Why is it that Labour parties seem to have dud ideas?

Labour is dead set useless, they focus on retard policies and treat voters like their policies.

In the UK it isn’t much different, hell, they even share policies with New Zealand Labour.

Ed Milliband is proving to be just a savvy with the voters as David Cunliffe.

Junk food adverts aimed at children face being banned before the watershed, under proposals announced by Labour today.

Shadow health secretary Andy Burnham said too many children were ‘exposed to adverts for foods high in fat, sugar and salt’ – particularly during popular Saturday night shows like the X Factor.

The proposal was contained in a raft of public health measures announced today aiming to tackle Britain’s obesity epidemic.

Yeah because the nanny state is always a vote winner.

Mr Burnham said Labour would impose ‘a time watershed for advertising of products high in sugar, fat and/or salt’ if measures cannot not be agreed with regulators to dramatically cut the number of junk food adverts aimed at children.

The Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt took to Twitter to condemn the proposals.

He said that “banning and legislation not always the answer” and that “backing families to make better choices brings lasting change”.

But Mr Burnham accused the Government of being ‘too close to powerful vested interests’ to stand up for children.

Sound familiar? …same attack line Andrew Little and the Greens are using against Katherine Rich.

Not once do they consider that parents should stand up for children, no, it must be the all knowing and controlling government.

He said Labour would impose maximum amounts of fat, sugar and salt contained in food aimed at children, such as crisps and cereals.

Mr Burnham revealed that a Labour government will put the ‘promotion of physical activity’ at the centre of health policy and will unveil a ‘national ambition’ to get people doing more exercise.

The manifesto will publish new recommended levels of physical activity, including a basic minimum that everyone who can should try to do, as well as a ‘recommended level that we should aspire to get at least 50 per cent of people achieving by 2025’.

There will also be ‘targeted action’ on high-strength, low-cost alcohol such as white cider – with minimum prices and a ban on larger bottles.

Same solutions as being proposed here…nanny state control freaks…voters just love this stuff, they will be flocking back to Labour any day soon.

And plain cigarette packaging will be introduced immediately to ‘halt the industry’s increasingly sophisticated methods of recruiting new, young smokers’.

Labour will have a goal that children born in 2015 will become the first ‘smoke-free generation’.

Another ill-conceived ban, with zero evidence to suggest it works and plenty of evidence from Australia that the opposite occurs.

Woseserism and nanny statism are vote catchers…for the party that doesn’t do this dumb stuff.


– Daily Mail


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  • TK

    Hubby and I are currently visiting the UK. We joked this morning about the election politics sounding like déjà vu all over again when we heard Ed going on about their “missing million voters” http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-30842676. We were wondering if the NZ Labour party had sold their election script for fund raising. Just waiting for a German in a onesie to turn up to confirm our suspicions!

  • oldmanNZ

    That is the core of labour and unionsim. Control.
    The union wants to control how we work, and how employers should treat it members.
    Labour wants to control how we think, eat, drink, raise children, and what we can read in blogs.
    Why they so desperately try to shut down wo. Too much free thinking here.

  • cows4me

    When you have an arrogant group of people who believe their sole existence upon this earth is to dispense their wisdom upon all and sundry, whether they want it or not, you get the Labour Parties. Of course what underlines their whole life value is the philosophy that only applies to themselves, the anointed, do as I say but not what I do.

    • caochladh

      Exactly cows. I remember pre Glasnost, the Politburo and the hangers on had a walled secure place in Moscow the size of the old Sylvia Park government facility where they could shop. There, was everything you could wish for from all corners of the world.

      • cows4me

        Thanks for that , I’ve never stuff like that, only on the box. it’s an evil ideology push by deluded fools and just plain bad bastards.

  • Andrew Gibson

    ‘Too close to powerful vested interests’ ?
    Sounds like Mr Burnham is suggesting the Govt (ie elected representatives) should stand aside from decision making because of a conflict of interest.

  • Honcho

    They say things like “backing families to make better choices brings lasting change” but what they really mean is “FORCING EVERYONE to follow their latest bat-crazy scheme”.

    • Wallace Westland

      Yep. The left are all about controlling the way we think and act and won’t be happy until everyone is swaddled up in cotton wool and marching to the beat of their fascist drum.

  • Wallace Westland

    Again the nanny state leftists to stupid to see the obvious.
    What difference does it make what time an add is on for anything never mind junk food?
    My kids see McDonalds advertising everywhere we go BUT my kids don’t have any money. I pay for their food. So I say what they eat. And when.
    These halfwits need to get with the program.

  • Another Middleagedwhiteguy

    Why is it that Labour Parties seem to have dud ideas?

    Dead simple – they concentrate on having ideas that are different (and generally, as different as possible) to those they perceive to be of the right.
    And seeing as all the sensible people are to the right of Labour, the reds & greens end up with all the non-sensible people and therefore with the non-sensible ideas too.