no money involved. Both Harawira and Harre were bought. And they were really cheap as well!

  • Lêvon Bulwyer

    Shes got swastika tatts too

  • Kendall

    Why did she not get turned around at the border

  • CheesyEarWax

    She’s graphic designer by trade, looking at these pics she should get a night job.

  • caochladh

    “I wonder why New Zealand official stopped her at the border for a 7 hour interview” – I wonder how she would be interviewed if she went back to Syria?

  • conwaycaptain

    She also looks like MDC

    • mommadog

      Just his type and a neo-Nazi sympathiser to boot. If there is an earthquake in Auckland tonight its KDC trying to make the moves.

  • Sally

    KDC won’t be able to show her much of the country, he can’t travel more than 80km from base as part of his bail conditions.
    Wonder what she ticked on her immigration entry papers? Work or holiday?

    • Dave

      Maybe she could have printed. Work and his pleasure. Or, perhaps the Bit Coin trader and Money Laundering title on her occupation gave her away.

  • kaykaybee

    ….and not a peep out of the Herald for balance sake. If anyone important at the Herald ever wonders at their dwindling circulation they only need think on this. Journalists ( and senior ones at that)are failing their readership. They’re failing to undertake 2 minute background checks on people before they publish, or worse, they have checked but decide their audience is too thick, too interested in the sensational tabloid twaddle they spin to care that there is more than meets the eye. Even worse they could have a pecuniary interest in tailoring any story on a subject to their narrative to boost ( in this case) flagging book sales. Where the hell are the editors with a pulse and acumen?

  • Cadwallader

    Judge her by the company she seems to crave.

  • metalnwood

    Is torrent her real name ? Imagine if they got married and she was Sarah E. Bit Torrent Dot Com.

    Would there be a dispute with

    • Isherman

      I’d bet dollars to pounds its not her birth name, as she says “using your real name on the internet is like going into battle naked”.

  • Wine Man

    I am presently receiving a complimentary copy of the Horrid for the week, before you all start ranting at why would I bother, there are a number of good reasons to take up their free offer. Including:

    – It makes good lining for the Kitty litter
    – The Sudoku isnt too bad
    – It costs them to produce and deliver it
    – I am having a house built and need it to protect the polished concrete

    I am sure some of you could come up with even more reasons why its worth getting it free.

  • kayaker

    This can’t be good for the Dotcom kids.

  • Cadwallader

    She exudes the same persona as that smart-Alec Laura McQuillan. The type who treat life in a once only lightly way and hold glib knowledge to be a virtue. Why she would wish to go anywhere near KDC is a mystery? It can’t be his physical attractions! Can it be the remnants of his fortune? His formerly exciting life? His hatred of JK? Has she been appointed to Laila’s former position? I give up.

    • wooted

      (Doh, I just realised it was probably a rhetorical question)

  • Nz front

    John key just arrest that fat germ and throw away the key. The fat germ is a disgrace to nz.

  • munzrat

    what does it take to stop any one from access to our country . May be Winnie needs to take a class on “NO” at immigration .

  • Pete

    I copied her FB page and was going to flick it to you need to now.

  • anonymouse
  • Mine it,Drill it,Sell it.

    The Boys at Duco Events should get out to Coats-ville and sign her and Mona for the next Fight for Life.

    The Graphic Dancer – V – The Graphic Designer.

  • raumatirover

    “Welcome to New Zealand – unless you’re here to see Kim Dotcom.

    That seems to be the message for those arriving in the country after yet another guest visiting the businessman was detained by the Customs Service for hours.”….Dotcom’s a businessman, yeah right

  • HSV325

    She looks Fillipino to me.

    • yoyoyo

      She is of Syrian descent.

      Edit clarification

  • stanace

    No one has commented on her name, “To Rent”

  • Wallace Westland

    Sorry mod. Noted. Will try harder.

  • benniedawg

    I listened to red radio’s ‘the panel’ this afternoon where most were making unbelievable concessions as to why the 7 hour interview was an infringement of rights. If any one of the idiots editing the show had done some simple research, as has been done here, they would have run a mile and the customs issue would have received no air time at all. Idiots all and nothing less than a cop out. MSM seem locked in a time warp of ill researched journalism.

    • Guest

      Why are they defending a neo-nazi??