Why Labour isn’t connecting

Labour is a glass is half empty type of party.

They can never, to partial quote Monty Python, never “look on the bright side of life”.

The aren’t aspirational, mainly because most of then look at life through the rear view mirror, always looking wistfully at the past and where we have been but never at the future and where we are going.

Take a look at this graphic from Labour that their adherents and forelock tuggers are chucking around social media.


As the Facebook users notes Labour is focussing on the glass is half empty…or in this example less than half empty.

More than half of all Kiwis did actually get a pay rise. But the interesting thing about the statement is they said ALL Kiwis.

Well children won’t get a payrise, neither will anyone not employed or on a benefit since there is no pay, only benefits. That means pensioners and everyone on the various welfare benefits…and so when you cut all of them out of the equation it would probably be close to 75% of ALL Kiwis got a pay rise last year…the rest are either children or bludgers.

This is just one reason why Labour is out of touch with the general population.

– Facebook


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  • Mick Ie

    From memory that includes all MPs. A considerable increase, and not necessarily deserved.

  • Michael

    I increased my daughter’s pocket money – does that count?

  • In Vino Veritas

    There is also the small matter that Labour believe that every worker should get a pay rise. But the reality is that some do not. It does not follow that just because you are employed, you will get a pay rise. There is an implied contract that you will fulfil the functions of your role and add value to your employer. Those that do, and particularly those that go above and beyond the call of duty, get pay rises. Those that do not perform, will not be given a pay rise. Labour (and more particularly, Angry Andy’s unions) climb into bed with an assortment of losers, and claim that it is their “right” to receive a pay rise. Most NZ’rs think otherwise.

    • JustTinkering

      And of course there are many other circumstances. Fixed term contract with fixed remuneration. A choice to receive free or subsidised training or education in lieu of wages.

      • ex-JAFA

        That doesn’t sound like anything of which a union would approve. Employment *must* be jobs-for-life, no upskilling, and subject to union demands for ever-increasing wages so the unions’ cut can increase.

  • TC in NZ

    Who makes their graphics? They’re pathetic. But another reason they’ll never get anywhere…Labour ideas or solutions only ever involve some new tax. Guarantee the Labour way to solve the great inequality crisis is through tax. They must be missing that Kiwi ingenuity gene I keep hearing about. All they can think of is tax. Want to connect with ‘middle’ New Zealanders? Guess what? We’re sick to death of taxes, rates and taxes on those rates, etc etc. Their pal Len has made sure of that, for Aucklanders at least. Try reducing spending, taxes. Control local government. And then maybe they’ll connect. But that will never happen. It isn’t in their genetic makeup.

  • fergus

    “Nearly half of all kiwis didn’t get a pay rise last year”
    Fact is nearly half of all kiwi’s are under 15 years old.

  • kiwirog

    What really pisses me off about Labour and its fight for a “fair wage” is the abolishing of the youth rate by Helen Clark’s mob. My 16 year old and his friends now find it virtually impossible to get a starter job — who would you rather employ an unworldly 16 year old or an organised mum returning to the work force when the kids have flown?

    Clark cynically sold this to the kids as being in their best interest and of course they believed it.

    Key in his usual gutless way has tinkered with this by allowing employers to pay young people less for six months (heavily opposed by Labour/unions) , but this is not enough to really encourage them to give the young jobs.

    • Huia

      As a past employer of students for holidays, when students rates went up I stopped employing them, not because I wanted to but I couldn’t afford to. Why would I employ someone who hasn’t a clue how to wash dishes or peel hard boiled eggs when I could employ an adult for the same rate who knows how to do the basics. The most ridiculous idea which cost students holiday jobs, which anyone with half a brain and with employment experience knew would happen. Labour right out of touch with the way things actually are.

  • richard.b

    Everyone who is paid on or about the minimum wage received a pay rise last year. Thanks JK.

  • conwaycaptain

    Labour is full of people with no real world experience or experience in running businesses.
    Unionists, Academics and fellow travellers

  • Bombastic

    Could it be that whoever didn’t get an increase didn’t earn one? Labour would have us believe that there is a money tree at the bottom of every employer’s garden and the employers are just being mean by not universally spraying money about.

  • My son had a great pay rise. He got a job on a local orchard and went from $0 per hour to $16 per hour.

