Labour trying to save state baches?

Labour has been boxed in by John Key into fighting for state house tenants.

They have even produced a lovely graphic to go along with it.

state house

That looks like a lovely state house, complete with deck, and outdoor wood burner and some lovely kids sitting on the deck and some towels rolled up in the background.

Is this a state house?

Well the lawn looks suspiciously like kikuyu grass, endemic near beaches these days, yes it is in the suburbs, but better than even chance this “state house” is near a beach.

Especially when you consider the outdoor wood burner on the deck and the towels in the background.   

If you do an image search in Google it doesn’t take long before you find out where the image comes from.


Not one mention of state house in the Keywords, plenty of mentions of holidays, summer, bach, etc. Even the title of image says “Kids playing on the deck in summer”

So is this a state house that Labour is wanting to save or is it just some pic they though looked nice and in their warped socialist house thought that’s what their nirvana dreamland state house would look like?

It isn’t a state house and neither are the kids state house kids. For a start they are all pretty pale.

The Labour party couldn’t even be bothered to pop around to a state housing area and take a photo of a REAL state house with REAL state house tenants!

Aren’t the state house tenants the ones who Labour says they really care about?

Tells us a lot about the state of the Labour party – they are lazy and disingenuous.

Nothing has changed. Fancy them starting off the year with deliberate deceitfulness and a lie.

Labour forelock tuggers are tweeting and facebooking flat out about this campaign and are passing on an image that is a fake state house photo with fake state house kids.

It is the lack of detail which undoes you in politics, and once again Labour has been caught out using stock images that are wrong.

If they wanted a more accurate picture of what they are trying to save then perhaps they might like to use this image.

via Newstalk ZB

via Newstalk ZB

And these are the people Labour is fighting for when they want to save state houses:


-Facebook, Labour party


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  • johcar

    Whoever the house belongs to, I hope they’re not using that woodburner!

    Cast iron woodburner standing directly on a wooden deck, attached to a wooden house with at least four young kids = recipe for an inferno/disaster

    • Bean

      When we bought our house some previous muppet had obviously had some sort of burner on the wooden deck juding from the blackened/scorched marks, it obviously didn’t burn down but your point is correct.

    • Reaper

      That sounds like something a Housing NZ tenant would do.

      • Bartman

        They burn the fence palings when the BBQ wood pile gets low!

        • The Accountant

          Or rip up the floorboards. They get in the way of the umu anyway.

  • conwaycaptain

    And the advert under the bottom of the article BRACHFRONT OREWA!!!!!

  • yoyoyo

    Plus the Greens would not approve of a wood burning stove…. doh

  • Richard

    That’s a mighty fancy geetar you got deah boy.

  • tinfoilhatguy

    I can just imagine Grant Robertson or some other precious labour luvvie popping out to Cannons Creek for a quick photo opportunity – they’d be peeing in their designer slacks.

    • peterwn

      And they would find some refugee families who could not believe how much land came with the house, which they plant out, and who grab every opportunity that comes their way.

      Actually the state house picture is unfair as well. It looks like it was taken just prior to an inorganic rubbish collection.

  • Korau

    4 kids look like they had one father. State house tenant? Don’t think so.

    • Reaper

      You just can’t see the other 5; they’re out playing in the middle of the road.

      • Scotty

        or under CYFS care

      • Luis Cannon

        Or out looking for a house to burgle.

  • steve and monique

    Another Labour lost cause.

  • caochladh

    It makes me sick. A false photo for the faux outrage. There is no level they will not stoop to. Anything to keep the sense of entitlement alive and well.

  • Luis Cannon

    With the value of all that trash lying around these people could have afforded to buy their own home/pigsty.

    • Bazza63

      That rubbish will be for the inorganic collection that occurs once a year for each suburb. You will even see trash on the footpath in Remuewa once a year, just better quality.

  • Sally

    Hope the Labour Party asked the owner of the photo if they could use it for their campaign.
    And just imagine the anger if you were a parent of these children or owner of the property and voted National.

