Labour MP already talking tax breaks


Instead of doing Woman’s Weekly and lifestyle pieces, or holding up some mangy ham with tongs for the local rag, Stuart Nash reminds voters that the IRD may still have some of their loot.

A significant number of hard working New Zealanders should take 10 minutes out of their holiday time to see if they are eligible for a tax refund, says Labour MP Stuart Nash.

?The IRD is holding around $750m in unclaimed tax refunds going back four years. This is money that Kiwi?s have over paid in tax that they deserve to have in their back pockets.

?I would especially encourage those who work two or more jobs, and who pay secondary tax, to contact the IRD either by phone or through their website because they may well find that they have overpaid tax and are eligible for a refund.

?If a person has their IRD number, which should be printed on all their pay slips, it only takes around 10 minutes to see if they have money owed to them by the IRD.

?The unfortunate thing is that after four years, refunds expire and are no longer accessible so don?t wait. There is nothing to lose, and you never know, there may just be enough money there to cover the costs of Christmas,? says Stuart Nash..

It seems rather odd that people would let the IRD keep $750m of their hard earned money. ?I don’t think I’ve ever left them with any money they weren’t due.

Have you?checked? ? You know, in case?