    • taurangaruru

      Wee Andy will only be happy with that story when $2.00 per hour from your son’s pay packet ends up in one of his Union’s bank account. Anything else indicates that your boy is well on his way to being a “capitalist swine.”

      • Anything else indicates that your boy is well on his way to being a “capitalist swine.”

        I really hope he is.

        • Michael

          Is capitalism not Halal?

  • Justsayn

    The inequality issue is a good example of the left’s outlook on life.

    If people at the bottom are struggling then we should look at what can be done to help them, and to get a more lasting solution what we can do to help them help themselves. But that has nothing to do with inequality. The “inequality problem” is more about envy of the successful than it is about poverty, and the left’s solution is to more about lowing the ceiling than it is about raising the floor.

  • Arnie

    Labour is continuing the negative rhetoric, a lot of talk but no real policies.

  • anonymouse

    They are mis-quoting the Statistic anyway,

    They are using a figure from the Labour Cost Index, an Index that is quality adjusted,

    I.e it measures the value of occupations, not those in them,

    I.e if you are doing a job, and get given more responsibiliy and thus more money, in the LCI this quality change would be adjusted out, and you would be recorded as not having an increase in wages, even thou you have more money in your pocket

    This paper showed that in 2010, the Official number of Occupations not getting a wage rise was 53%, but if you actually looked at positions that had changes like the above, the actual number fell to 36%

    Given that in 2014 the no change rate was 43% its actually likely that the “actual” no change figures is likely closer to, or below 30%.
    Meaning 70% of workers likely go a wage rise in 2014,
    Although that probably also explans why Labour got 25%, they simply have no credibility

  • Greg M

    My staff member got a pay rise last year but I did not. They really don’t get it do they?

  • Annoyed

    I had a good laugh the other day when they said on the news that NZ might actually experience negative inflation and the presenter suggested that this means people should get pay rises. Media and politicians should be forced to pass rudimentary economics courses before being allowed into those jobs.

  • johnnyB

    Its the most ridiculous statistic to use to try and bluff people with anyway – due to the fact if you get a pay rise (unless you are a weeping heart) your sympathy for the poor sods that didn’t lasts as long as the next pay run.

  • tinfoilhatguy

    Good old Labour – taking a photo of Frank Kitts lagoon and the city to sea bridge, which is a great spot on a sunny day, and sucking all the life out of it.

    A bit like they do to the rest of NZ.

    • niggly

      So true, but mind you, it makes a change from Labour nicking pictures from overseas and pretending it reflects life in NZ!

  • Keanne Lawrence

    Not to overlook the fact that all beneficiaries got a pay rise. At the end of the day it is not so much we get but how much we get out of what we do get.
    Many struggle with the constraints they must contend with due to their income level and often become polarised on things they think they should have rather than the things the need.
    On our recent vacation back in NZ we were delighted that there are seemingly lots of Kiwi’s still casting off their premium branded apparel and much of it still with a serious newness about them. A crude but interesting barometer to where some peoples priorities lay. It makes the op shops a must for holiday shopping especially since NZ is one of the few places where they do not refund GST to travellers. A serious deterrent to retail spending. Pity Singapore only has 7% GTS.
    On the other hand keeping the family larder stocked with essential food items was surprisingly inexpensive leaving room for a few extras that do tend to blow out the budget a bit. Hunger and poverty in NZ. Their dreamin’.

  • oldmanNZ

    I think what Labour is saying, All Kiwis should get a payrise.

    If youre on a benifit, that should rise too.
    If youre a pensioner , that should rise too,
    If your an inmate or prisoner, you should get some allowance.
    Babies and kids get family credits.

    if you are working, you should get a rise too, by joining the union.

    • Bart67

      Pensions and benefits DID rise last year!

      • oldmanNZ

        that a bout 1/4 of all kiwis?

  • Catriona

    And if NZ dairying goes into drought mode, there will be very few pay rises this year also. When the dairy farmers do well, the economy does well. When things go pear-shaped, then the trickle-on effect does not happen in towns and cities across NZ.
    It’s always been that way i.e. they ain’t buying up new tractors etc. etc. the new kitchen gets put on hold till the next season. And how do I know these things? Because we were dairy farmers and when we didn’t get the production as a result of a drought the chequebook got shut. Simple.