  • symgardiner

    See that guitar. That’s about a grand right there.

    • HR

      And looks to be a Kwila Deck. Very expensive for a state house….

  • Labour hasn’t quite figured it out yet, they need to go after NEW voters, not preach to the ones they already have.

  • Chad Valiant Jnr

    Those fire things are bloody dangerous around small kids.

    • Reaper

      So are a lot of state housing tenants.

  • LesleyNZ

    As well as not being truthful in this campaign, the NZ Labour Party are just plain stupid (dumb). How on earth anyone in the Labour Party approved this photo to represent state houses and kids from state houses – is beyond comprehension. The NZ Labour Party must think we are stupid too. My mum used to say – “be sure your sins will find you out”. That was before Google. Now I think we can also say – “be sure Google will find you out”. Google is indeed a friend – but not so to the NZ Labour Party.
    Google Is Your Friend – GIYF The Musical! –

  • Wheninrome

    Did labour have the $25.00 in the coffers to pay for use of the photo?

  • kiwisnab

    The images that TV 3 broadcast on the 6 pm news when this story broke was of houses owned by the local tribe in Orakei, not state houses.

  • unitedtribes

    I they really want to save that house regardless were it is they better move that fire off the wooden deck before someone lights it.

  • They are missing the point. Most State house tenants already vote Labour or Green. Preaching to the converted is an exercise in futility. To succeed in the next election Labour has to introduce policies that appeal to middle NZ, most of whom are doing better with a growing economy. More government intervention in the economy (with its inevitable higher taxes) will not win votes. Reducing and streamlining government while maintaining quality levels of service will.

  • HR

    Its nice that those deaf guys in their fairy costumes came out for the bottom photo. Or were they for the inorganic collection too?

  • cows4me

    I guess the photo shouldn’t come as a surprise, like the ideology these people push it’s all biased on a lie. Of course the ideology’s useful idiots will lap this crap up, the talk back will be full of dribbling leftys moaning about the social injustice and the poor will be pimped again and so it will go on. It’s a lie, lie ,lie and always has been.

  • Kevin O’Brien

    I am surprised that this was ready, along with what looked like a rent-a-demo mob, when the PM had barely, if even then, finished his speech. This feels like McCartenism. The left are draggings politics back into the dumpster. Next elections they will be at 12 percent.

  • Bombastic

    A while back Labour used a photo of an American family, the other day it was a photo of Frank Kitts park with the life sucked out of it and a dodgy claim and today it’s an obvious beach-house posing as a state house. Does anyone in Labour say “hang on, let’s have a wee think about this”?

    • OneTrack


    • GT

      No & to get off their butts & go get photos themselves would mean leaving the war room & Cam might be out waiting to catch them in the sunlight

  • InnerCityDweller

    A deliberate choice I’d say. Very clearly the image of a bach will bring back memories to a lot of people and, subconsciously, they will associate those memories/emotions with “state house” sales, next time it comes up in the media.

    Also, happy white kids enjoying themselves will be tugging at everybody’s heartstrings.

    Make no mistake, somebody knew exactly what they did there.

    Of course, it could well be that I am giving Labour too much credit here.

  • Je Suis Charlie – Respect!!

    You missed the kids were barefoot so likely to be part of the 24% children in poverty…at their….ah….bach. Hmmm if that’s the case can I be in poverty too and live near the beach?

  • Je Suis Charlie – Respect!!

    Of course the fact that lots of these houses are in need of repair (millions of $$$) and they will be sold off to someone else to fix up and utilise for community housing (not sold off to investors as the left were screaming earlier). That frees up maintenace money to use on the remaining properties and also frees up cash for the acquisition of newer properties to raise the quality of housing.

    IF we have people in community/state housing paying market rent then move them on and put those who cant afford it into them. While they are at it shift the little old ladies/men/couples who are still in their 5 bedroom state house of 50 years into smaller places. The misconception that because you have lived there for a long time that you have a right to stay there for ever needs to be stamped out.