You know the Bible story about Jesus’ life but did you know Muhammad’s love story?

Satire is at its best when it is based on fact.Everything in this mocking video is true but it leaves out the people he killed to get the wives he wanted.In comparison Jesus didn’t kill anyone and he certainly didn’t make pedophilia a part of the Christian religion (even though sadly there are many cases of pedophilia in almost all Christian religions.) Islam however allows child brides even in today’s modern world and my recent article on Great Britain showed how child brides there do not get protected from Pedophilia like Non Muslim British children. Their forced marriages are actually recognised by the British government who allow their adult husbands to rape them at will.

If you are a pedophile in Britain all you need to do is to convert to Islam? ( the religion with a Pedophile as its religious leader ) then put a ring on the child and call it a marriage. It is scary stuff but where is the outrage? My New Year’s resolution is to do all I can here in New Zealand, to open people’s eyes to the reality of Islam so that New Zealand can hopefully learn from the mistakes of Denmark, Sweden, Britain, France, America and Australia to name just a few.

I want all children protected not just non muslim children.

I want all women to have equal rights not just non muslim women.

If you live in New Zealand I want you to have all the rights and privileges that come with citizenship.

Threaten our rights and privileges however and try to enforce your medieval beliefs on our government and people and I will fight you until my last breath. No grandchild of mine will live in an Islamic State if I have anything to do with it.